Friday, December 30, 2011

Off to warm day

Daughter and I are gonna hit Seaworld today. It should be about 70-75 degrees, I kno, I kno dont say a word.  We have seen all the attractions but it is such a good way of getting 4 plus hours of walking. We bring in our own drinks and food (shhhh dont tell). But it is right on the ocean and since we have passes its a free day even down to parking. Yeah!

Things are going well. Drinking mucho agua, and iced tea. Tomorrow I am getting my car's windows tinted. I know whoopie, but to me, it is great news. I used to drive a Tahoe, but gas prices were killing me. So I bought a Honda and it gets great MPG, but no window tinted. Here in our weather we need it. Plus, I like the look. So I got a groupon and tomorrow is the big day.

Yesterday my daughter and I went to the movies and saw the Twilight movie. It was good, I love the scenery it is so pretty. Then we saw The sitter. Ugh, I thought it was awful. We then hit the Mall and did a bit of shopping. I am so boring. lol

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Awwww time for rest.

First I want to say I love Christmas, I really do. It can be magical,(It usually isn't). With that said, come Monday, December 26, I took the tree down and packed up all the Christmas stuff. Yes, I did. I don't know what is wrong with me. As soon as it's over, I want it gone. Usually I will wait one week, but come New Years it is gone. But this year, I don't know... I just wanted it gone. So it looks like it wasn't even Christmas. I wonder if anyone one else does this.

Today I went to get my hair cut and I had it darkened. I think I need a new me to go with the new year. I went to the gym and I want to go every day while I am off. It has been exceptionally beautiful here is San Diego, 70 degrees and warm. The nites get freezing tho, 30-40's.
I still am craving chocolate, so I have been having my hot chocolate with no sugar added. Its 50 calories but it helps. Drinking lots of water and Iced tea. Still drinking my diet cola's.

Hope everyone had a wonderful time and back to the ole way of life. No FUDGE!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday and yeah!!!

 Friday and the traffic was amazing, as in no traffic. Sweet. Last night I made a ton of fudge for the ole son of mine. You know what he said.. " thank you so much for doing this". It made my heart sing. At work, I do so much for others, especially the little things that they all take for granted and never say thank you. So when he said it last night, it was really nice. Now don't get me wrong, I don't do things for the acknowledgement, I really don't. I believe that we all should do things for others, our rewards will come later. But heck it is nice to hear it.

Today my admin is off so I am covering the front office and the patients. It is nice to see the people I don't see to often. But, I cant wait to get off today and go home for two weeks.  Yesterday after work I finished shopping. My daughter didn't want cash, she likes opening gifts, sooo I went shopping and bought her a bunch of stuff. She should be happy. Son, he likes opening gifts too, but he is happy with the cash. I think he wants to save up for a rifle. This summer he got his hunting license and now wants to hunt.  His dad and him, like the hunting and fishing thing. I am so not into that. When they bring the fish home it makes me feel really bad for the fish. They once caught a 40lb Catfish, brought it home and showed me, it was still alive. I made them take it back to the lake so it could live. They mumbled and grumbled about it being  late at night and dark, but I didn't care. So that catfish lived at least another day. :)

Gosh I am glad I have two weeks off. Wait did I already say that? Happy happy holidays to everyone. Be safe.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Next week

I think I want to go see a movie...I just dont know what.


Yikes, bless me. We are having a Santa Ana and the winds kick up so much stuff, I just keep sneezing. Also, some light coughing, ugh.  Oh well, it will pass. Tonight I am going to make a ton of fudge for my boy to take to work for his coworkers, he has to work Christmas eve. So they will need the fudge.

I think Friday night I will see if my daughter wants to walk the lights. I know crazy right, it will be packed. But we can park on the side and walk in. The fun things is the homeowners, have fire pits, some sell hot cocoa and someone sell Kettlekorn and others sell coffee and baked goods. It's like a little street fair and everyone is out and walking and laughing and having a great time. The weather will be clear and a bit chilly. Even more fun right!..

Work seems to finally slow down. Yeah! Bosses have left and I have one more day then off for two weeks. I am excited for that. Diet is going better, I now know why I kept eating my fudge, PMS. It comes now every couple of months and it is here. Normally I can be strong and I couldn't understand why I was so weak this time. Now I know. I haven't had any more urges for chocolate so things are good again. I know its still just a excuse, but it is true. I guess I shouldnt complain. Having TOM visit every other month works for me. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You'll need suntan lotion this Christmas

You'll need suntan lotion this Christmas

We're delivering an early Christmas gift -- news that the weather will be gorgeous on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The National Weather Service says a high pressure system will build late this week and send San Diego's daytime high to 70 on Saturday and 71 on Sunday. The average high this time of year is 64.
We could use the break. The temperature in San Diego was below average on 15 of the first 19 days of this month.
As for today, it'll be in the low 60s at the coast and there's a chance of isolated showers.
That is all. Resume your shopping.

**This is from our local newspaper the UT. LOL

Christmas lights

To night my daughter, her roommate and her little boy and I are going to walk the Christmas light Starlight Circle its a really nice walks. Hope it doesnt rain.

I am passing out the gift today to the peeps at work that I like. My bosses are going to be gone starting tomorrow for about 3 weeks. :) 

Next week the office will be closed and I am taking the week after off also. I plan to go to the gym everyday!!!(Keep me to this) I want to start the new year off with some weight loss.

My big gift to me is.. a groupon ticket to get my car windows tinted. When I bought my car, I bought it because it gets good gas. I used to drive a Tahoe(Gosh I loved that car). So I bought a Honda Accord, it's nice enough but I got the one with no bells and whistle's. I am ok with that, but one of the things I miss is the tinted windows. It keeps the car so much cooler in the summer. Plus, I dont like people looking in.(Ok, that is the real truth). So next week that is what I am doing!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fridays are great.

This weekend I need to finish up shopping, probably with thousands of others. Yikes. But, I plan on going to Costco for gifts for the neighbors and then Wal-Mart for stocking stuffers. The kids have not given me any other suggestions for Christmas, so I hope they aren't disappointed with cash?

Usually I cook a standing rib roast, but this year the peeps want a spiral ham. So much easier, so no way am I going to complain.

My son finished his shopping yesterday on line. Smart, that is how I like to shop. I get panic attacks with crowds. But, its funny, I usually stress prior but once I am at the store, I am ok. So I just have to keep reminding myself.

I ordered my Christmas gift and it came in yesterday. New walking shoes from Roadrunner. I was worried since I usually try shoes on before I buy them. But they came in and fit great. Cant wait to wear them. I put them under the tree.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas baking

My son has been asking me to make fudge this year and I keep saying I will. But I havent got the courage up yet. I have this weakness for chocolate (Big time). Fudge will break me, yes indeed it will. So far all I have come up with is pumpkin spice muffins. You know the low cal ones you make with a box of spiced cake mix and a can of pumpkin. Thats it. The family does love them so that has been working so far.

But, I am off for 2 weeks this Christmas and maybe I will do it. My son will turn 19 on New Years day. OMG, he is my baby....What happened. How did time fly and I didnt notice?  Time is like that whisper you hear in your ear and you turn around and its gone.

Well this is the last weekend before Christmas. Yikes... I cant wait for Sunday, I really want to go to church. The church I go to is so beautiful. It really inspires me and I feel so energized when I leave, I feel that I can do anything.

Tonight my work is having a happy hour Christmas thingy. To be honest I really dont want to go. I dont drink for one thing and two, I really want to go home after work. Dont get me wrong, things at work are pretty good. I have a couple of employees that are flakes about attendance and just lazy. But, all-in-all the majority of them I like a lot. I dont like to drive at night and it might rain also.  My daughter has her Christmas party tonight and her employer has them stay the night in the lodge. She doesnt want her dogs home alone so I am picking them up after work to babysit. I will have 5 labs to take care of tonight. I hope her baby Decoy will stay out of the pool. He has a severe fondness for the Jacuzzi. And is also klutzy enough that he falls in a lot. Well, I will see what happens today.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rain rain rain.....

I know most people dont think much about rain, but here , it is so rare that it becomes a big deal. I love it and now my office has a window and a view so I get to see the rain. It is brilliant. In the past, I would be at work all day and have no clue what the weather was like until I went for walks. It is so nice to see it rain. I think today is the last day so I am enjoying it. I have really been drinking the water.

Today at work was our "pancake breakfast". It is what the hospital gives us as a Christmas treat. We also got a flashlight. I know, weird right? A flashlight, of course it has the hospital name on it. But really, nothing says Christmas like a flashlight.

