Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fun stuff for once.

Well, when I was out on medical leave after having the tumor removed. I was walking a lot out side, well usually about 5 min at a time. Having surgery on your belly hurts like hell. Well, all of sudden this stray cat started hanging around. I would walk then sit outside in the sun resting. I would watch this cat, a small young cat. Very skittish. But as time when on, I thought it would be nice to have a cat around since we have mice and rats in my area. Its very countrified were I live and the rats hang around for our fruit trees. Heck we also have coyotes, raccoons and opossums. Well, I started to feed the kitty. I couldn't tell if it was male or female, but I called her Miss Kitty. She began to warm up to me. It was apparent she wasn't feral. Someone must have dumped her off. Not sure if I mentioned that I have a wacka doodle that lives across the street. She is a cat hoarder. She must have close to 50  cats. They are never allowed outside and she does take exceptional care of them and spayed and neuters them. But, it seems this kitty wanted nothing to do with her.  One day, as I was sitting in the sun, with my legs stretched out, this kitty actually jumped on my lap and took a nap. She had me!

So, of course its been nearly 6 months and she knows she is home. I took her to get fixed, she is a girl and guess what she was already spayed. 

I have always been a dog person, I mean I have my 3 Labradors, and I used to have my two cockers spaniels (Gosh I still miss my little Brandy, she had my heart). So that was 5 dogs for years. Let me just say this, that is way too many. Three is just fine. But, this kitty I just adore. She helped me in my recovery since I was always walking with her and mentally also.  I bought her a new bed. The cammo bed was an inside joke since the guys in the family are hunters.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Where to begin

Well I received a call last night from one of my other brothers, I'll call him T. He said Pat and family stopped by since T's daughter is leaving for a vacation to Belize and wanted to see Pat. T said that Pat is still himself, still non stop talking. LOL, My Pat does love to talk and he talks fast and about anything. When he calls you, it takes about 5 minutes before you can even get one word in. I am seriously not joking. Its hilarious. T said that Pat actually has weeks, not months like we thought. It may even be shorter. He said Pat plans to stop by with the rest of the family also. His daughters flew into town and are going to be with him. He did say that Pat is only on liquids and that is being fed thru a IV. Pat told him he also wants to put his feet into the ocean one more time. T told me that Pat also told him, when the pain gets to much, he is going to stop the IV feedings and go on his own time. T told me that Pat doesnt want people(me) to get emotional, just visit with him. I am going to do this for him.But, the moment he leaves I will break down, that is how I am. I asked God this morning to give me the strength to be strong, and the words to say to help him. I wanted to ask him to help me thru the pain, but that seemed rather selfish, so I didnt. I guess I will need my blog friends for that.

I have to say that is really hard to come to work and act like my life isnt in shambles. But I do.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sometimes I just dont understand

I wanted to post about me getting a new car, which I did Saturday.

The AAN(Academy of American Neurology) conference is held this year at San Diego, so I had to attend on Sunday. But, I was going to make it a great day. I actually took the trolley into downtown. I got off at Old Town to meet a friend who was also attending the conference. We had a wonderful lunch. Then we hopped back on the trolley and head downtown to the Gaslamp district and the convention center.  Great time.

Well it was St Patrick's day, which ironically it is my brother Pats bday. So during a break I called to wish him a happy birthday. I thought he was back home in Ohio, so I didnt want to call late.  When, I explained I wanted to call early because of the time difference, he explained that he was just discharged from the hospital here and will not see Ohio again. (He is getting his oncology care here). Apparently we are at the end. I knew it was terminal, I did. But he is such a gregarious person, so strong, so positive,  when he said he was going to fight this cancer, I believed him and thought he was going to get extra years. I am not a fool, and perhaps it was just wishful thinking, but I did think he would be victorious. But it was apparently the fight is over. I just wasnt expecting this and started sobbing on the phone, my heart was just breaking into so many pieces. He said he was going to stop by his work last night about 9pm, he works a Radys Children's hospital for the last 35 years the 7pm to 7 am shift and they all wanted to see him.
He said he is going to stop by and visit me and our other brothers to say our final good byes.

I do not know how the hell I was able to finish the conference. I know I looked a wreck. I started out the day looking nice and polished, then come back from break looking like hell.

You know, April 4, was going to be the 1 yr of the fatal crash and I was praying that after that the painful memories would start to ease and this year would be better. But, no its not.

You all know I am a woman of God and very spiritual. But, my faith is being tested. I know he exist and I know that the spirits exist, since I have a blessed gift that allows me to see them and communicate. ( I dont talk about it because it is a God given gift to me). Those no-believers, hey I would be too, trust me. But, I am certainly struggling to understand the pain that has been put on my shoulders and truthfully, I am angry. I pray every night and ask him why must I carry this pain.Why does it have to be so hard.  It is becoming at time unbearable and I not sure I can carry it anymore.

Sorry for my post, after such a long delay, had to be this. I really really wanted it to be a fun one. I will tell you all another time about my new stray cat that I am keeping, my new car and other things. Until then, please send prayers they are certainly needed. Gracie