Monday, February 28, 2011


Hello, I didnt post this weekend, because I dont know why? Saturday was fun. I went to the gym with my daughter and that was always nice. I did the bike for 3 miles and the treadmill for 1.3. My lovely daughter pushed my treadmill to 1.5 on the incline when I wasnt looking. But, you know I did  not really notice it. So I guess I will keep it there til I increase it again. But, I realize I do have to watch my sneaky daughter.

She showed me how to us the elliptical. Um, I dont think I like that, unfortunately it really hurts my knee. I have osteoarthritis in one knee, and the other one isnt great. I guess I screwed them up carrying all this weight for so long. But the bike and treadmill doesnt hurt them, so I will stick with that. But, I am glad I tried it, I always wanted to.  Then I did the arm thingy machines. I have ugly arms, so I really like working them. Diet is going well.

Sunday, Went well, went to church and it was awesome, they had the Children of the World there and they performed and it was the sweetest and most wonderful performance. I really enjoyed it.  Went to Costco after that to get new dog beds, it was great they had these new ones, that aren't the fluffy ones that my Luke likes to use as a inflatable female doggie doll. These are made like a flat 4 inch mattress. Firm, but soft to lay on them. Great score for me. It has been so cold. We didnt get snow like they suggested :(. But the mountains did and are magnificent to look at. Remember these are new events for us. I mean our mountains do get snow, but not like this. Just amazing. But that also means our inland valley, where I live get freezing at night and the doggies like to sleep in the condos(crates). Which have beds and blankets in there. Last night the two males actually slept together in one condo and used each others butt as a pillow. It was funny as all heck. The female slept inside, I dont know, I use to not have dogs in the house. It was my BIG rule, but when she was pregnant (4 yrs ago on Valentines she had pups). I started letting her inside sheesh I even let her sleep on the love seat. She was huge. I felt so bad for her. OMG, near the delivery time, I use to sleep on the couch and she would sleep on the love seat. I would bring her water and snacks during the middle of the night so she didnt even have to move off the loveseat. She was really uncomfortable. I just couldnt let her sleep by herself. What happened to me. AAAgh, since then she sleeps in the house (and she got fixed), and she now follows me everywhere.  We sorta bonded. We are now like best buds.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Update on surgery

OK, I got a call from the pre-anesthesia nurse she wanted to go over over a few things and get a brief history on me. Basically, I arrive Tuesday at the hospital at 8:30 check in, surgery is 11:30 and I should be able to go home by 3ish. She stated to be prepared that they pump you full of gas and that is usually why people have some discomfort. Usually not from the surgery just the gas.(Great) She said walking will help relieve the gas pains, (I also assume farting right?) so she suggested when I get home to take some small walks and drink carbonated drinks (diet of course).

It was like do this, don't do that, do this, don't do that.  Finally I asked her "can I take a Xanax". She laughed and said yes I could. (Thank you God!).
I think this might be a Xanax weekend.  Seriously, I am ridiculously nervous. Sheesh...

My last Friday at work for a while

I have to admit, I am really really nervous. I need to just relax. Yesterday, I was so stressed I had to leave early for my walk at lunch to calm down. After the 40 minutes, I felt better. Today is suppose to rain and again not get to 60 degrees. Tomorrow is suppose to be crazy weather. As I mentioned snow near me, I mean I have never been in a placed and had it snow on me. My son and I are like so jazzed to see it snow. I think the weather people are exaggerating. But, I am sure it will pour with rain. They state is will be about 46 degrees at the highest. That is crazy for here. 

Diet wise things are going good. I am at 251. So I lost only 5 lbs instead of my hope of 10 before surgery. Really bummed. My goal is to be in the low 240's by the time I get back to my weightloss program. It seems like I cant get past 251. Really pissing me off. I have upped the fluid intake. I am really hoping that I am not in a lot of pain after the surgery. I dont handle pain well at all. I have to go to the gym daily and I want to walk the 3 mile lake path while I am off recovering. I am not worried about how long it takes me to walk it, I just want to do it.  Well, I am getting my coat out and dusting it off for this weekend. Hope everyone has a good and safe weekend. Oh and by the way GO Aztecs( Basketball).