I didnt have any pancakes, I brought my own egg white veggie scramble. But I did help myself to some coffee and the flashlight.  ha ha

I hope everyone is having a very blessed day. Be safe!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Rainy days and Mondays.. or both?

Well, yes indeed it does rain in Southern California. It was a beautiful weekend including a great win by MY Chargers. :)  But weather was perfect, my be a bit cool. I don't think it hit 70
But I did some research on leg cramps and asked the nurse that works with me and I was doing everything wrong. I  wasn't drinking water when I worked out and I haven't been taking my vitamins. So this weekend I have been just sucking down the water and been more faithful to my vitamins. So I hope it works. She said that it is really important to drink at least 1-2 bottles of water when I am actually working out. So, that is what I am going to do. She said it wont work after that fact that your muscles need them while you are working out. So be it!

Friday, December 9, 2011


Yesterday, I went for my 60 min walk, as usual, at lunch. Then after work I met my daughter at the gym. I worked on a machine, then did 10 minutes on the bike, and 20 minutes on the treadmill. So really not a whole heck of a lot. But, last night, I again had a hell of a painful entire leg cramp. Both legs from the ankle to the groin area. I have had this 2-3 times before in the last year. OMG, I thought, seriously thought I was going to die. The pain is excruciating, I cant walk them out or rub them out, the pain is so bad that I get ringing in my ears as if I am going to pass out. Is there any type of preventative measure to not get these. I have had cramps in my feet and calfs, yeah they hurt, but nothing like these. I do usually put a banana in my shakes every day.  Any advice would be appreciated.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Love the song-Faith Hill

Where Are You Christmas"

Where are you Christmas
Why can't I find you
Why have you gone away
Where is the laughter
You used to bring me
Why can't I hear music play

My world is changing
I'm rearranging
Does that mean Christmas changes too

Where are you Christmas
Do you remember
The one you used to know
I'm not the same one
See what the time's done
Is that why you have let me go

Christmas is here
Everywhere, oh
Christmas is here
If you care, oh

If there is love in your heart and your mind
You will feel like Christmas all the time

I feel you Christmas
I know I've found you
You never fade away
The joy of Christmas
Stays here inside us
Fills each and every heart with love

Where are you Christmas
Fill your heart with love

A win is soooo sweet

Ok, I know this is not a Football blog, but who am I kidding, I am so jazzed that the Chargers won last night(*wink @ Betty). It was fun.... even if the other team is not very good. It still is a win.

Ok, I am now back to weightloss. I am concerned that my weight has gone up and I am going to drink a lot of water today. I feel painfully bloated, I wish it would just go away. But I have noticed that the more water I drink, the more water I lose. It seems to help me with water retention. I had homemade chicken soup last night with egg noodles. I put the chicken in the crockpot on Saturday with veggies. Then I de-boned it and made the soup. So I had left overs last night. Perhaps it had to much sodium in it. I buy the chicken broth with low sodium, but I feel bloated. I will be better, I have faith!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Nice weekend

I took Friday off, yeah for me! I went to the gym and did a bit of shopping. That was it for the weekend. I needed some down and me time. Sunday, I did get the tree up and the decorations around the house. I have a few gifts to put under the tree. The nice thing is the kids just tell me what to get them. Much easier than trying to figure out what they want. I gained 5 lbs, I think TOM is pissed off at me? He is just waiting and waiting to make his appearance and I keep getting bloated and more bloated. Oh well.

Still feel a bit down. I know it is the season. I always suffer during this time from depression. I guess it might be just loneliness.

The nights here have been freezing and so are the early mornings. Heater time. At Costco I bought some "No sugar added" hot cocoa. I had one last night and it was yummy and soothing. The days are lovely, I have been drinking a pitcher of Iced Tea a day. (No sugar) I also bought a huge bag of frozen strawberries and one of frozen peaches. They make my HMR shakes so flavorful. Today I will do my hour walk at lunch. I am not sure if I am going to gym after work. I hurt my upper back. But, the treadmill wont hurt it, so perhaps I am just being lazy and making excuses. Hmmm, Yep I am. Dang it.

I want to give a shout out to one of my favorite gal blogger Margene, you have got to see this video. Margene has been such an inspiration to me and has kept me going on my weight loss. Plus she is just a beautiful person with a beautiful soul.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh the pain of it all

LOL just kidding, but I am sore. Wow I think I might be a bit too old to do double duty work out. But, I am going to keep at it. I just want to see what happens. I am hoping for a weight loss and inches gone. One thing that bothers me is that I get home really late now because of the gym. Then cooking dinner and cleaning up, I am ready for bed by 7:00. I kid you not! But I stay up til 8:00. Yes, its true, I am a wild woman. :)

At work, I listen to Pandora radio. I have it now on Christmas songs. Boy does that make you melancholy.
O' holy night and What Child is this and Mary did you know and so much more.. I love those songs, but it sure makes me miss my childhood. My mom always did the holidays up with decorations. She usually had 2-3 trees up also. I tried to form some set of traditions for my house and my kids, but I think I failed. I dont know if they will alway remember the holidays with warm and fuzzy memories and that breaks my heart.

Monday, November 28, 2011

I made it thru...

Another Charger loss. Oh bummer boys, what happened?  Oh well. Saturday and Sunday I went to the gym and worked my bum off. Of course I did use the Hydromassage afterwards. I realized that the massage is calling my name over and over again. So, I made a deal that I had to work out for at least one hour then on to the massage. Sunday, I did one hour on the treadmill then did the equipment. Then momma went to her massage. Oh ya.  Saturday I signed my daughter up for a year since she too loves the massage. What can I say, like momma like daughter. hehe.  But, it is part of her Christmas gift and she was very happy. Lov ya kid!

This week I am going to walk at lunch and then go to gym on the way home from work. I will see how this ole body will handle that. The weather has been wonderful and cool at night too. Just wonderful!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Well tomorrow is the big day. It should be nice, we are smoking the turkey and I will cook all the side dishes. I love the smell of the house on Thanksgiving.  I ordered some pies from Marie Callendars. I will pick them up today after work. Going to go to the gym tonight with darling daughter. My son works tonight til midnight or later. Yikes.  But is off tomorrow. I warned him Friday will be crazy where he works. So just stay calm and enjoy it.  I am NOT going shopping this weekend. No way, No how.....Yes, I did say that last year and darn it all, my son made me go with him to Kohls at 3am.... Not this year baby. There is nothing I want to get that will drag me out. I hate, hate, hate crowds. I get anxiety attacks having to deal with crowds, parking and rude people.  I just want to sit on my bum Friday and that is all. Ok, maybe I will go to the gym but that is it.

Please let this be true!

Monday, November 21, 2011

No way!

No way can this be Thanksgiving week. Yikes !!!! I went to Wal-Mart and Costco this weekend and it was packed. I do the bulk of my shopping on line. It makes my life so much easier. My kids are older so it is much easier to buy for them as they pretty much just tell me what they want. They are not shy.

Sunday I signed up for the new gym. It seems like it will work just fine for me. I did an hour on the treadmill then did a "Hydromassage". It  is like laying on a waterbed except the water is just down the middle. It hits you right down the spine. Then it is a hot water rolling thingy that rolls up and down your body. But it is really hard so it is almost like a deep tissue massage except with out the pain. Wow, it was nice. I think I could get hooked to this. It comes with the membership. I did it for 10 minutes. But you can go for 20 minutes. It is in a little room with light dimmed and really pretty.

I am hoping that I can walk for an hour at lunch (3 miles) then do the treadmill for 1 hour (3 miles) and maybe that will boost my diet into action. (fingers crossed). Or it will kill me!?! joking.

Friday, November 18, 2011

New office

Yesterday was the big move.  And yesterday was crazy and stressful. But today is calmer did some unpacking and settled in. Things are still a bit chaotic but with time it will be fine. I like the quietness in the new office. I love having this big office with a view. Yippeee. Walking is going good and so is the diet. This weekend I will keep everything under control. No craziness on my part. My son starts his first job tonight, one of the big department stores at the mall. It is seasonal, but it is a good start for him and they will work around his college schedule. Plus its close to home. I am really happy for him.  I cant believe next weekend is Thanksgiving. WOW time sure flies. Everyone have a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What a fat filled weekend.

