Monday, November 28, 2011

I made it thru...

Another Charger loss. Oh bummer boys, what happened?  Oh well. Saturday and Sunday I went to the gym and worked my bum off. Of course I did use the Hydromassage afterwards. I realized that the massage is calling my name over and over again. So, I made a deal that I had to work out for at least one hour then on to the massage. Sunday, I did one hour on the treadmill then did the equipment. Then momma went to her massage. Oh ya.  Saturday I signed my daughter up for a year since she too loves the massage. What can I say, like momma like daughter. hehe.  But, it is part of her Christmas gift and she was very happy. Lov ya kid!

This week I am going to walk at lunch and then go to gym on the way home from work. I will see how this ole body will handle that. The weather has been wonderful and cool at night too. Just wonderful!


Bluezy said...

The massage gift to the daughter is the greatest!

Happy holidays!

That corgi :) said...

Overtime. And they lose. Again. Geesh. What can I say? except that "maybe next year".

Good for you for getting to the gym; I like your deal to work out for an hour to get the massage! I'm sure you will see a difference in your weight with a schedule like that!

Cool too that you signed up your daughter too!!

Yep, enjoy the weather while we can; I hear cooler days towards the weekend!