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rain again and maybe snow WTF

Ok, we are suppose to get another storm, of course to us our storms are your showers. LOL. But, we might even get some snow in the lower levels. Our mountains are full of snow and are stunning to look at. But it means it will get chilly as all get out. I am about to go for my lunch walk (40min) and am a bit nervous cause it is really cold. It hasn't even hit 60 degrees. OMG, I know I am a wuss, I accept that. But cmon that is cold.  Diet going very well. I read an article that said drinking cold water is better than room temp. Somehow the cold is suppose to increase your metabolism. I dont know maybe thats true, maybe it isnt. But when it is cold, I drink room temp water. When summer hits and we get our triple digits, I will drink cold that is for sure. Not now tho.

I must confess my nerves are getting shot, I am getting really getting skeered about Tuesday. Well I might have more to say later. But that's it for now.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yippe for me

I went for my walk yesterday at work in my new Brooks and then changed into my work shoes. It worked, my heel is really feeling better. Not perfect, but I still can do my 40 minute walk. It was great. This is my last week at work until I return from surgery. So I will either do a walk here and there, maybe the lake walk. But most likely I will just go to the gym everyday.

I went to my weigh in and lost 4 lbs. Sweet, that makes up for the 2 lbs I gained and then two more. Sweet. I feel pretty proud that I worked thru my pain and sorrow without blowing my diet (except the night Brandy died) but I exercised all week. I never do less than 6 days  a week and goal is 7 days a week.

I hope I am not in to much pain after surgery. I am glad that it is required to walk after surgery to avoid blood clots. It forces me to do it. I was laughing to my kids, I told them no matter what, I am going to exercise and walk even if pain is bad. I will just take narcotics. I told them watch me get a DUI on the treadmill. I laughed. My kids didnt. Why dont kids ever think their parents are funny? LOL.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh dang the holiday is over

I cant believe I haven't posted for a couple of days. Lets start with Sunday, I tried out my new shoes at the gym. I did the treadmill for just 1 mile. Seemed still a little sore but ok. I then went to the bike and did a couple of miles. It sure hurts my arse on that thing. But it didnt hurt my heel.  I then did the weight machines, I still dont know what they are called. I call the ones I use as the arm thingies.There are 3 that I use.

Monday, yippe was holiday. I went to the gym, this time I did the bike first and I did 3 miles. Again, my arse and this time my back kinda ached. But it wasnt that bad. Then I did the treadmill. This time I did 1.5 miles. Maybe I shouldn't have cause my heel ached later on big time. But, when I am at the gym, I seem obsessed with working out till I sweat. I think I am going to try the elliptical. I have always been intimidated by this machine. I dont know why, but it looks really hard. But, I think it is easier on my heel than the treadmill. Things went well on the diet. I weigh in tonight. I think I forgot to mention that I had gained 2 lbs, at the last weigh in. It was the day after Brandy died and the day TOM came. But, sadly I didn't care. I was still grieving. But I do care today. I better have lost those 2lbs plus more. I have never gained weight on this diet so I think if I wasn't so sad I would have been pissed. But, it was my fault I know when I came home from the vet , I said I'm not hungry when husband asked what I wanted for dinner. Then I ate and ate and ate. Thank God the xanax took effect and I fell asleep. Of course on the other side of the coin, while walking at lunch, I pushed myself so hard due to not even paying attention, just crying over my dog. So maybe that and bad shoes is what hurt my heel. But, the great thing is that even though my heel hurts the gym has so many different options to work out on. So it forces me to move out of my comfort zone(treadmill)  and use the scary equipment LOL. This will be my last time at these classes for about a month because the surgery is next week. So, I want to go out with a bang. Wish me luck!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