I am usually very good on weekends, but not this weekend. Excuse=TOM, maybe or maybe just laziness. Friday night, pizza. Saturday night I made chicken chili but had a quesadilla with it. Sunday a carne asada BBQ. So, come Monday I gained about 5 lbs. UGH.  So back to drinking water, my shakes and exercising every day. Last week with a staff member gone, I didnt get my walking in due to HR issues. So as of today, I have lost about 3.5 lbs of that. But, what was I thinking. I am going to join a gym next week, after payday. So I can walk at lunch and then go to gym with my daughter. Double time baby.... I think I am also very frustrated with the plateau I am on. So, with the holidays coming I need to kick it up a notch. I really want to get to the 100lb mark.  The good thing is that the weekdays are perfect in weather, weekends we get rain.


Sunday, November 13, 2011


Yesterday was a great day. It rained all day long. Love it. Nice fire going, spooky shows. Heaven!
Today, just brilliant really.

God gave us this truly amazing Sunday to enjoy!

Friday, November 11, 2011

God Bless our Armed Forces

My Mom and Dad both served in the armed forces.
Dad for the USA
Mom for the English.
So proud of them and love them both.
God Bless the USA and England

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Well today is my day off

Yet here I am at work. lol.  I have one employee out for unknown time. It makes me so mad, but what can I do. If it were legit, I would be ok about it. Oh well. Betty my dear one, I might need you some day. lol. I have one lady who transcribes all day versus sharing it with two. She is typing her little fingers away.

Tonight we are having some scary people coming to town. The Raiders and their fans...aaaaah!
Lets hope we win this one for gosh sakes!!!!  I hope to get off early as I work right near the stadium and use that freeway to go home. The game starts at 5pm. Yikes, So I hope between 12-2 to get off. Fingers crossed. Tomorrow is a holiday for us. I am going to  clean the darn house. My bathroom and dusting has really been left behind.  I want to also clean out my aviary. Those poor birdies.  But never fear, I will also relax.

It is suppose to rain on Saturday, yeah!!!!! It was suppose to come in tomorrow but now it's Saturday. Now most of you are wonder "so what its just rain". Well, we dont get much rain, so its like a celebration. Of course we dont know how to drive in the Ok, maybe I am just talking about me. (Yikes)

I deleted my last post, just cause I thought it was best. (Sorry)

But I am tickled with the result/answer. We are neighbors. sweet.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed weekend. Be safe.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wow, what a difference

a day makes. This weekend we had rain almost the entire time. (But, I love rain). But today is stunning. While doing my lunch walk and I was looking at the amazing wispy clouds surrounded but a peaceful blue sky, It just made me think God gave us such a perfect day that I needed to change my mindset and just smile at the beauty. So, I did.

Last night was my final night doing Reiki. They did a Reiki attunement on us and we were done.I am now qualified as a Reiki practitioner, Level I. (Ok, it really means nothing to anyone but me).
Just for today, do not anger
Do not worry and be filled with gratitude
Devote yourself to your work. Be kind to people.
Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer.

Well whether it works or not, you can't go wrong with their ideals and guidelines(above).
I will hear myself as I am walking saying "Just for today, do not anger" and "Be kind to people".

I guess most people strive  to be a better person and I know I do.

I want to thank everyone for such kind words about yesterday's post. I was struggling a bit with loss and loneliness. Your words meant the world to me. Thank you and welcome to my new follower. (I hope I dont bore you). :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Today is a hard day

11/7/2003 my mom passed away. It feels like yesterday. I wonder if you ever get over the loss of your mom or dad. I sure haven't. My daughter and I have this incredible connection. My mom and I really didn't. I loved her with all my heart and miss her. But my mom had her demons. It was alcohol. I cant remember a time when she didn't suffer from it. Ironically, I use to drink a lot when I was young, like 16-21. After that, I realized what was going on. I like the taste of wine and beer and margarita's and such. But, I just don't drink anymore. It doesn't sit well with me. I remember when my kids were little, I rarely drank in front of them and never ever to excess. Funny, neither of my kids drink either. I guess that was what I aimed for. But, really I just didn't want them to see me the way I saw my mom.  I remember times when she gave it up for a few months and those were some amazing times for me. It was great when she was sober and I  mean really great. But those times were few and far between. But, now it is only the good times I remember. I will always miss her and wonder what caused her pain and made her drink instead of being a mom to me. Now, dont get me wrong I know she loved me. She did, I know that. But her demons were too strong and I just wasn't enough to save her.

Now all that is over and I would do anything to tell her I love her and I hope she has found peace from what ever haunted her.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Well the move is off

I was suppose to move into my new office tomorrow. But that is on hold due to some IT issues. Oh brother. Still having staff issues. Its so frickin unbelievable really. These are women that I thought we were close. Boy was I ever wrong, I was just being used. Everyone is always out for themselves and screw the boss. Its ok that she (I)never misses work and has to do double work for their lazy ass not coming in. Well, I hope Karma hits them in the bootie big time. Cause it really does effect my health with the stress.

 I know I shouldn't take work personal, but I do.

Last night, I bought some ground turkey and made some awesome low cal chili. It was so yummy. Tonight, I think we will have roasted chicken with roasted Brussel sprouts, carrots, asparagus. Yum, its gonna be a feast. My walks are going great again. I actually am walking to workout yes, but really to ease my mind. I need to ask Santa for new walking shoes, mine are nearly worn out and now have a hole in the toe. Yep, they sure get used.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why do my Chargers suck??????

OMG, what a terrible game. What is wrong Phillip? Is it too many babies?  I had to go to bed at 9pm last night, my allergies are getting me down. My son comes in and said "mom you need to see this, we are running down the clock, then we will make a chip shot field goal." Sweet, I get up go into the front room, now our TV in the front room is like 5 ft tall and 5 feet wide, I kid you not. I walk in, (dragging) and my son looks at the TV and screams "Are you kidding me!!!!!" and I hear the TV guys scream "Are you kidding me" My son is screaming "how did they get the football back". I just looked at him, didn't say a word and went back to sleep. LOL.

Oh well, what can ya do?

Well we got about 10 kids last night. So I have candy left over. I will get rid of it. Either the husband will take it to work or I will. You be surprised how the residents and fellows love their free food. Of course, (to me) they about the same age of trick or treaters. (Just kidding).

I have not gone for my walk at lunch for a while due to all the work and moving issues. I sure feel it. I MUST get my but out today. The weather has been perfect for it.  It is funny how quick, the laziness kicks back in. Sheesh.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Sorry dear friends

I was working on some glitches and needed to close the site for a bit. I think all is ok now.

This weekend was fun. I went to "Bates nut farm," or as I like to call it  "Nates but farm". Ya, I'm a dork. Went with my daughter, her roommate and her little son. Really had a great time. Weather was awesome. WE are having 80 degree weather. Wow. But, I do now worry about wild fires. I bet Betty is worried too, she gets some doozies up there. I am always "do you smell smoke" " I think I smell smoke". Yikes.  I think I could safely call this PTSD. I have to keep from freaking out. 

Halloween tonight an Monday night football with "My Chargers".. But I have class tonight. I think I am just going to check in and get my worksheet and leave. I am not sure though, but hmmmm.

Friday, October 28, 2011


After a while you learn the subtle difference
between holding a hand, and chaining a soul.
And you learn that love doesn't mean leaning,
and company doesn't always mean security.
And you begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts,
and presents aren't promises.
And you begin to accept your defeats
with your head up and your eyes ahead,
with the grace of a woman, not the grief of a child.
And you learn to build all your roads on today,
because tomorrow's ground is too uncertain for plans,
and futures have a way of falling down in mid-flight.
After a while you learn that even sunshine burns
if you get too much.
So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul
instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.
And you learn that you really can endure.
that you really are strong.
And you really do have worth.
And you learn and you learn,
with every goodbye you learn

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Time flies

Yikes, I cant believe it has been a week. This weekend I went to my mom and dads house to clean and yard work and such. A couple of my brothers were there and their wives. It was a lot of work, and I gotta tell ya, my son kicked bootie, he worked his butt off. God bless that boy. I also, picked up my parents ashes. My beautiful daughter wants them.  She loved(s) them so much. God bless that girl.  Yes, I love my kids to the depths of my soul.

My Reiki class is going great.  Work sucks, short staffed again for almost two weeks. Jobs are so hard to get now, and my jobs are awesome, yet people want to risk losing them. I just dont get it.

Diet wasn't so good this weekend. Ok, just Saturday working at the house. I drank a lot of crystal light, but not much else.

I have an ear infection, this is a chronic thing I get, usually associated with my allergies. At work I am like "talk to my right ear please" lol. My left has drops and a Cotton ball in it.

Sunday, I grilled some chicken tenders on the BBQ and roasted some veggies, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, onion, carrots. OMG it was so yummy. I have chicken tenders left over for this week. I love chicken tenders, they are small cuts of chicken breast and they cook in minutes. Pure protein baby!

