Saturday, October 8, 2011


This is Torani's. It is sugar free syrup that I add to my Iced Tea. I usually use Mango and Peach. Makes my Iced tea amazing. Some flavor such as chocolate and Irish cram is added to coffee's. It has been a diet saver for me. I also add it to my HMR shakes. Yum!!!!
Torani Sugar-Free Chocolate Macadamia Nut Flavoring - 750ml


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I use sugar free syrups too! I put them in my knox blox jello squares for a huge variety of flavors like: strawberry/banana/coconut or Peach/Mango/Pineapple. I love using them! I also use the DaVinci brand as well. :)

I was looking at your shopping list on a previous post and it's funny to see how similar it is to mine! Yay, we're being more healthy in our shopping. :)

Take care!

Bluezy said...

I can't wait until I move to Vegas where there are all the stores! I can't find these here in Idaho Falls! Oh and I discovered just now the sugarfree jello thing. Even if I eat a bowl of that at night on a ain't a diet sin!

The Evolution of C. said...

I use these in all kinds of things! I love Raspeberry, caramel, hazelnut, peach, vanilla...ALL OF THEM!

That corgi :) said...

Thanks for telling me what it was! Funny too when we were grocery shopping I saw some for sale! I'll have to try some, some time!!!

on to a new week; hope it is a good one for you!