Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New breakfast menu

I have been using this new egg product (new to me) from Costco, its eggs in a cartons, that are 90% egg whites, but still has 10% yolks so they look just like eggs and taste just like eggs but only 30 calories per 1/4 cup. Which is like the size of a regular egg. So for example, my breakfast this am at work, is an omelet with a bit of onion, spinach, zucchini(homegrown I might add) and bell peppers . I cook it the night before, wrap it in foil and the bring it to work. I then warm it and top it with salsa. Yum! Less than 300 calories easy and its a lot to eat. I like eating breakfast because I walk at my lunch break. When I come back from walking I drink my HMR shakes.  TOM is really kicking my bootie today.. ugh! Advil time.

Hope everyone is doing well on STS.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wonder if its gonna be a warm summer

Last year we had a really cool summer weather wise.  But this year it is already heating up. My walk yesterday I had to cut it short, just under 2miles. I received a slight sunburn(I am usually better about preventing  that issue). But I stayed in the pool too long without re-applying lotion. So the heat was going right thru might shirt and hurting my arms and back. Today, the weather was a little more overcast (since I am coastal) but was still warm, just not as warm as yesterday. So I was able to do the full 60 minutes.  I have been bringing in work out clothes to work so I can change when I go out. Dont want to be a sweaty and smelly all day. :O.

I cant believe I forgot my carrots today. So, I have been drinking more. I am a stress eater and work=stress. But, I dont want to eat anything bad, soooooo more fluids.  Yes, that means more potty breaks. But what the heck.

Last night after work, it was really warm, my son had the AC on for me when I got home. He's so sweet. I went swimming and did some water workouts. The pool feels so great.. But, I wore a long sleeve T-shirt over my bathing suit, to keep the sun off.

I recently bought some flatouts with flax from Costco, they have 100 calories. If you add a slice of either ham or turkey and then stuff it full of lettuce it is so yummy with such low calories... I love these new things I am finding lately. Brings a little excitement to my diet.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Thank you for the kind words.

It gets so hard sometimes,
I love the first two lines of this song.
God, I'm down here on my knees
Cause it's the last place left to fall
Things were tough at work, in fighting at home and dieting without results and I guess PMS. Maybe a little pity party for one. But, thanks for not letting me get down. I really appreciate it.

I am doing better. Saturday, I got up at 5:30am, got to the lake at 6:30 and walked the entire lake 6.4 miles. I felt like this was just what I needed (No not the pain) but the accomplishment. I was really proud. I paused at the end to enjoy the beauty of the lake. Then of course that is at 3.2 miles, then you have to walk back. The euphoria didn't quite last another 3.2 miles. :)  But, later in the day as I rested in the pool. I reflected back and was so darn happy.  I have been sticking to my diet and not falling off at all. I have been entering into My Fitnesspal. com everything I eat.

Sunday was really warm and I spent nearly the entire day in the pool. I even did workouts in the pool. Gosh it was nice. I had a rough night sleep it was so warm. Don't ask me why I didn't turn on the AC. I have no idea why I didn't. But, tonight, I will as it will be as warm if not warmer.

STS , I am down another 1 lb. But, TOM is here and so I cant complain. That makes a total of 5lbs since we started.*****OOOOPS...I am down 6 lbs. hehe.
Good luck to all the other homies in the STS.
God, I'm down here on my knees
Cause it's the last place left to fall
Beggin' for another chance
If there's any chance at all
That you might still be listenin'
Lovin' and forgivin' guys like me
I've spent my whole life gettin' it all wrong
And I sure could use your help cause from now on

I wanna be a good man
A 'do like I should' man
I wanna be the kind of man the mirror likes to see
I wanna be a strong man
And admit that I was wrong, man
God I'm asking you to come change me
To the man I wanna be

There's anyway for her and me to make another start
Could you see what you could do
To put some love back in her heart
Cuz' it going to take a miracle
After all I've done to really make her see

That I wanna be a statement
I wanna be a great man
I wanna be the kind of man that she shes in her dreams
God, I wanna be your man
And I wanna be her man
God, I only hope she still believes
In the man I wanna be

Well, I know this late at night that talk is cheap
Lord, don't give up on me

I wanna be a givin' man
I wanna really start livin' man
God, I'm asking you to come change me
To the man I wanna be

Friday, June 24, 2011

Do you ever

Do you ever get to the point that it is too hard?