I will try to find more interesting things to blog about. I am going to a place this weekend called "Bates nut farm". Should be fun, and frickin packed to the max. One of my co-workers said she went up last weekend and there had to be over 1000 peeps there. Yikes, It is just a farm that has pumpkins and a market selling nuts (duh) and dried fruit and stuff. But, my daughters room mate wants to take her little boy there. He will like it. It is about an hour drive there tho.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Can I hear "Exhausted"

Man, short staffed and in the midst of packing and moving and I come home exhausted. Headache and knee aches. I think I am over doing it on the power walks. I am not paying attention cause my mind is stressed and I think I might be pushing myself to hard. Oh well, I do enjoy my walks, so I will take a little meds for pain and keep going.  Last night I came home, fed dogs, birds and me. Diced a ton of veggies for tomorrow(today) and threw it in the crockpot with boneless skinless chicken. Gonna make a chicken veggie soup. Then vacuumed and did laundry. My dear son did a bit of shopping for me, while I did the rest. Ate my salad and drank my shake and by 6:30 I was pooped. I got home about 4:00, so I did this in 2 hours.

Good news I am really enjoying being on this diet with my son, he has lost 7lbs in one week. Really keeps me motivated.  After my stomach flu loss of weight, it did come back but it is gone again. Sweet!

Still having some issues with commenting on other web sites. But I am there reading them, laughing and agreeing with what peeps having written. Wish I could comment. Oh well.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Headache ville

I woke up with a big headache, ugh. It is probably the weather. I have allergies. But, it also put me in a bummer mood.  Oh well I will get over it. I have to, my admin assist texted me that she is sick and wont be in. (LOL it's Monday).

Saturday I went to this Rock and Gem show which my brother puts together once a year and he asked that I stop by. So, of course I did since pretty soon he is moving to Ohio. So I sneak up on him and he turns around and say "Oh no !". Haha...right? Today I stop off at my daughters place of work to drop off her sunglasses. I walk thru her door and she said"Oh no" . I know both were joking, but to have two people say that to me within 48 hours really hurt my feelings.  I know, I am way to sensitive.

Saturday night my daughter and I went to the Gaslamp Haunted Hotel. It was so short maybe 15-20 minutes long. But, I laughed the whole time. My daughter screamed a couple of times. But all-in-all it really wasnt scary. It was fun. Afterwards we walk out and right next door was a restaurant. I asked my daughter if she wanted to get a drink cause we were pretty warm. So we went in, I had a diet pepsi. It turns out it was Hooters. LOL, I never dreamed I would be in a Hooters. So we ordered wings to share, of course and I ordered a tray of carrots and celery sticks. I ate them all, I had a couple of the boneless wings and you know what, they are the best I ever had. Darn who knew? The ship must have also come in, cause there sure were a lot of the military boys there. (Such cuties).  But I really enjoyed spending the evening with my daughter it was great fun.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekend and Haunted house

Yippee, my daughter and I are going downtown tomorrow night(Gaslamp district) to the haunted hotel... Sweet. I bought tickets on line, I purchased the fast track, so we don't have to wait in line. I have never been to this one and I hear it is great!!!. My son did not want to go.

Weather is going to be so much better(Yeah Betty!) 
I am bushed tho, work has been hard and stressful. I feel like I could sleep for a week.

I went to the Optometrist this week, one to get new glasses and two, because I keep getting spots in my vision. Especially while looking at the computer. It just started this week, at first I thought it might be my eyelashes, then maybe puffy eyes. But, it turns out to be vitreous floaters. I actually had my suspicions. I use to work for some Ophthalmologist.  He said that I have it in both eyes and there isn't really anything to do about. If it gets worse than to see him again. I googled it and it said it was rather common, and the symptoms usually go away. (Fingers crossed)... It really does suck to get old.(My dad use to always say that)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Anniversary to meeeeeeeee

Happy Anniversary to meeeeeeeee. Yeah, I did it one whole year and 70 lbs gone. You know how I am going to celebrate it.........(wait for it.....))))))) I am going to do it again for another year.. Woot Woot Hip hip hooray.  Ok, that isnt exactly a surprise. I still want to lose another 70 lbs. But, I am still jazzed that I changed my life and eating healthy and exercising every day is part of my life. With my son doing it, it is like a new start for me. I am kinda excited. I am going today and buy more shakes. I love my HMR shakes, they are full of protein and yummy stuff.  My son loves them too, so I need more. Both my son and I love veggies so that also makes it easier. I asked him last night, when the weather cools, (right now it is 104 degrees) we should start walking at night. I still do my lunch hour walk, but the added walk would certainly help me. Of course he was excited (NOT). What ?!  I dont want to walk with my mom......(He's 18years old)Ugh kids.

 I said, hey, we will have our ipods and we dont even have to talk or act like we know each other... he will think about it. So, next week we will walk. Monday and Wednesday are out, but Tues, Thursday and Friday we can do it. Even if it is just for an hour.....

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yikes tomorrow is my 1 year

Well tomorrow will be my one year anniversary to my life change. I am so grateful for losing the 70(+) lbs. At times I thought it was too hard, but now I realize that it had to be. If it was easy, than I would have failed. But, I have really grown into a stronger person because of it. In fact I feel like a completely different person. My spirit is stronger, my faith is stronger and I have met some really wonderful and strong people in my journey.

In other news, yikes is this really Fall? Because it is going to be in the 100's. Even on the coast in will be in the 90's. And to top it off, it is a Santa Ana...(Devil winds). Gosh the next few days we have a red flag warning.(Fire season).  We usually get our big wildfires in October and here we are in October.

The fun thing is my son wants to start doing the HMR diet with me. So, yeah!!!! A partner in crime. LOL(dont say anything Ash about this)

This picture below, no hidden message. Just thought it was so cute.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Quiet weekend

TOM finally came on Friday. (What a jerk) This weekend was quiet. The weather was warm and the allergies are flaring. Did my shopping, got a great deal on my POPs and cauliflower. POP chips were BOGO (Sweet) and cauliflower heads were 88 cents each. Yippee, I bought 5. I will be eating cauliflower for a while. Yum. 

Tonight is my Reiki class again. Yippee. I can't wait. My one concern is the class is on Halloween. I will not get home til 8:30. In our area, trick N treaters usually stop by 8:00. So, my boy will have to stay home and give out treats. Or, I might not go to class. We will see what happens.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


This is Torani's. It is sugar free syrup that I add to my Iced Tea. I usually use Mango and Peach. Makes my Iced tea amazing. Some flavor such as chocolate and Irish cram is added to coffee's. It has been a diet saver for me. I also add it to my HMR shakes. Yum!!!!
Torani Sugar-Free Chocolate Macadamia Nut Flavoring - 750ml

Friday, October 7, 2011

Shopping list

My fridge is just about bare of my foods.  My  shopping list
1) Grapes
2) Cauliflower
3) Egg whites
4) Bagel thins
5) Sugar Free Torani
6) Chicken breast
7) Mushrooms
8) Zucchini
9) Spag squash
10) laughing cow cheese
11) Banana
12) sweet potato
13) carrots
14) baby bells
15) jerky
hmmmm anyone think of anything else?

Me Me Me Me Me

Why is it we always put ourselves last. We want everyone else to be happy, and we forget about ourselves.
I have put other's happiness in front of mine, sometimes even to the point of me being unhappy because of it. Why is it that it always seems to me that no one else is putting my happiness first.  Geez, I even feel guilty if I think of putting me first. So much so, that I feel it is wrong of me to even think of me. (Does that even make sense?)  Is it so wrong to want to be happy?  Do we ever find true happiness or is it just a myth?(At least while we are on this earth). 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Well when it rains it pours eh?

I received an email from my aunt in England letting me know that my aunt Josie has passed away. I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but except for my brothers, all my family lives in the UK. So I dont get to see them often. Ugh.

It is suppose to rain today by the way, so yesterday I bought a poncho to walk in at lunch. I can just image what I will look like. LOL  Yesterday I went to the doctors to get a shingles shot, but since I haven't had a period in two months, they gave me a pregnancy test, (oh please I am 51 years old) but the shingles is a live vaccine so they wanted to be safe. Well, I'll be darned I wasn't pregnant. lol. But they want to wait on the shot. Yeah!!!!!

Last month I signed up to take a class at a local adult school. Last night was my first day. It was a Reiki workshop. Reiki is a light-touch, energy-based healing practice. Some may poohaha on this, but I am very spiritual and I believe in this. The class was brilliant. I am in love with Reiki.  I told my son and my coworkers that I will need to practice on them. My son is "ah no way"  My coworkers are all "sweeeeeeet free massages".