New shoes for momma

OK, I took every ones advice and went to place near us, about a 30 minute drive to Roadrunner. Its this huge store(I have never been in there before and to be honest, I never thought I would). The guy that helped me Opie, (Ya right, who would name their boy Opie). Oh well, he certainly didn't look like an Opie. (Continue please) He asked me what I was looking for and I explained. Well, he had me take off my socks and shoes and walk to and away. He picked out two pair, one was made by Brooks, and the other was Saucony. I tried on Brooks and instantly new this was the shoe. It was wide in the heel and a narrow front. Which is just like my feet. I have really narrow feet. Husband has always called them ski's. I know, really sweet right? (Shit head). I didn't even try on the second pair, I couldn't believe the fit on the Brooks. Absolutely perfect.  I also go two new sports bra's. I mean I have big TaTa's and I didnt think they would fit. But they have a complete department there and the women, measure and help you. It was awesome. So I bought two. I also bought some socks that will help absorb the sweat and keep your feet fresh feeling. It was the best advice people, I can not thank you enough.

My son came with me, so afterwards we went to place around the corner from Roadrunner called Market 99. It is a huge Asian Market. We have been there before.  First we went to the Market and I got some, ginger root and snowpeas. My son got this fruit(really strange looking) but he said he had heard of it before and has always wanted to try it. I think its called Dragon fruit or ?. I got it for him.They have this amazing food court. So we waited in line, and I was gonna get him  some lunch and husband some dinner since he is at work til late. They also service fried squid. OMG to die for, love it. So my son, said are you going to eat and I said, I dont think so. He is like really, and I was like really wishy washy and went ahead and got an extra plate for me. It was nearly 1:00 and all I had so far was water. We get home, and I took a bite of the squid, oh it was so good. I stopped and said WTF is wrong with me. Why cant I get over this. I packed up my plate and put it in the fridge. I pulled out a salad. I almost always have a salad pre-made up for me. (I like salads, usually the romaine is separate and in another bowl I have diced up a little red onion, zucchini and baby bell peppers) And I made me salad. I made me my shake and grabbed a bottle of water. My son comes into the fridge and said wow you are really not going to eat it. And I said no, I just can't, I cant do it.

I just spent 240.00 bucks at Roadrunner for the new shoes, new bras and new socks. Why, because I want to continue on my way to thinner and healthier me. Within 5 minutes of that purchase I am thinking of blowing it on Asian food. When will I ever learn. I mean I didnt eat the food, but I bought it. Why? Only for the grace of God and his and my willpower did I not eat it. My fat ways will never go away. It really has me thinking today.

Friday, February 18, 2011

What a dork I am

Ok, this weight loss and especially exercising is new to me, I really only started on 10/13/10. Well, my heel feels like I have bruised it. It started Wednesday night, it was tender when I got home from work. But Thursday it felt like it was ok. So I went and did my 40 minute walk. I admit I walk fast and far and probably really heavy pounding because of my weight. Well last night, I couldn't walk on that foot. This AM its sore as could be.

I did some googling and realize I did all the things wrong that I possible could have. First, I was walking in old shoes, 2) I was wearing those shoes all day. Apparently, walking shoes only have a few months life span, maybe 6. Less, if you are wearing all day. I need to buy a new pair and ONLY wear them for walking. So that means, bring them and change into them to walk. At my work, (hospital) most of us do wear walking shoes to work since we are walking all day to do our job.

Has anyone had good luck with walking shoes, ie brand and such? It sure would be nice for some suggestions.

We are suppose to get a rain storm this weekend, so I will be at the gym. I think I will hit the stationary bike instead of the treadmill.(To be safe). I will get some new shoes this weekend also.