PMS ugh

I have been so good, tracking everything I eat and drink. Walking 2+ miles everyday at work. 6 miles on Saturday..(Sunday is church and rest). Granted I am depressed and now PMS, yesterday I ate an entire bag of POP chips, not the little ones either. It was mindless...I need to stay away from those. 360 wasted calories. Well, I will get over it. Tomorrow is the lake again. The weight hasn't moved since last weigh in darn it. Well, I will be better this weekend and today. No more Pop Chips...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am going to try it.

As you may or may not know, I am addicted to McDonalds Sugar free vanilla Iced coffee. I will get one nearly every AM before work. But, they are 120 calories and those calories are starting to add up. So today, I got a Diet Dr. Pepper, and it was good. Zero calories.  Since I have been using My Fitness pal to track everything, calories, water and exercise. It was shocking to me to see how frickin fast calories add up. So I thought I need to save those 120 calories for something else or just save them. Plus, when something starts to becomes a habit or must have... I need to look at it carefully. Of course, I am not talking about having a habit of eating healthy or exercise, but a substance of some sort.

Lately, I have been eliminating my Lean cuisines as much as possible, I have switched my breakfast to egg substitutes(30 calories for 1/3rd cup) from Costco, fat free cheese, salsa, turkey bacon also from Costco(30 calories ea) and 1  bagel thin, 100 calories (top and bottom). It is very very yummmmmy. And it takes minutes about as long as it takes to toast my bagel. I microwave the bacon and egg. Works great for work.

I bought a big bag of spinach and might tonight try cooking it with the turkey bacon. Any other ideas for spinach would be great since the bag was huge, obviously from Costco also. It could feed an army.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You know what is strange

With everything going on in my life(my son is finally starting to recover, thank you all) but with my brother and work and other issues. The only thing I have utter control of is my diet. Isnt that strange, it seems that way to me. It is like the least important issue overall in my life yet I have full control over it. It is almost like everything is failing around me and I sure the hell am not gonna fail on this diet.

 The rest of my concerns and issues are in Gods hands but this diet is in mine. I dont know, I just found that interesting.

Yesterday, I had to work at the other hospital since a staff member called out sick (it was a Monday). Each hospital has their own "wellness walk". So I printed the map and followed it, it was a mile. So I had to do it twice. It was very doable but I like my base hospitals walk better. It is out in the open, with almost no traffic and I usually dont see anyone walking it. So I can mentally relax and think as I walk. So today, I am back at my base hospital and am looking forward to my walk and the solitude.

Monday, June 20, 2011

New week on STS

Things going well on diet. Saturday I again walked the 6 mile lake. It took 2 hours of non stop walking.
Still tracking my calories everyday on My Fitnesspal. Yesterday was very warm so I also went swimming in the pool. It was refreshing. So far I am down 5lbs from when I started STS.

Work still sucks. I have people calling out sick on Mondays and Fridays constantly. Now I have to work with HR to do disciplinary action, which I hate.

Personal life is bad. My brother, whose house is right in the middle of the Monument Fire in AZ. I called him to see if he was ok. He said the fire was about 1/2 mile from his home. This AM on the news it said the fire blew up due to winds, so now I am stressed to the max. Last year he had some benign tumors removed from his stomach and went back in to have it fixed up again this week. He told me Saturday that they said the tumors are back and now are malignant and inoperable. I just cant really stand the pain. I am in shock and walk around like a zombie. I dont know what the future holds and am very scared.

Sometimes with the crap with work, the diet and now my brother, it is hard to hold on.

Alex is going to be a new daddy

Geez Alex didnt waste much time. I dont think I even had the new cockatiels for a month yet.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers day

I wish Heaven had a phone so I could hear your voice again. I thought of you today, but that's nothing new. I thought about you yesterday, and the day before that too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. All I have are memories and a picture in a frame. Your memory is a keepsake, from which I'll never part. God has you in his arms, I have you in my heart.

I know I printed this once for my Mom, but it also applies to my dad. The greatest man that ever lived. I love you dad.

I dont think I ever mentioned this. But when my dad died, he came to say good bye. I was sitting at my computer, (planned to go visit my dad later that afternoon). My daughters dog was sitting near me at the computer. I heard someone walking up my walk way, (my front door was open). I yelled to my son, who is at the door. Mira(my daughters dog) all of a sudden her hair stood up on her back and she was looking down the hallway near the front door and she crouched a bit and started barking. I went to the front door to see who was there. I asked my son who was at the door. He said no one. I looked at him and said, I heard footsteps. So I went outside looked around and no one was there. I was really astonished. I would have sworn some one came. I went to the computer and laughed to my son, we need to contact Ghost Hunters, I think Mira is a ghost chaser. I just sort of laughed it off. But, it bothered me. Later on, my daughter came home and I retold the story to her. She laughed at her dog.

