Monday, August 29, 2011

Busy weekend, but fun

Friday, left work early, went to the movies with my darling son. We saw Rise of the planet of the apes and Cowboys and Aliens. Ok, does it make me weird that I actually loved both...Oh well. It was so hot Friday it was nice to spend the evening in the AC theaters. 

Saturday, another blistering day, triple digits again. Spent some time in the pool, then went to Seaworld with my darling daughter. It was warm, but much cooler than at home. It is of course right on the bay. It was nice stayed til the fireworks. Got home about 11:00pm.

Sunday, did a bit of shopping before the heat set in. Then laundry and some swimming again. By 6pm, I was out like a light.... Nice.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hot muther........

Well today it will be triple digits. Perhaps when I get home, I will go swimming. This seems like it has been such a long week. Yesterday I had to work at the other Hospital, which is not coastal. Therefore, hotter than heck. They have a different walking path, it is thru neighborhoods and such. I did it, a couple of times yesterday and man was I sweating. Ugh.. I am so glad to be back to my homebase. It will be much cooler, it will be in the 80's.

 Next weekend is a holiday. Yes!!!!!  I have tickets for me and the kids to go on a ghost tour in "Old Town" at 9:30 Friday night. It will be so much fun. We will be passing by the Whaley house, which we have been to several times.  Never saw a damn ghost there tho??? hmmmmm.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whats next????????

Its been so warm, and today will be darn right hot. Triple digits. Yesterday, I get home from work and I am so warm, I am looking at the pool and I hear it calling me in.... So, first I want to make a pitcher of Iced Tea and I get that going. Then I realize I should get a load of laundry going..then I'm gonna go swimming. Right!?! Wrong,  I am walking back into the house when I noticed a Firetruck in front. I told my son, who went to look and said there is also an ambulance. Oh, no..... I go out and they are at my neighbors across the street. (Next to the cat lady's house). I have lived in this neighborhood for 25 years, with the same neighbors the entire time. So I run over and I am standing there with two other neighbors just waiting to see what happened. I know the husband is retired, and the wife just came home from work, like I did.

The wait was awful, finally they bring him out on a stretcher. We walk over to the wife who had just come outside. She stated that when she came home, she found him down with altered mental status. Apparently he had a stroke. I have to assume it was hours ago, since she said he was still in his PJ's. NOT a good sign. As most people know, stroke patients have the golden hour rule. This was hours past that. She was in shock, I couldn't let her drive to the hospital, so I took her. I waited with her until her daughter showed up.  She kept saying that I didn't have to wait with her. I said yes I do, I am not going to  leave you alone.  Her daughter came at the exact moment they called her back.  So I went home.

Later that night, maybe an hour later.. She called my neighbor next door, and he came over and told me that they didn't expect him to make it thru the night. He had a bleed, which they couldn't stop. I feel so bad, they are the most loving couple around. They travel a lot together and do gardening together. Just the sweetest. I feel so bad for the family.

****Update, Jerry did pass away last night at 11:00). please send a little prayer for his family as I know they are in pain.**************

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New attitude-somewhat....

Well, I feel inspired to kick some weight loss bootie. With the Estate sale, and such over, I do feel like some of the weight of the world is off of my shoulders. I still have so many things going, ie, my brother and his cancer, the sale of my birth home and my brother and sister in law moving out of state. And I have this deep  fear that when that happens, I will never see them or my nieces and grandnieces again.

And even with that, I now am feeling like I can finish what I started. I will finish this weight loss journey and get to my goal. When I saw that I could add an extra lap to my lunch walk, where I never ever believed I could.  I know now that I can do it. I know it sounds so cliche but I truly believe that Through him all things are possible.

I know some may balk at that, but it works for me. :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Forgot to mention****

I know I have been a "Debbie Downer" lately. But there is some good things that have happened. As some of you might remember, I walk at lunch (60min). I walk to this area to do laps(per se), it is about 1/4-1/2 mile to get there(each way) and the laps about 3/4 miles each one. I initially started off doing one lap, then increasing it to 2 laps, then 3 laps and have been doing 3 laps about 3 months now. One day last week, I noticed I was finishing my 3rd lap in record time, heck I was even jogging a bit. Well Tuesday, I did 4 frickin laps. Crazy, I couldn't believe this and remember this is all within my 1 hr lunch. Well, dog gone it, I did 4 laps again today.  Seriously I cant believe it. Remember I started this diet at over 300lbs.... I could'nt even walk to my dang car without being exhausted.  Well, let me say this, I do bring a change of clothes, and then wash off before I put my work clothes back on...So, I am not a stinky poo for the rest of the day. I work at a hospital, so this is easy to wash up after....but, back to the exciting news... I still CANNOT BELIEVE IT... This is my NSV.