Enjoy your three day weekend and be safe and true to yourself and your diet. :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The eve of a Friday and a 3 day weekend

Boy, I can't wait for this 3 day weekend. It is suppose to rain, but on weekends its all good. I go to the gym anyway. Well the Lord showed me some mercy yesterday and the rain stopped at lunch and I was able to go for my walk. Thank goodness, I would have gone to the gym after work, but to be honest, I didn't want to. Yippee..

TOM finally came yesterday, 10 days late. Not unusual for my age, I'm %) years old. hehe. But, for 10 days, I was bloated, crampy, just uncomfortable. . The last two days during my lunch walk, I was able to cry my eyes out.(of course, I come back and freshened up my makeup, and just tell people, I was sneezing).But, today is going to be fine, its sunny and clean, and my soul and mind feel more at ease. I think things are going to be fine. I still miss my dog and always will. But, not to get too spiritual (I know some people dont like reading that kind of stuff) but she is in a better place, I feel it. They always say that it is the people that are left behind  that suffer. But enough said.

I feel more positive, cant wait to hit the ole walking path at lunch. I also, found out there is this lake nearby that has a 3 mile walking path. I think I am going to try that one weekend.(not this one as it is going to rain again). But maybe next Sunday after church, which is the weekend before my surgery. I cant wait actually, it is really pretty. I haven't walked 3 miles straight yet. But I will.
Thank you everyone for the positive prayers and thoughts, they are working.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank you everyone

Thank you everyone for your comments. It really means the world to me. She was a really special girl. I have several big hunking labs, I do love them dearly. But I had Brandy way before I even got my lovable dorky labs. Brandy was always just this little girl among the giants, but she sure could hold her own with them. She was so affectionate. She loved to be loved and held and was so gentle.  I don't think I can say enough about how much she was loved by me and my family. I really really appreciate the prayers from you.

Also,  I hope Brandy and Elvis are playing and having a blast in heaven. Thank you Allan.

Today it's raining, can you believe that. It never rains in southern California.(Oh wait, that's just a song). Oh well so much for my beloved lunch walk. I brought my gym clothes, told the family I'll be late. I need to hit the gym when I miss my lunch walk. They are like ah OK. They just don't get me. Oh well you do. Kisses to you all

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My heart is broken

My little princess died last night.(this pix was taken about 1 month ago or less) She had been slowly decreasing her food intake. I noticed about a month ago. So I went and bought different kinds of dog food to see if she liked anything else, but she didnt seem too. Friday, she didn't eat and was acting lethargic and I gave her some diced up chicken which she ate. Saturday I was really worried, I opened a can of tuna and she did eat it all. I went to Walmart on Sunday bought several different kinds of food again. But back in my mind a little voice was telling me that I would have all this food left over cause she just wasn't going to make it. I of course ignored that voice. On Sunday she wouldnt eat and didn't drink much and she looked just plain tired. Monday, I said if she doesn't eat or drink, I am taking her to the vet. I get home from work and she didnt eat the tuna or anything else we left nor did she drink and was just laying in her crate and wouldnt come out. She also looked like her breathing was labored. I held her paw and she felt cold. So I wrapped her in a blanket and my husband drove me to the vet. We both knew this was the end and she wouldnt be coming home, but we kept saying maybe she has a cold or something.(but we knew in our heart). We see the vet and the vet was a lovely lady and so sweet. She said she is cyanotic and her lungs and heart are failing. She said what we knew, she needed to be put down. With tears running down our faces we shook our head in agreement. My husband left he couldnt be there when they gave her the shot. They left me alone with her while the nursing staff got the paperwork to be completed before they could give her the shot. Brandy was laying on the table on a big towel, they tried to make it really soft for her. Her head was resting on my left arm and my other hand was on her tummy just rubbing her. She was having so much trouble breathing, it broke my heart. She looked up at me, kind of raised her body to get a good look at me and she took her last breathe. I started sobbing of course, the gal walked in with the paperwork to sign and I said she is already gone. She looked shocked and turned and got the nurse who came in with a stethoscope and she listened and looked at me and she said she is gone. I just sobbed and held her and kissed her. I will miss her soo much. I had her for 15 years.

