Monday, July 18, 2011

Well Sunday and interesting

Two of my brothers, myself each of their wives and one of my nieces came up to mom and dads. We need to start getting rid of the things in the house. It was tough. I got a few pieces of furniture and lots of nick knacks. So did everyone else. My mom was from England and she loved collecting antiques. I am not sure if anything hold any value. But to me the most valuable things are the photo's. That is what I want most. We are still having a Realtor look at the house and give us a appraisal. As some of you mentioned possibly buying out the one brother. Unfortunately, I am the youngest by 9 years so my brothers are older and really don't have time to put money into the house to sell at top  dollar. I know my daughter especially suffering as she was raised by my mom and dad from 6 weeks of age. I had to go back to work and they watched her for most of her life. They were more like second parents than grandparents. They adored her and she them. Her pain about not keeping the house, is making my pain harder to bare. I hope some day she will understand.

Diet is still on tract. STS is still in my head. I am on vacation this week so I am doing my work outs in the pool. It doesn't hurt that it is bloody hot here right now. God Bless everyone for your kind comments I really do appreciate them. It really helps because in all honesty I am really feeling so very lonely lately.

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Miss April said...

I hope things are going okay for you. Thinking of you and sending positive energy!