What a week

Had to spend much of the week moving boxes and furniture from my parents house to my daughters house for the Estates sale. I had to use my sons F150 truck. With that truck, my son and I made 7 trips. My brother made two trips, and my other brother made two trips and my daughter in her truck made another trip. Ugh,

So Saturday, we all get to my daughters house at 5:30 to set up, the sale started at 7:00. By 6:30 we had several people already there. The were times that we must have had 20-30 people shopping. It was crazy for hours and hours.  I hated nearly every minute of it. 

Got home about 1:30, made a pitcher of Iced Tea, laid down(passed out) and was out for hours. Woke up in a daze and with so many aches and pains from moving furniture and boxes. Also helping people box up their purchases. Glad its over, but I couldnt sleep the night before and the night after.

So many of the people were nice, but there were some that were so effing rude. Why do people have to be such jerks.

I have some items left. Not sure if I will do a yard sell again tho..... might just keep some and donate the rest.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Ok, so even though I keep working out daily for 60 min+, watch and record everything I eat and drink. Nuthing is moving...

But I do have a NSV(non scale victory). I walk everyday at lunch its about 2.5-3 miles. The last two days, I even started jogging. OMG, me never. But yes my friends I did. I  have been thinking about it for a while, but scared because I have really bad knees. So, what got into me, I dont know. But, I start jogging. I would start at one light post and jog to the next, when I stopped I was like, OMG I did it, I hope no one is looking. Because I knew I looked like a big ole klutz. But, there was no one around, so I did it again. Each day I jogged about 5 time eachs to different light poles. I know its crazy.. but it jazzed me up. I didnt tell anyone but you.

I have slowed down on crystal light and drinking straight water hoping that would move the weight. I really dont know what I am doing wrong, but I will keep going, nothing is going to stop me from losing more weight.  Hey, I kinda want to get that tattoo....(Yes, midlife crisis here).

***One thing that happened last night, I was real tired, and have been lately. I went to bed early and around 10:30 I got a text message from someone, we wont say who,since she reads this.....but when I woke up, of course I went potty. But I realized that I was frickin hot. Real hot..which was weird as it was actually a cool night and I had the fan on me. So I turned the fan on high and fell back to sleep. I hope hot flashes arent in my immediate future. :(

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Still struggling

Well, I am still around. Still struggling to lose weight. Nothing is moving.. I mean nothing. Still the same weight, still working my ass off in my walks. Still drinking all my fluids, still not eating out. Still counting calories. Still, still, still, still, stillllllllllllll at the same weight. Ugh! I almost hate to blog, it is embarrassing. I was soo kicking butt on the weight loss. Now nothing......

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday and what will I do?

Sorry, I havent posted in a while. My weight has stalled.  I am walking everyday for an hour. Watching my calories on MFP. Things stalled soon after surgery. I have to wonder if it is related. I am very discouraged. But, I will continue. I have been trying new things such as skinny cow items(I will not buy anymore) they are really good but.... I dont need them. I have been using bagel thins and they are great. I have used turkey bacon (35 cal a slice). Yum, but I dont have them often. Costco egg white.. (Big hit). I tried laughing cow, love them.(35 cal a slice). Why is there so many diet stuff with cow in the name????? hmmmm . Big hit has been Morning Star veggie burgers. Love them all.

I found this dehydrated Granny smith apple chips at Costco also, 58 cals (for a lot, cant remember exactly). They were an acquired taste. But now I like them. They crunch just like a chip, its crazy but tart like a Granny Smith.  I found Baked Kettle chips(BBQ) awesome. Love POP chips I am snaking on popcorn (fat free of course). Something different than my usual carrot sticks.  My weight might be in shock with all these new things.LOL, I havent gain at all, but its not dropping.

One thing I am wondering(not sure if I want to know) but, I usually dont drink just plain water. I will use those crystal light flavorings, usually Wal Mart brand. Also, I drink a ton of Iced Tea(homemade) reg/def tea bags. I hope this isnt the reason my weight isnt dropping. But, it isnt something I just started to do. I have always done this and lost nearly 70lbs.  I still have to wonder about that dang Gall Bladder surgery....



Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Yikes the weather is hot.  Sounds silly, but after work it was to hot to even go swimming. I am drinking and drinking and drinking and peeing and oh you get the idea.  TOM is here also. He is such a punk!. 

I just tried laughing cow cheese. Everyone talks about it. Sooooo, I toasted up a bagel thin, spread on the laughing cow and added a slice of turkey bacon.  OMgosh it was yummmmmy. I ate two, lol but they equaled 170 calories each.

TOM has raised my weight about 1-2 lbs, but I'm not worried.

I was thinking, now dont hold me too this. But, I was thinking of asking my daughter, if she and I lose 30 lbs each, we should celebrate. I would have lost 100 lbs and she would have lost all she needed, that we should get a tattoo. I know crazy right. But, it just came to me. She has drafted this beautiful cross, that has my mom and my dads name on it.  I thought we could get matching ones. I havent even mentioned this too her. She might think her mom now has gone over the edge. LOL