Monday, February 14, 2011

OMG what a wonderful weekend

I dont think I could have asked for better weather. Warm, slight breeze 80's. I did raise my treadmill to level 1. I'm walking thinking this is a breeze. About the 1.50 marker, I swear I was walking on Mt Kilimanjaro. Sheehs I was trudging along. I finished it at 1.75 about 40 minutes at 3.0 including the slow down phase. I have found if I do the slowdown phase after my normal walk, I haven't had leg cramps. Well, I am pretty happy. I think I will do next weekend that same and then the following weekend raise it to 1.5 ( I know I am a wild woman). Of course, that should be just about right before my surgery. Which by the way, got moved a head a day. So now it;s on Tuesday and Monday will be the pre-op.

After church on Sunday, and Gym and I stopped off at my daughters house and picked up her two babies (Labradors). She was working late and didn't want to leave the pup in the back in case of coyotes. I went ahead and brought both since the pup has certainly grown attached to her Yellow lab Mira. Actually I also thought he would feel more comfortable with her there when he met my pack.  Of course within 10 minutes of him exploring the backyard which is pretty large. He got silly and started to run around and well, I guess he has never seen a pool before. He went just a running full blast and I swear he flew right into the pool. Of course, at first I yelled oh no. But he popped right up and swam to me and I grabbed him out. He was no worse for the wear.  I sent my DD a text and said well, Deacoy is doing well here and by the way he now knows how to swim. LOL. Of course, we all can assume that wasn't his only episode in the pool. My black lab Boomer, was having a good ole time taking laps since it was warm. Deacoy probably went into the pool about 5 more times. Most times, he would be bumped in. Remember I do have a pack. With her two and my three. Sheesh.

Friday, February 11, 2011

OMG its getting hot in here.

Went outside for a bit and the sun is just glorious. You know the feeling where the heat just radiates through your every being. You have this feeling to your bones of the warmth, you close your eyes and it's almost like God is wrapping his arms around you and giving you a hug. Amazing indeed.

Yippeee its Friday

Man, it is going to be in the 80's today. Warm, thank God I use the gym on weekends. It wont be as hot as if I would be walking 40 minutes in the sun. But, hey I will take it. I was wondering, am I the only one who wakes up stiff every morning from the day before exercises? Certainly it could be my age, I mean I am not a spring chicken by any means. Don't get me wrong, I get at 5 AM for work, but by 7:00 I am feeling good and the stiffness is gone. But, I was curious. I am not sore per se, just stiff.

Tom, hasn't come yet, another old age issue damn it. I am going to raise my treadmill tomorrow to a level 1. I know sounds low, but hey it's a start eh?  Another thought, I walk M-F for 40 minutes. Its a decent speed, as I rock out on my IPOD (the only thing that wouldn't give my age away since I have several Lil Wayne and also fast speed music).Still a kid at heart with my music.When I walk 40 minutes, I have no clue on how far I am walking. I know on the treadmill at a 3.0 for 40 minutes I go about 1.75 miles. So, I assume at the least I am walking a mile at lunch, maybe more. But I cant tell. I just don't think I am walking a 3.0 on foot. It seems faster on treadmill so that is why I assume it's less. Ok, That was a bunch of rambling words.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wow it is getting hot in here the blogging world

Yesterdays walk was a bit warm. But I noticed that my normal 40 minute walk was starting to take only 30 minutes. I know it is getting easier. So I added another lap around a parking lot that is near  where I walk. I noticed too that is was sloped. So I started at the bottom and walked up. I started walking this new route because it has some little hill areas. Walking up always seems to add more umph to it. So I added the extra yesterday with the extra hill. It added that extra 10 minutes and by God I felt it this morning. I get out of bed and I am walking like a zombie with stiff legs. Thank God husband was asleep or he would think I have a stick up my bootie.Ya thats the kinda guy he is.(Sensitive...NOT) LOL.

