Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday and nice weather

This week our weather should be in the 80's. I am so excited, the nights are getting cooler and it feels like fall. At least temporarily. But, it makes my walks at lunch much more enjoyable. I am hoping our triple digit weather is over, but unfortunately that may not be the case. Our firestorms usually come in October. So, I am always fearful.

I forgot to make my egg white veggie omelet for work this morning. I usually make it the night before. But, hey I was watching the Chargers and then went swimming. So, I grabbed one on my sons, Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls. He likes the Jimmy Dean lights. They are turkey and egg whites, and sometimes the ham. They are only about 220 calories. I added salsa, and you know, they weren't bad. I am sure they had a lot more sodium than I need. But, in a pinch they worked.

Tonight, I cant wait to make my breakfast, I went to Costco, bought mini baby Bells, and crimini mushrooms. I have onions and egg whites. Yummmmmm.

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Anonymous said...

yes, this is divine weather for walking. your walks always inspire me!