Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rain rain rain.....

I know most people dont think much about rain, but here , it is so rare that it becomes a big deal. I love it and now my office has a window and a view so I get to see the rain. It is brilliant. In the past, I would be at work all day and have no clue what the weather was like until I went for walks. It is so nice to see it rain. I think today is the last day so I am enjoying it. I have really been drinking the water.

Today at work was our "pancake breakfast". It is what the hospital gives us as a Christmas treat. We also got a flashlight. I know, weird right? A flashlight, of course it has the hospital name on it. But really, nothing says Christmas like a flashlight.

I didnt have any pancakes, I brought my own egg white veggie scramble. But I did help myself to some coffee and the flashlight.  ha ha

I hope everyone is having a very blessed day. Be safe!

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That corgi :) said...

LOL about the flashlight! Hubby used to work in hospitals, he would get the travel mug or the mug holder with hospital names, etc. Pancakes sound good; you did great to resist them and bring your own food!

I like the rain, not just the cold weather that comes with it (go figure, I lived in Montana for eight years, but there I was cold from October through May LOL :)

you be safe too!