Another great thing, I am allowed oatmeal (of course it's HMR's brand) but I found a recipe to make cookies with it. Its makes about 4 big flat cookies per oatmeal pack. But hey, it wasn't bad and with my coffee in the AM, it was kinda cool. Ya, I am only fooling myself, they aren't REAL cookies. But, hey it was cool. I'm always looking for recipe's with my meal replacements from HMR. That's how I found my crackers. Those, too me, are awesome, They are made with HMR chicken soup packets. I would usually add a bit of Tampico(Like Tabasco but a bit milder). But spices aren't really good for me right now(gallstones) so last time I added curry powder. Score!. Of course, in my old days of eating what I wanted... I loved curry anything. With those crackers I can make a small plate size flat cracker, similar to tortilla size. I would then add my HMR Turkey chili and diced lettuce and I had a mock tostada. Or I make a big plain salad, add my turkey chili and crumble up my crackers and a bit of salsa(which is allowed) and I had a mock taco salad.

Hey what ever floats my boat, right?!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Part two-my mind is wandering

*****Oh I forgot to mention. My goal is to lose 10 more lbs before surgery. So, if I stumble, feel free to kick me in the ass to get me back on board. It is for my health and well being. I might get pissy but it will be for my own good. So lay it on me folks.

You know what I find ironic. The whole reason I ending up dieting and changing my life with exercise was I knew I was dying. I was way to fat to go on. I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs with out feeling like I was going to code. I know, it seems funny but it really wasn't. I was getting sleep apnea and GERDs.  So, I thought about weightloss surgery and I even went to consult on it. But then I had to do their weightloss program first. After I started it, I realized that I really knew deep in my heart I did not want to have weightloss surgery. So, to avoid that I needed to succeed in diet and exercise and changing my life completely. It worked, I have lost 55 lbs in 3.5 months. I am really happy and realize I can do it. Not without issues, I mean from couch potato to walking maniac. I also use weights and equipment. I also am eating healthy with very few issues. Water is my best friend. I went thru Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years (which is also was my son 's18th BD) and I never once had any type of desserts(of course I did take a whiff and smell them, lol)  or terrible fattening foods or booze. Now as a reward for my good behavior I have gallstones which needs surgery. DOH!,  Yes, I do find that Ironic..But I am still glad I did not have weightloss surgery. I am not putting it down by any means, it works for many people and God Bless them. But, it wasn't what I wanted after all.

Jeepers Creepers

I lost my post from yesterday.

Things seem to moving forward. All set for March surgery. Yesterday I went for my normal lunch walk, and OMG it was freezing. It had to be 60 degrees. WTF. I had to wear a sweater. Today should be warmer, we are suppose to have another Santa Ana. So the wind will blow crazy. I did take my clariten(as I sit here and sneeze). Last night I didnt lose anything. But, I am happy. I have been eating like crazy. Now mind you its not like I'm eating pizza, burritos or anything yummy bad. I just ate nonstop. All diet food except for a piece of bread and butter. Damn I have PMS. Thank God exercise is now a daily event. But I do feel like that I wasted all that work out for food. I admit, I do have PMS and nerves from the pending consult. But, I stepped on the scale this AM and I am down. So, I just have to drink more water when I get hungry. I talked to my dietitian last night, just for moral support. It is so not like me to blow the diet. I felt like I was losing control. But she reminded me that, I have gall stones and have had two attacks then the pending surgery. Then I was sick for a week and now PMS. I just need to relax, not to panic because she knows that I will bounce back. You know that really helped me realize I was over-analyzing this and I will be ok.