Monday, October 3, 2011

What a terrible weekend

What a terrible weekend food wise. I have not had a weekend like this in one year. I didnt gain any weight, but I feel like crap for letting my emotions get the best of me. I made an error on my last post, I dont know where 42 years came from, it is 51 nearly 52 years. Actually, I was thinking about this all night wondering where did 42 years come from. My mind is not here.  Saturday, I had two slices of pizza(Domino's) for dinner, terrible pizza and two chicken dogs for lunch. I dont even like hot dogs.  Sunday I did better, I had a whole head of romaine with chicken breast meat on it. I use light blue cheese dressing,(30 cal/2 Tbls) not much.. But, I feel like a fool. I thought after a year of changing my life, I was so passed emotional eating. But apparently I haven't.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday and no football

I cant believe they are blacking out our football game. Bummer.  Well this has been a bit tough week.  We sold my parents home. Apparently just on Sunday alone we had 3 offers submitted. I know it has to be done. but it is breaking my heart and to top it off my daughters too. She is so unhappy. I can understand, we have had this house for 42 years. It was our soft place to fall. But, I just cant buy it. We bought my mother-in-laws house when she passed away and my daughter lives in that house. But my parents house needs a lot or remodeling and repairs. Plus, deep in my heart I always have dreamed about moving to a small town. San Diego, is so big. So much traffic, so much crime and so expensive. I mean it is beautiful, I was born and raised here. But my dream is most likely just a dream. Its funny, first you don't leave because of your parents, then your husband and then your kids. I wondered if my life will ever be for me. I really don't see it. But, it must be Gods plan. I know some day he will have me in heaven. So, perhaps that is my future?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Our weather has been wonderful lately. This makes my walking so much nicer. I am a little sore from walking. So I started to think....(scary) but last week I was sick and only walked on Friday (3 miles) then on Sunday I did a 4 miles walk and then, Monday, Tuesday I walked another 3 miles each. So, I am thinking that it was from the lack of walking  last week. I really think I need to stretch better before and after my walk.

I think what I am going to do, is start eating more salads at night. The veggies this time of year are wonderful. Yum. I need to increase my HMR shakes also, they are high in protein and help me with my attitude also. Why? I don't know. I'm mental. But, the good news is it's almost Halloween time. I love the shows they put on TV and the haunted house. We are also going on a ghost tour closer to Halloween near the Whaley house.  I never made it last time. So yipppe. I don't buy Halloween candy until right before. Why keep it in the house.The left overs are taken to work. All the young doctors love it!

Monday, September 26, 2011

It's all me~

Well my labs all came back fine. She states I am still in peri-menopause. So, she warned me when I do get my period don't be surprised if it is long and heavy. (Great)  She also stated that I had lost 11 lbs since my last visit and that she is very happy with  what I have done so far. She suggested that perhaps I should reduce the calories to 1100-1150. Eat several times a day to keep my metabolism going.

We also talked about my brother. She is ordering a colonoscopy for me(Again great). But, I am going to do what she said. I am going to drop the calories and eat several times. Keep up with the walking. I have to say dropping the calories will be hard. But, I will work on it everyday. I was doing 1200-1300.

I forgot to mention, during my walk this lady with two corgi's were walking by me and I thought of my blogger friend Corgi's have a very special spot in my heart. When I think of them, I remember my times in England. They are so darn cute!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Waiting for tomorrow

This morning I went for a brisk 4 mile walk around the lake. Felt good, weather was great. Still pondering what the MD will say tomorrow at my check up. I looked thru my labs, and they looked fine. Of course, I am not a doctor. I am wondering if she is going to tell me that there isnt any reason why I am not losing weight like I was before. Which will make me have to look in the mirror and figure out what I am doing wrong. Yikes.....

Go Chargers!!!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Much better thank you!

You certainly appreciate being well when your not.(OMG does that even make sense?) But, I woke up this AM and no tummy issues at all. Thank you God! I actual feel so good that I am even going to take my lunch walk today. Granted, I will be slower but that's ok. I am even a little excited to do it. Yes, I am a woman with simple needs. Or is it a woman with a simple mind? Not sure, I'm both. :)

Last night I watched the Bridesmaid, it was pretty cute. Some parts were pretty funny really.

Ok, after reading my dear blog friend Margene's blog( I got into the baking mood. So, I bought a box of spiced cake mix and a can of pumpkin, mixed them together and made muffins. They are under 200 calories a muffin. It was yummy, son even ate 2.  So, if you read Margene's blog and then mine, you can see we are both bakers. LOL  Okay, Just Margene is.  But yeah for me for mixing two ingredients together to make low cal muffins!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jokes on me

I actual was going to take one more day off and rest and recover. But, a text at 6:30 this morning changed that. One of my staff said she is sick and wont be in. (The one that is always out). Since one of my other employee is on vacation that leaves me way to short. We have two offices at two different hospitals and I can't have only one admin handle both locations. Sooooooooooo, here I am at work. But, that's ok. God only gives me what I can handle. So I will be just fine. I am having a diet Dr. Pepper and extra toasted bagel thin. That actual seem to settle my stomach a bit. I did bring some Greek yogurt to get the active cultures(per my RN advice). It is nice having your own little medical team. :).

Well I went ahead and changed my weight ticker since the weight is still down. I am going to keep it down too!!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stomach bug/flu

Not sure what the heck it is, but OMG I have it. Left work Monday AM, went home straight to bed. Then spent the next 24-48 hours with terrible tummy pain and diarrhea. OMG. Seriously, I lost 5 lbs in 24 hours. So apparently it is true "I am full of $#%t." (Not anymore though)  But, I am not going to count the weight loss until I am better. I know it is because of dehydration. Came to work this AM, but almost certain I will leave at lunch. Still feel awful. Slept maybe two hours last night. I will blog more when I am better. Hope everyone else is doing well. I miss you all.

PS, I am so bummed my one year blogging anniversary was the 19th and I was too sick to post. So, I guess I will have to wait until 10/13/11 to celebrate my one year of weight loss.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Crazy Friday

Went and had some fasting lab done, per MD. So we will see. OMG, got our electric bill, it was 345.00 dollars. Isn't that obscene. We had a couple of weeks of really hot weather, but ran the ac when we got home from work and turned it off when we went to bed. I remember even going to theater to avoid using ac. I am so frustrated. Ugh.

Our electric company, you know the one that because an employee moved something, 5 million peeps lost power last week, well they are just awful. They are always trying to raise the rates. Yet, 5 million peeps lose electricity and nothing. They don't even apologize. I think that is awful..... OK, done with my rant.

Yesterday had a late meeting at work, so I hit really bad traffic coming home. I get home and put my glasses on and they broke, so I have to wear my other pair which is not really my prescription so it is hard to see. Then I get the electric bill. What a rotten evening, so I go to bed early. Ended up have horrible dreams.

I sure hope my weekend is better, but not holding on to much hope for that. Do you ever just get that gut feeling that bad things are going to happen. Well, I have them now in my gut. Ugh.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weather is wonderful

I cant believe how nice the weather is. Next week it is shooting back up to the 90's. But that's OK.Weight is still stable, which is not a good thing. I am getting a little tired of my egg white omelet, never thought I would hear myself say that. But, it is such a good breakfast, high protein and low fat and calories.

Anyone one out there near or at menopause? I am just curious if this effects weight loss. I am at that age, where TOM is so unpredictable. Its been about 6-7 weeks, but, I get crampy at times and feel bloated. I mean, dont get me wrong, I wish TOM would drop dead and never come back. But, seriously, I am so faithful to dieting and eating healthy, exercise and water. But the weight is virtually stopped. I asked one of my bosses(the female one of course). She is older than me,so I thought hey she must have gone thru this. Now, she is tall, beautiful and thin. Looks 20 years younger than she is. :(.

But she is a Neurologist not a primary care physician. She pretty much didn't know, but said stick with it.( I am glad I didn't pay for that consult.) 

I know I need to make an appointment to see my PCP, but ugh, I don't want to (stamps foot on floor).
But I will email her and ask it maybe I should just get lab work done first.

The good thing is that I know I am losing inches. I am going to go this week and buy size 14. I know they will be tight, but what the heck. It gives me something to work for. ( I started out at a tight 24)

Next month will be when my 1 year anniversary to starting the diet or life change.(10-13-10). I feel like I should have been much lighter than I am. 70 lbs is great, don't get me wrong, but for the last 4-5 months nothing and I have been working harder at it than ever. I was really hoping to lose 100.  I think tomorrow is my one year anniversary for blogging. I have to double check.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Comic Con

This young Australian photographer was so cute and such a darling. I had to have my picture taken with him. Plus it embarrassed the heck out of my daughter. Totally worth it.