Later that day, maybe 2 hours later, I called my dad to see if he needed me to stop off at the store for him before I came over. No one answered the phone.  My dad was hard of hearing, so I called again in a couple of minutes and let it ring forever. He didnt use an answering machine. I told my daughter, my dad isnt answering the phone. She and I both looked at each other and immediately panicked. We drove over (he lives(d) about 5-10 minutes away). The entire time driving there, I was calling. Trying not to allow the panic to engulf me. We drove up to his house, he lives(d) on a hill. As soon we got out of the car, I could hear the TV, he listened to it loud. So, I get out and Ash starts to run to the house, and I said, Ash, the TV is on so everything is ok, dont scare him running in. So we, both walk in and find him in his recliner, and he was gone. I called 911, the paramedics came and said there was nothing they could do, in fact he passed away about a couple of hours ago. Between sobs, Ash and I looked at each other and instantly knew it was him.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday and it should be restful

Well, graduation was a success. My boy was too sick to go to Disneyland. But, one of my goals is to go to Disneyland when I lose 100 lbs. Hopefully (fingers crossed) in October this year.  My boy will now be able to rest and hopefully get well soon. Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate the friendships here.

I have been faithfully doing my fitness pal daily calories and exercise form. It looks really good and it keeps me on track. I have the day off today and I was going to walk the lake again, but the cable company is coming today since we are not getting the HD and HBO channels. I think they will need to replace the box. Soooo, if the night cools off nicely, I am there. If not, I will go in the AM. Hopefully both days I will go. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend. God Bless.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thank you everyone

My dear friends in the blogging world, I want to thank you for your kind words and especially for your prayers. Personal life is still a mess, so is work. I took my son to the MD and he has bilateral ear infections, sinusitis and bronchitis and fever. They put him on a strong antibiotic and 800mg Ibuprofen and some type of cough gel tablets.  He said he didn't want to go to Disneyland since he did not want to be stuck up there (its almost 2 hrs away) and be sick.
But graduation is tomorrow and maybe after a couple of days on this new medicine he will start to feel better. (A little prayer being sent).

Good news, but somehow right now it just doesnt feel as good as it should.... But at weigh in I did lose 4 lbs, even at 4pm. Nice.....

Last night was strange, I was in bed and exhausted mentally and physically and I had this feeling come over me that everything will be ok. Maybe not right now, but soon.  (I am very spiritual, so I know where that came from). Thank you God!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Short post

Things aren't going well right now. Personal stuff, diet seems to be going well. My boy is sick again and this week is Grad week. I am depressed because this is what young people work so hard for and should be enjoying. I am taking him to MD again this afternoon.

Things at work also sucks right now.  Sorry to be such a bummer. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be a bit more fun to read. Take care

** Little prayer from those who do, would certainly be appreciated** God Bless

Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday and its grad week

Well, I have to tell ya I am still so jazzed about my 6 mile walk. Ya, ok I was a bit sore Sunday, especially that one heel of mine. But, it gets to feel better once I start walking it out. Yesterday was so warm and lovely, I laid out by the pool for a bit. Water still a bit too cool for me, I'm a wuss, I need it near 90. Yep, I'm a prima donna.. Still using my Fitness Pal. It is the best thing I have found. It has everything type and brand name food, fluids in it.  I was watching the Hungry Gal show this weekend and she was showing the low cal way to make burgers. So, I decided to try them. I went and bought fat free cheese, tomatoes, boneless, skinless chicken breast and cut them length wise in half and I bought those thin orowheat and the thin bagel buns. 100 calories per sandwich, I "George Foremaned" the chicken breast (all of them) and make a sandwich out of one of them. It was so good. I took the rest ,and  will bring a chicken sandwich for lunches versus a lean cuisine.  I was so proud of them and yummmmmmmmy good. I needed a change, I am tired of pre-packaged meals, even if they are low Cal. I brought a large pitcher of Iced Tea to work today and is really good.  I plan on walking today for my 50 min 2+ mile walk. My scale does show a 4lb loss, but of course, it is tomorrow at 4:00pm that I will weigh at the clinic. Hopefully it will show the loss at that time of day. It will be a short work week for me, I am taking Thursday and Friday off for my baby's High School Grad. Poor baby he is still sick, sounded really bad this AM. Grad night is at Disneyland and I told him if he is still sick, he doesn't have to go, and don't worry about the money I spent. We can donate the ticket to another student who couldn't afford it. He always worries about how much money I spend on him.(Except at the casino hmmmm). What a sweetie. God I love my kids!