*****Oh I forgot to mention. My goal is to lose 10 more lbs before surgery. So, if I stumble, feel free to kick me in the ass to get me back on board. It is for my health and well being. I might get pissy but it will be for my own good. So lay it on me folks.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Gallstone surgery is set

Met the surgeon this am, nice looking man, about 60. But your typical surgeon. If you work in the field you would know what I mean. Facts only. I want someone to hold my hand and tell me it will be ok. But no luck. Thats ok, I actually am quite comfortable with him. He will do fine. Initially they were going to try to get me in on the 16th, next week. I was like umm, what do you have after that. They said March 2.  I said that date works better for me. I just wasn't ready for next week. Yes, you all can say it, I own it. I am a fricking coward. (Head hung in shame). Doing good on diet, not great though...which is surprising. I think it might have been nerves and PMS. I was constantly hungry all weekend.  I mean I didnt blow like eating something horrid. But eat I did, it seemed like all day. I gobbled tons of baby bell peppers and lots of salad. I was burping all day. (Damn peppers). LOL that reminds me, I eat o lot of veggies, does anyone get gas from them. Man I do, my son will walk in and go geez mom its stinks. I said, I know, damn dog. He looks at me and I just smile. hehe. Poor doggie at least she good for something. hehe. Of course, it sucks when I say that and he says she's not even in here mom.  (ooops) Went to gym, I even increased the incline on the treadmill. Ok, it was only a .5 but hey its a start. 

Yesterday, tried watching the game. But I am not a fan of either team. I thought the commercial sucked. I was really disappointed. I am sure I missed some good ones, cause I got really bored and changed channels a lot. The beaver one was kinda cute. But I dunno. The VW ones were kinda cute also.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Comic Con or bust

Last year I went to comic con with my DD and DS. Well after the first day, I thought OMG this is so not for me. Crowded was an understatement and all the walking and lines. Geez, Well here comes day 2, my son states, no more for me thanks. But my daughter loved it, so I went everyday with her. She was thrilled and loved. So she wants to go again this year. I told ok, but I really need to lose weight for this shit. It was to hard for my obese ass. Ok, so I start to lose weight. Then comes the tickets sells, two times I spent hrs trying to get tickets and both times the system crashed. So here comes today another try at selling tickets. Starts at 9am. By 9.01 system overloaded. But, I kept trying for my little girls(23y.o) She was at work and texting me, how is it going. I am like this so sucks. But I dont give up. By 10:30 I text her that we are going. She was so happy. My nerves are spent. Ugh. Well lets hope I lose another 50lbs before July. The good thing is, we live where it is held, so we dont have to get hotel. We just take the trolley there. Piece of cake. WOW, I think I am going to crash, I am spent.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Its gonna be warm

I am relieved it is Friday. I am so tired. Last night was a chilly night so I let my dog sleep in my room. Big mistake. Now mind you my dogs sleep in our covered patio with their crates (which are carpeted and have soft blankets.) They also have the big dog beds to sleep on and they love them. Well, my dog, Dakota, she snores like no body's business. It is crazy loud. She usually will want out also, to pee or just because she is a lab and our house gets too warm for her. Even tho I dont sleep with the heater. Labs, seem to run warm, at least that is the excuse they give me on why they are always in my swimming pool. LOL. So, I let her out about 2 am. Go back to sleep and ooohh man it felt good to get back into the bed. Warm and now quiet.  Well, 20 minutes later, she wants back in. (what a bitch). So I let her in, but make her sleep on her bed near the front door. I know she wasn't happy, but I needed my sleep damn it. I will make it up to her today. Geez, the guilt. Its like I have another kid, I swear she is spoiled. My male labs have no problem sleeping outside. They are very rambunctious, but they are sweet and lovable. Sometimes the one male likes his bed a little too much. I have to tell him "that is not what we do to our bed young man." What a horn dog.