Beautiful weather

Just came back from my lunch walk and the weather is so beautiful here in LJ. I had time last night to make my yummy breakfast. Yesterday, I threw some boneless skinless chicken breast in the crockpot and then shredded it last night. I added some of that into my omelet, yum. It is so convenient to have those breast around for quick meals.

I am thinking about going to Kohls this week and buy some size 14 pants. To give me an incentive to work harder. I still am at nearly a standstill for weight loss. It is really making me mad. Of course, I still haven't had TOM visit, so I think my hormones are wacky. I am peri-menopausal so maybe that is messing with me. Still it is not going to stop me. Every morning I step on that scale, and get mad as hell at it. But never fail, I will not give up. Hope everyone is having a great day,

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sorry everyone, but I had to post this for my daughter!!!!!!

Monday and nice weather

This week our weather should be in the 80's. I am so excited, the nights are getting cooler and it feels like fall. At least temporarily. But, it makes my walks at lunch much more enjoyable. I am hoping our triple digit weather is over, but unfortunately that may not be the case. Our firestorms usually come in October. So, I am always fearful.

I forgot to make my egg white veggie omelet for work this morning. I usually make it the night before. But, hey I was watching the Chargers and then went swimming. So, I grabbed one on my sons, Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls. He likes the Jimmy Dean lights. They are turkey and egg whites, and sometimes the ham. They are only about 220 calories. I added salsa, and you know, they weren't bad. I am sure they had a lot more sodium than I need. But, in a pinch they worked.

Tonight, I cant wait to make my breakfast, I went to Costco, bought mini baby Bells, and crimini mushrooms. I have onions and egg whites. Yummmmmm.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Massive blackout

Dang human error. Dont know if you read, but we had a massive black out. It has been so bloody hot out, up to 108 degrees here, depending where in the county you live. I work in the coastal area, but home is about 25 miles inland, so much hotter. Well, I get home from work (and thank God I was home) and my son said the power has been out for about an hour at that time. Well, I find out that is most of So. California thru Mexico and out to Yuma Az. About 6 million people. (WOW) Ok, I admit it, I panicked, feared was perhaps a terrorist attack. I am sure I wasnt the only one here to fear that. I mean, there are credible threats right now and Sunday is 10 year anniversary.

Well, it wasnt. (Thank goodness). But, It turns out I realized how well prepared I was. I had working battery operated lanterns and flashlights. I had 4 cases of water, 2 cases of diet coke, 1 case of beer(I dont drink it by the husband does) and plenty of charcoal, and canned foods and much much more.

Well I swam a bit to stay cool, we sat in the front yard for a bit, then some neighbor decided to have a firework show . (I know not safe at all) butttttt, it did entertain us for a while. I decided what the heck time to make up on my sleep. So hey, I went to bed.  Sometime during the night the power came back on, I think about 2am.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Heat wave

Well it has been bloody hot here that is for sure. Today I took my walk at 10:15 to try to beat some of the heat. Shoot, I am walking in La Jolla, which is coastal and still sweating like crazy. Ugh, well at least I did it. Of course, having your lunch break so early makes your work day drag.  But, hey I am at least in AC via their buck.

After work  I am going to drop off my VCR tape of my wedding and have copies madeinto DVDs. So excited. I have been so crazy good on my diet, but the weight wont move....I am drinking tons of water and eating healthy and under 1200 calories. But nope no movement. I am considering going to the doctors to see if it is hormonal issues. I am at that age, and no TOM this month soooooo, who knows.

Hope things are going well for everyone. God Bless!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to work

All in all it was great to be off. I feel pretty rested. Ate really well, didn't work out like usual. But still managed to work out. Today my walk at lunch, unless its raining. Yes it has been raining. Normally I wouldn't mind walking in rain, especially since it is 80 degrees. Very fricking humid. But I do have to come back to work.

Daughter comes back today from her trip to San Fran. She is seeing Alcatraz today then they are driving home. Ugh, what a drive. This is where I worry. San Fran is on one side of cali and San Diego is on the complete other side. I will bring her dogs home after work, since she will have missed them so much.

This weekend gave me time to put things in order with all the items from my parents house. Put everything away. While going through the things I came across a VCR of my wedding. I had completely forgot about it. A friend did this as a wedding gift. I ended up watching it to see if it was still viewable, it was nearly 30 years ago. It was good. I saw my parents and it had voices. Sounds strange, but I so miss hearing them again. My mom was from England, so I got to hear her accent and my dad. I was crying so much, from sadness and joy of hearing them again. My son walked in and asked if I was ok. I said oh ya, I am great. This tape has really made me feel amazing again. I am taking it to a place that will put it on DVD.  I am still flying high from it. It has made me feel so blessed to find it and watch. Funny, I laughed at my parents antics on the tape and hearing their laughter again.(Oh no my eyes are tearing up)..... Well, I am going to make several copies and give them to my brothers and my kids.

God works in mysterious ways doesn't he, I really thought I was going to be blue all weekend and lonely and it turned out wonderful with this gift I found.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pictures of my weekend.




Dakota- Ya, she is a bit like other comment needed.
This is the one and only Deacoy, He is 9 months old and has way too much energy. He is constantly in the jacuzzi and then runs aroung the yard. In fact he was running so fast, couldnt stop and slid into the gate. Was way too funny (No animals were hurt).

Now you can see why I will be spending my time this weekend picking up poo. 5 big labs Ugh

Pictures from the Estate sale

That is my brother and the other picture is my SIL

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Not much to say

We are having really nice weather. Swimming a lot, being good food wise. Hope everyone is being safe, especially you Ash. I wont rest until Wednesday when all is said and done. I know no one else knows what I am talking about. Very proud of you on your 7 lb loss. (Me, jealous)

I had a lot of plans for this weekend. Pretty much they all fell thru. I will be spending it pretty much alone. (Hey, I am a pro at loneliness). No biggie, I will have my 3 labs, and by tonight I will have 5. So I do have plenty to dooooo. If you get what I mean.(lots of Poo to pick up for a few days).

Monday, August 29, 2011

Busy weekend, but fun

Friday, left work early, went to the movies with my darling son. We saw Rise of the planet of the apes and Cowboys and Aliens. Ok, does it make me weird that I actually loved both...Oh well. It was so hot Friday it was nice to spend the evening in the AC theaters. 

Saturday, another blistering day, triple digits again. Spent some time in the pool, then went to Seaworld with my darling daughter. It was warm, but much cooler than at home. It is of course right on the bay. It was nice stayed til the fireworks. Got home about 11:00pm.

Sunday, did a bit of shopping before the heat set in. Then laundry and some swimming again. By 6pm, I was out like a light.... Nice.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hot muther........

Well today it will be triple digits. Perhaps when I get home, I will go swimming. This seems like it has been such a long week. Yesterday I had to work at the other Hospital, which is not coastal. Therefore, hotter than heck. They have a different walking path, it is thru neighborhoods and such. I did it, a couple of times yesterday and man was I sweating. Ugh.. I am so glad to be back to my homebase. It will be much cooler, it will be in the 80's.

 Next weekend is a holiday. Yes!!!!!  I have tickets for me and the kids to go on a ghost tour in "Old Town" at 9:30 Friday night. It will be so much fun. We will be passing by the Whaley house, which we have been to several times.  Never saw a damn ghost there tho??? hmmmmm.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whats next????????

Its been so warm, and today will be darn right hot. Triple digits. Yesterday, I get home from work and I am so warm, I am looking at the pool and I hear it calling me in.... So, first I want to make a pitcher of Iced Tea and I get that going. Then I realize I should get a load of laundry going..then I'm gonna go swimming. Right!?! Wrong,  I am walking back into the house when I noticed a Firetruck in front. I told my son, who went to look and said there is also an ambulance. Oh, no..... I go out and they are at my neighbors across the street. (Next to the cat lady's house). I have lived in this neighborhood for 25 years, with the same neighbors the entire time. So I run over and I am standing there with two other neighbors just waiting to see what happened. I know the husband is retired, and the wife just came home from work, like I did.

The wait was awful, finally they bring him out on a stretcher. We walk over to the wife who had just come outside. She stated that when she came home, she found him down with altered mental status. Apparently he had a stroke. I have to assume it was hours ago, since she said he was still in his PJ's. NOT a good sign. As most people know, stroke patients have the golden hour rule. This was hours past that. She was in shock, I couldn't let her drive to the hospital, so I took her. I waited with her until her daughter showed up.  She kept saying that I didn't have to wait with her. I said yes I do, I am not going to  leave you alone.  Her daughter came at the exact moment they called her back.  So I went home.