For my STS update:
I met my goal for work outs X
I met my goal for fluids X
I (with my best friend the My Fitness Pal) now am meeting my goal of 1200-1300 calories X
I lost 4 lbs as of today- But I will see what tomorrow states X

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hip hip hooray

I went to the lake this morning, by myself and walked 6 miles...OMG, I still cant even believe it myself. I brought a water bottle with me and used that as a weight and did arm lifts the bulk of the walk. I am sure I looked like a dork. This lake is a popular place to walk. There were a lot of people, walking, running, biking. It was a cool AM and it felt great. It is going to get warm so I had to get there early. It did take me 2 hours but that was ok, I never stopped and listened to my IPOD. I almost said walkman, lol. Aging myself again.  I put my Ipod, in my sports bra on one side, my cell phone in my sports bra on the other side. Them big ole sports bras do come in handy. I laughed at my daughter who would text me, and of course when that happens my cell phone vibrates...wahoooo. I told her thanks for all the text it made my walk more enjoyable. hehe.

Friday, June 10, 2011

New plan

I have been reading a lot of STS blogs and noticed that several are using the My FitnessPal. So, I went over there and have been planning my menu's which will print my calories. No more guessing. I love this website.
I now print each day my menu and keep it. So when I go to my RD and report my week, I have it printed. Awesome, but it does show how fast calories add up. OMG.... crazy fast. I have been keeping mine at or around 1200 if possible. With this software there is no guessing. I write down what I am going to do for the day and stick with it.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Can I hear an" Amen" for fluids!

The increase in fluids is working. Yippee. I should have known by now, that since I have increased the exercising, fluids also needed to be increased. Doh!
I little ditty from my dietitian. She is crazy.

Food Record Advice
If you bite it, write it.
If you snack it, track it.
If you drink it, ink it.
If you nibble it, scribble it.
If you steal it, reveal it.
If you sneak it, leak it.
If you hog it, log it.
If you grab it, blab it.
If you ingest it…well, you guessed it….

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Post 200- Wow. Ok it is war now!

Last night at my weigh in at 4:00pm it said 244lb. I am so not going to let this biotch of a scale beat me down.  I think I am not drinking enough.  This weekend was prom so nice and exhausting for me the worrisome mom. Went to my daughters (hi ash)while I waited for my son on Saturday. I was hungry, she said let's go get something to eat. I said, I don't eat fast food. :(.  I come home later, husband had gone out and got fast food for his dinner. He said I got you a chicken burrito. Per him he thought that would be the lowest in calorie.  But, I said I dont eat fast food....... I made my own meal. So I thought I was doing well.
But noooooooooo. So I need to kick it up a notch on my fluids. I think my calories are doing well. I mean, its one thing not to lose, but to gain is another... I am frustrated and mad as heck!

So this week, I am going to make sure I start tracking my fluids better.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I must be doing something wrong.

My scale shows a 3lb gain today.... I have my new class tonight and I am going to show my counselor my weekly stats. Calories and fluid intake exercise and  things like that. It could also be water weight. I have been drinking a lot. Especially Iced Tea (No calories) when I get home.

This might be to much information I the only one who when sleeping has dreams that I have to tinkle and I keep looking for a bathroom and every time I find one (in my dreams) there is some one there and so in my dream I cant go.... then I wake up and really have to tinkle..I know I am soooo weird.  I know, why am I not dreaming about some yummy hunk instead...What a waste of a dream right?

Well, I did work out at home and at lunch also walked for 50 minutes. The walking has been helping my mind. I need to get in a better frame of mind and get over my blues. I have next week before my boy graduates and I think after that I will be better. It sucks getting old let me tell ya.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Swimming pool

This is what I have for the Slimmer this Summer. I want to use it more.
Just a thought.

Slimmer this Summer here we come!

Wow what a way to start off a challenge. Thank you JadeAngel -for the award. Your kind words meant so much to me...