Things going very well on diet. I have walked every day this week at lunch. 30-40 minutes. Yesterday I get to work and realize I forgot my water. I couldn't believe it. I mean water goes everywhere with me. I ended up having to buy some at the cafeteria.  Damn I hate spending 1.50 for a bottle of water. Ugh

Well this weekend I will be hitting the gym. On Sunday, the gym should be pretty quite. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Superbowl should be fun to watch. I not a fan of either team. So I am not rooting for either of them.  Yes, I am jealous my team isnt there what can I say. Thats the kinda gal I am.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another sunny and windy day

Boy, the wind here is kickin it big time. Its like 50 mph. Ugh. Its really sunny and could be warm if that damn wind would stop. The wind is frickin cold. During yesterdays walk, I first started out in the shade and man oh man was it so cold. I was having second thoughts if I could do it. But the minute I walked in the sun. It was yummy. So I trudge on. I have been walking every day about 40 minutes at lunch. This works great cause I get a 1 hr lunch. I have time to freshen up, drink some water, tinkle and all set. I made a great salad for dinner tonight. Can't wait to chow down on it. Saw the puppy last night, OMG so sweet. Kiss kiss... Man who doesn't love that puppy smell. So sweet as can be.

I was thinking about joining Allans challenge, but with this surgery pending I decided against it. I wouldn't be sure if I could follow his diet plan. I still stick with the 1200 and exercise is a must diet. Still downing the water. But, I do have to drink my shakes. And there are some things that I am not allowed on my diet. Fruits and meats are not allowed yet. I can have my meal replacements and veggies and my crackers I make. But I will be rooting everyone one on. Cause I believe in his plan. I also know that working together and being accountable to someone, other than ones self, helps dieting and it seems to deter cheating.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

51 lbs gone

OMG, I have officially lost 51 lbs at my night time weigh in. Ya, I have lost more when I weigh in at home in the AM. But at night wahoooooooo. I know its silly but its a big thing, I got my picture taken again. When looking at the picture well, unfortunately, I didnt notice a hell of a lot of change. But, like I told the RN, its the fat woman in my head. She is still there.  But I am so jazzed.   Unofficially I have lost 53 lbs. yeah me!

I did hear from the surgeon, I have been waiting for the call for week and a half. So when my private line rang at work at 12:30 I assumed it was my son who calls me at that time every day. I answer the phone, hey babe. Shit...why didnt I look at the number. The lady was really nice and laughed. I was embarrassed because it could have been work related. Geez what a dork. Oh well, my appointment is scheduled for Friday 18th. But she said the MD might open a clinic on Monday and I will be put in then. Which is fine with me. Now mind you most people would be like WTF???? But I work for a MD and have been put in the same position, are you or are you not opening a clinic on Monday. I have been there and done that. God you have to love busy doctors. I was cool with either appointment. With the delay, I have been getting nervous about the surgery again. I try to not think about it.

On another news. I am worried about Allan he has been getting a lot of crap lately from naysayers and normally he can defend himself just fine. But something happened and he needs to know we are supporting him. Now I know he can be blunt, but sometimes that is what we need. But he has done some amazing weight loss and still going strong. Give him a holla and say hey to him.

*****Surgeon called and my appointment has been switched to Monday at 8:30 aaaaagh. No, I'm ok.aaaaaagh, No really, I'm ok.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday and I feel good

Ok, the weather is grand. Sunny, warm and nice cool breeze.  I went to urgent care last night sinus infection. They put me on antibiotics and a nose spray. I slept really good last night. I am so into kicking ass on this diet now. I went for a walk at lunch about 40 minutes. I was a little sore from the gym but I think I need to do a better job of warming and stretching then I will be fine. I am drinking my coffee and man I am feeling pretty good. I take for granted my good healthy days until they are gone. Then I realize how good it feels to feel good. Man I missed that feeling. I still haven't heard from the surgeon, but that's ok, I need to get completely better first. Well, I am going to my weigh in tonight and hope to get measured. I will bring back those results tomorrow. I am so excited and cant wait. They have to be pretty good cause I feel pretty good. Ok, going to take my walk today and really drink up the water. Oh I hope this days stays wonderful.