Later that night, maybe an hour later.. She called my neighbor next door, and he came over and told me that they didn't expect him to make it thru the night. He had a bleed, which they couldn't stop. I feel so bad, they are the most loving couple around. They travel a lot together and do gardening together. Just the sweetest. I feel so bad for the family.

****Update, Jerry did pass away last night at 11:00). please send a little prayer for his family as I know they are in pain.**************

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New attitude-somewhat....

Well, I feel inspired to kick some weight loss bootie. With the Estate sale, and such over, I do feel like some of the weight of the world is off of my shoulders. I still have so many things going, ie, my brother and his cancer, the sale of my birth home and my brother and sister in law moving out of state. And I have this deep  fear that when that happens, I will never see them or my nieces and grandnieces again.

And even with that, I now am feeling like I can finish what I started. I will finish this weight loss journey and get to my goal. When I saw that I could add an extra lap to my lunch walk, where I never ever believed I could.  I know now that I can do it. I know it sounds so cliche but I truly believe that Through him all things are possible.

I know some may balk at that, but it works for me. :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Forgot to mention****

I know I have been a "Debbie Downer" lately. But there is some good things that have happened. As some of you might remember, I walk at lunch (60min). I walk to this area to do laps(per se), it is about 1/4-1/2 mile to get there(each way) and the laps about 3/4 miles each one. I initially started off doing one lap, then increasing it to 2 laps, then 3 laps and have been doing 3 laps about 3 months now. One day last week, I noticed I was finishing my 3rd lap in record time, heck I was even jogging a bit. Well Tuesday, I did 4 frickin laps. Crazy, I couldn't believe this and remember this is all within my 1 hr lunch. Well, dog gone it, I did 4 laps again today.  Seriously I cant believe it. Remember I started this diet at over 300lbs.... I could'nt even walk to my dang car without being exhausted.  Well, let me say this, I do bring a change of clothes, and then wash off before I put my work clothes back on...So, I am not a stinky poo for the rest of the day. I work at a hospital, so this is easy to wash up after....but, back to the exciting news... I still CANNOT BELIEVE IT... This is my NSV.

What a week

Had to spend much of the week moving boxes and furniture from my parents house to my daughters house for the Estates sale. I had to use my sons F150 truck. With that truck, my son and I made 7 trips. My brother made two trips, and my other brother made two trips and my daughter in her truck made another trip. Ugh,

So Saturday, we all get to my daughters house at 5:30 to set up, the sale started at 7:00. By 6:30 we had several people already there. The were times that we must have had 20-30 people shopping. It was crazy for hours and hours.  I hated nearly every minute of it. 

Got home about 1:30, made a pitcher of Iced Tea, laid down(passed out) and was out for hours. Woke up in a daze and with so many aches and pains from moving furniture and boxes. Also helping people box up their purchases. Glad its over, but I couldnt sleep the night before and the night after.

So many of the people were nice, but there were some that were so effing rude. Why do people have to be such jerks.

I have some items left. Not sure if I will do a yard sell again tho..... might just keep some and donate the rest.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Ok, so even though I keep working out daily for 60 min+, watch and record everything I eat and drink. Nuthing is moving...

But I do have a NSV(non scale victory). I walk everyday at lunch its about 2.5-3 miles. The last two days, I even started jogging. OMG, me never. But yes my friends I did. I  have been thinking about it for a while, but scared because I have really bad knees. So, what got into me, I dont know. But, I start jogging. I would start at one light post and jog to the next, when I stopped I was like, OMG I did it, I hope no one is looking. Because I knew I looked like a big ole klutz. But, there was no one around, so I did it again. Each day I jogged about 5 time eachs to different light poles. I know its crazy.. but it jazzed me up. I didnt tell anyone but you.

I have slowed down on crystal light and drinking straight water hoping that would move the weight. I really dont know what I am doing wrong, but I will keep going, nothing is going to stop me from losing more weight.  Hey, I kinda want to get that tattoo....(Yes, midlife crisis here).

***One thing that happened last night, I was real tired, and have been lately. I went to bed early and around 10:30 I got a text message from someone, we wont say who,since she reads this.....but when I woke up, of course I went potty. But I realized that I was frickin hot. Real hot..which was weird as it was actually a cool night and I had the fan on me. So I turned the fan on high and fell back to sleep. I hope hot flashes arent in my immediate future. :(

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Still struggling

Well, I am still around. Still struggling to lose weight. Nothing is moving.. I mean nothing. Still the same weight, still working my ass off in my walks. Still drinking all my fluids, still not eating out. Still counting calories. Still, still, still, still, stillllllllllllll at the same weight. Ugh! I almost hate to blog, it is embarrassing. I was soo kicking butt on the weight loss. Now nothing......

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday and what will I do?

Sorry, I havent posted in a while. My weight has stalled.  I am walking everyday for an hour. Watching my calories on MFP. Things stalled soon after surgery. I have to wonder if it is related. I am very discouraged. But, I will continue. I have been trying new things such as skinny cow items(I will not buy anymore) they are really good but.... I dont need them. I have been using bagel thins and they are great. I have used turkey bacon (35 cal a slice). Yum, but I dont have them often. Costco egg white.. (Big hit). I tried laughing cow, love them.(35 cal a slice). Why is there so many diet stuff with cow in the name????? hmmmm . Big hit has been Morning Star veggie burgers. Love them all.

I found this dehydrated Granny smith apple chips at Costco also, 58 cals (for a lot, cant remember exactly). They were an acquired taste. But now I like them. They crunch just like a chip, its crazy but tart like a Granny Smith.  I found Baked Kettle chips(BBQ) awesome. Love POP chips I am snaking on popcorn (fat free of course). Something different than my usual carrot sticks.  My weight might be in shock with all these new things.LOL, I havent gain at all, but its not dropping.

One thing I am wondering(not sure if I want to know) but, I usually dont drink just plain water. I will use those crystal light flavorings, usually Wal Mart brand. Also, I drink a ton of Iced Tea(homemade) reg/def tea bags. I hope this isnt the reason my weight isnt dropping. But, it isnt something I just started to do. I have always done this and lost nearly 70lbs.  I still have to wonder about that dang Gall Bladder surgery....



Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Yikes the weather is hot.  Sounds silly, but after work it was to hot to even go swimming. I am drinking and drinking and drinking and peeing and oh you get the idea.  TOM is here also. He is such a punk!. 

I just tried laughing cow cheese. Everyone talks about it. Sooooo, I toasted up a bagel thin, spread on the laughing cow and added a slice of turkey bacon.  OMgosh it was yummmmmy. I ate two, lol but they equaled 170 calories each.

TOM has raised my weight about 1-2 lbs, but I'm not worried.

I was thinking, now dont hold me too this. But, I was thinking of asking my daughter, if she and I lose 30 lbs each, we should celebrate. I would have lost 100 lbs and she would have lost all she needed, that we should get a tattoo. I know crazy right. But, it just came to me. She has drafted this beautiful cross, that has my mom and my dads name on it.  I thought we could get matching ones. I havent even mentioned this too her. She might think her mom now has gone over the edge. LOL


Sunday, July 31, 2011

My momma's things.

Just posting a few pictures of the items I got from my parents house.

The pictures didnt come out as clear as I was hoping.  Plus there are rooms still full and boxed.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Finally Friday

Sorry about not posting much. But my pity party is even getting on my nerves. Weight loss is nothing this week. TOM is near but oh well. I have still been walking every day at lunch for about 60 min.It is about 2.5 miles. This weekend I am going back up to my moms & dads house. We still have so much stuff to go thru. My mom was a collector, especially antiques. What ever is left, we are going to my daughters house to have a Estate/yard sale. She has the perfect house and location for this.  After this is all done, we will then look into putting the home up for sale.  My brother has 6 months of Chemo, then he is retiring in March, selling his home in AZ and moving to Ohio.

I have found some yummy snacks from skinny cow. Problem, I cant stop at one. Sooooo, I am not going to buy anymore for a while.  I have been working out in the pool at night, it feels so good and relaxing when I am done.  I really have to get out of my depressive mood and work on this diet. I am eating too much. I am making it up by exercising, but it really is such a waste. Cause, I am not gaining, but not loosing... What a waste of time and energy.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Comic Con was crazy

Well it is over for this year.  Comic Con was crazy and packed... too packed. But, we saw almost everything including front row Twilight seats. It was nice. But very exhausting. We waited in line to buy next years. Rumor was the line was going to be an hour and a half.  Not even close. 6 hours in line just to buy tickets. I thought I was gonna die....... But we got them. Next year though will be my last year. It is very hard and the Comic Con staff(actually the convention center staff) was very rude and aggressive. I am sure it is hard to work with this many people. But the majority of visitors were exceptionally nice. It was the staff that wasn't. And the lines...everywhere.