10 Things About Me 

1) I love my kids.
2) I love God.
3) I am happy that I have met on line, a wonderful group of bloggers, more so now thanks to Debbie and Mir for this challenge.
4) One blogger especially has been such an inspiration and I feel bad that I have never even mentioned it to her. Margene
5) I feel smaller, my pants size has dropped from a 24 to a 16, yet when I look at a picture of myself and I still see the size 24 gal. Sad, I know.
6) I am very very spiritual.
7) I believe in Karma
8) I miss my parents every day.
9)I am truly excited about being in this Slimmer by Summer challenge. I really believe this is what we all need. Positive reinforcement and knowledge that we are not alone in this weight loss journey.
10) I try every day to be a better mom and person. Both are a struggle.
I am forwarding this award to:
1) Margene-
2)Mir - still love my red shoes I copied from Mir)
3)Debbie- Debbie is always a positive motivator. Thank you

Here is my starting weight:

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I am so excited...

Weight Loss Summer Challenge

Weight loss goal:
 15 lbs-in 12 weeks
Keep Calories between 1200-1300 every day
Drink 64+ oz of non caloric fluids every day.

Exercise goals:
Walk 2 miles 5 days a week.
Work out with weights 4 days a week

Personal goals:
Get a pedicure
Be a more positive person
Encourage other Slimmer Summer challengers .

My primary goal is to have lost 100 lbs in a year. Which would be by 10-13-2011.
***I didnt notice before that I put 1200-1500, I meant 1300 max goal.***

Prom was long and I ended up picking him up at 5:15 am. Of course, we texted all night. I am tired.
But its over, and hopefully a good memory for him. Minus the rented tie :(..... Next is graduation and
an all nighter at Disneyland.

I want to than one of my homies Jade Angel for the wonderful award. I really appreciate. Tomorrow I will pass it forward. XXOO

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I am so excited and nervous about my sons prom tonight. Nervous, well I suffer from anxiety and I get nervous about a lot of things that most people don't. I have lived with this my entire life. But, I am not going to let it ruin his big night. I am excited also for him. When I was in high school, way back when..... I graduated early, I had to work. My parents didn't make that much money. So I never went to prom nor did I walk down on graduation. Until my kids started going through this I didn't even think I had missed it. But, now I do have regrets. But, I don't think I would have or really could have changed things that I did if given a second chance. So, I am living the excitement through them.

I am so excited about Monday and starting the challenge. It has come at a perfect time for me. I started a new phase in the diet I am on and they are adding new food. I am kinda of nervous(duh!) about it. I felt safe in my little diet world. I knew what I could eat and what I couldn't. Here they will be teaching me moderation and options. So support is going to be very important to me.  If anyone needs help I will be there for them too. These Slimmer this Summer bloggers are going to be my homies. LOL.. ya I said it.(I'm a dork)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

No change

Well, I stayed the same :(  

Was hoping for at least a pound. But, as usually this AM my scale shows a loss. So I cant worry what a 5pm scale says. It was warm, so ya I drank a lot.

I am on the HMR diet, which is protein shakes and meal replacements (similar to lean cuisine) and veggies. As of today they added fruit and some protein is allowed. I may add the fruit to my shakes, they are good to begin with and adding fruit they will taste like smoothies. Yum, perfect for summer. Also, this is the time of year where some yummy salads taste good. They always (to me) taste better on warm days.

My son's prom is this weekend. Big weekend. Then in a couple of weeks my baby boy graduates. I cant fathom how fast time passes. This could be why I am in a funk with the blues......

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A new day and its a warmish one

Warmish? Is that a word? I don't know but it fits just fine. Tonight at my weight loss clinic I am switching to a new program. (Thank you God, it will be a lot less money). They will be adding fruit. Yippeee, I will be able to have better smoothies. Yum. But besides that, I don't usually eat much fruit. I'm a veggie kind of gal. This will be a huge money saving plan. Since I have lost a lot of weight I was able to switch over. I will still be on the basic diet but I will get to buy as much as I need versus the required amount which is always more that I use up. So I should be able to go 2-3 weeks without having to buy any more shakes. Also, I am eating oatmeal for breakfast and I have a bunch of that. It is actually really yummy(well it is ok and it keeps me full). I am trying to limit my lean cuisines as they really have more carbs and sodium than I need.(Now I am not an expert, this is just my opinion). So, I am eating more salads and roasted veggies. I am hoping for a loss in weight. Fingers crossed.