But, it is good to be back to normal, back to shakes and my diet and full fluid intake. I did my best. I brought my own food and drink. I made us veggie burgers with bagel thins and fat free cheese. They were really good. But, fluid intake was low. I couldn't be able to wait in the cue for potty breaks constantly. We did walk a lot which was good. It looks like I am up 2 lbs. But, I really think its not going to last. I feel bloated (PMSie) and it will fall off as soon as I get back on board.

Things are still moving forward on the home front. My brother started chemo and it seems to go well. Chemo is just to keep the cancer in check. It wont get rid of it. We are looking into selling my parents house and items that no body wants. My brother plans to sell his house in AZ and move to Ohio where one of his daughters live and grandkids. I don't blame him, I would want to be with my kids.

I still feel like life is moving too fast and I am feeling a bit numb. I cant concentrate, I cant even remember the simplest things. I need my memory for work, my boss relies on it. It use to be awesome if I do say so myself. But, I look at emails that I sent 2-3 weeks ago and I cant even recall typing them. It is scary. Sometimes I panic and say to myself "why cant I remember doing this?" 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Comic Con

Diet doing very well. But I am off to comic con. So I wont be back until Monday.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Well Sunday and interesting

Two of my brothers, myself each of their wives and one of my nieces came up to mom and dads. We need to start getting rid of the things in the house. It was tough. I got a few pieces of furniture and lots of nick knacks. So did everyone else. My mom was from England and she loved collecting antiques. I am not sure if anything hold any value. But to me the most valuable things are the photo's. That is what I want most. We are still having a Realtor look at the house and give us a appraisal. As some of you mentioned possibly buying out the one brother. Unfortunately, I am the youngest by 9 years so my brothers are older and really don't have time to put money into the house to sell at top  dollar. I know my daughter especially suffering as she was raised by my mom and dad from 6 weeks of age. I had to go back to work and they watched her for most of her life. They were more like second parents than grandparents. They adored her and she them. Her pain about not keeping the house, is making my pain harder to bare. I hope some day she will understand.

Diet is still on tract. STS is still in my head. I am on vacation this week so I am doing my work outs in the pool. It doesn't hurt that it is bloody hot here right now. God Bless everyone for your kind comments I really do appreciate them. It really helps because in all honesty I am really feeling so very lonely lately.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sporadic posting

I use to be so good about posting everyday. But, things seem to be falling down around me. Still dieting, just came back from my 6.5 mile walk this am. I needed time to myself and to think. My brother is starting chemo on Wed. He has been staying at my parents house since he works here also at hospital for 30 years. But he and his wife actually have a home in AZ. Well now with this evil cancer, he wants to sell my parents home and then retire. I can see his point, but the housing market is really bad now and we would lose so much money. But, his point is that he doesn't know how much time he has, wants the money for his family and to enjoy life and retire. But, there are 3 other siblings who will lose big. I feel guilty for feeling this way..I cant even think straight anymore. Also, selling the house that I grew up in, the house that made me.....the house that was always home is killing me.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

At work

I am at work, already turned on the waiting room TV to ESPN. I love soccer. I sure hope the Womens team wins today. I watched the game Sunday and it was so amazingly exciting. Gosh it was wonderful. Well things going well. Walking everyday, tracking my food and drinking my water yet my weight isnt going down. Trying to not get frustrated but sheesh it is wearing me down. I wont give up, because I cant. But, dang those walks at lunch at hard.. I am so sweaty and tired when I get back.

I made last night the Hungry Girls brownies using the pumpkin and no oils. It was actually really good. I was so surprised. I definitely will make them again. The calories are so low. I also made the fiber one onions rings. My family liked the brownies but not so much on the onion rings. Oh well.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Almost my vacation time

I am getting so excited, starting this Friday, I am off til 7/25.  This Friday, my daughter is taking her pup, the choc lab to the vet to get fixed. So, she is going to drop him off at the vet, then she is coming over to my place with her other dog, the yellow lab. We are going to spend the day in the pool. :). I am down another 1/2 lb. I am getting tired of this slow loss. But, I am going to kick it up this week. The weather is suppose to be cooler so I am going to kick up the walking. I am drinking more shakes and eating less food. My pants are getting pretty baggy but I don't think I am in a 14 yet. Sooooo, I am not going shopping yet.

Next week is Comic Con, so that should be fun. I will be down 70 lbs lighter than last year when I went, so it should be a lot easier on me this year. I am really excited to go now. I do suffer from panic attacks, actually so do my kids. But is with crowds. I hate crowds, but I will be just fine. Hope everyone of our STS homies are doing well and hanging in there. I hope you all are doing better than me... But don't worry, I am not giving up, I am actually getting stronger and more determined to beat this monster.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Same ol same ol

Well, as hard as I try, my weight is not coming off. I am walking 50-60 minutes every day, even in this gosh awful heat and humidity. Doing an exercise workout in the pool, every night. And doing leg lifts and arms lifts as I watch TV at night. I am staying under 1200-1300 calories, minus the exercise calories. I am eating healthier, more grains and greens and high protein, chicken, fish. Drinking tons of fluid. Eating good, tracking everything I eat and drink and exercise. Ever since I had the surgery, weight loss has stalled, I think I am down, maybe 10-15 lbs since 3/1/11. That sucks. The only way is to drop the calories more. Yes, inches are definitely coming off and toning is there. But, the scale is a biotch to me. It gets very frustrating,at times I feel like why bother doing my walk in this frickin heat, nothing is moving. Yes, I am having another pity party for one (again) aaaaaaaaaaaagh. No, I wont stop walking and drinking and dieting and, and, and, everything. I have no choice but to keep trying. I am just half way to my goal and want it NOW.  God grant me patience please...................................................and hurry. :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Omelet time

Back to my favorite breakfast, homegrown zucchini, onion, bell peppers, egg whites, turkey bacon, salsa and a wheat bagel thin. Yum. All this including the bagel 363 calories. It has been so very warm and humid here. So today, I brought a pitcher of Iced Tea to work. Sweet for me!

Walk yesterday was murder, ugh.  I have been bringing walking clothes to work so I can change out of my work clothes and not get them sweaty.  At night, I hopped into the pool, did my work out and it felt so good. It was strange because it was cloudy, humid and in the background I could here nonstop thunder. It was also kinda awesome. The water that time of night  felt like cool bath water. 
Nothing exciting to talk about I guess. Hope everyone is staying on the STS. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What a weekend!

Sorry about not posting. Saturday was nice, spent most of the day in the pool. Sunday, me and my daughter, her roommate and her son all went to Seaworld and had a blast. We have a two year pass which includes parking so in the long run, it will be a great deal. The exercise alone will payoff. We walked and walked, we saw a lot of the shows and attractions and rode the Atlantis. Blast! Cant wait to go back. It is right on the ocean (of course) and the weather is so much cooler down there. We brought our own food, (which you aren't suppose to).  We were there about 5 hours and no way saw it all.

Monday, I just did laundry and housework. Then stayed in the pool awhile. I try to get in the pool ever day and do my exercise work out routine. But I mostly just took it easy.

Diet has been good even though I didn't lose anything this week. I hope it is the humid weather just retaining water since I am drinking gallons of Ice tea. Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful time.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Triple digits

Whoa the weather went from nice to HOT fast. Went to DDS to get teeth cleaned. Kids and I are going to movies to stay cool. Mostly likely no walking, but will work out in pool. :)

Diet doing well. Have a safe and fun 4th of July. God Bless USA!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New breakfast menu

I have been using this new egg product (new to me) from Costco, its eggs in a cartons, that are 90% egg whites, but still has 10% yolks so they look just like eggs and taste just like eggs but only 30 calories per 1/4 cup. Which is like the size of a regular egg. So for example, my breakfast this am at work, is an omelet with a bit of onion, spinach, zucchini(homegrown I might add) and bell peppers . I cook it the night before, wrap it in foil and the bring it to work. I then warm it and top it with salsa. Yum! Less than 300 calories easy and its a lot to eat. I like eating breakfast because I walk at my lunch break. When I come back from walking I drink my HMR shakes.  TOM is really kicking my bootie today.. ugh! Advil time.

Hope everyone is doing well on STS.