Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh the pain of it all

LOL just kidding, but I am sore. Wow I think I might be a bit too old to do double duty work out. But, I am going to keep at it. I just want to see what happens. I am hoping for a weight loss and inches gone. One thing that bothers me is that I get home really late now because of the gym. Then cooking dinner and cleaning up, I am ready for bed by 7:00. I kid you not! But I stay up til 8:00. Yes, its true, I am a wild woman. :)

At work, I listen to Pandora radio. I have it now on Christmas songs. Boy does that make you melancholy.
O' holy night and What Child is this and Mary did you know and so much more.. I love those songs, but it sure makes me miss my childhood. My mom always did the holidays up with decorations. She usually had 2-3 trees up also. I tried to form some set of traditions for my house and my kids, but I think I failed. I dont know if they will alway remember the holidays with warm and fuzzy memories and that breaks my heart.

Monday, November 28, 2011

I made it thru...

Another Charger loss. Oh bummer boys, what happened?  Oh well. Saturday and Sunday I went to the gym and worked my bum off. Of course I did use the Hydromassage afterwards. I realized that the massage is calling my name over and over again. So, I made a deal that I had to work out for at least one hour then on to the massage. Sunday, I did one hour on the treadmill then did the equipment. Then momma went to her massage. Oh ya.  Saturday I signed my daughter up for a year since she too loves the massage. What can I say, like momma like daughter. hehe.  But, it is part of her Christmas gift and she was very happy. Lov ya kid!

This week I am going to walk at lunch and then go to gym on the way home from work. I will see how this ole body will handle that. The weather has been wonderful and cool at night too. Just wonderful!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Well tomorrow is the big day. It should be nice, we are smoking the turkey and I will cook all the side dishes. I love the smell of the house on Thanksgiving.  I ordered some pies from Marie Callendars. I will pick them up today after work. Going to go to the gym tonight with darling daughter. My son works tonight til midnight or later. Yikes.  But is off tomorrow. I warned him Friday will be crazy where he works. So just stay calm and enjoy it.  I am NOT going shopping this weekend. No way, No how.....Yes, I did say that last year and darn it all, my son made me go with him to Kohls at 3am.... Not this year baby. There is nothing I want to get that will drag me out. I hate, hate, hate crowds. I get anxiety attacks having to deal with crowds, parking and rude people.  I just want to sit on my bum Friday and that is all. Ok, maybe I will go to the gym but that is it.

Please let this be true!

Monday, November 21, 2011

No way!

No way can this be Thanksgiving week. Yikes !!!! I went to Wal-Mart and Costco this weekend and it was packed. I do the bulk of my shopping on line. It makes my life so much easier. My kids are older so it is much easier to buy for them as they pretty much just tell me what they want. They are not shy.

Sunday I signed up for the new gym. It seems like it will work just fine for me. I did an hour on the treadmill then did a "Hydromassage". It  is like laying on a waterbed except the water is just down the middle. It hits you right down the spine. Then it is a hot water rolling thingy that rolls up and down your body. But it is really hard so it is almost like a deep tissue massage except with out the pain. Wow, it was nice. I think I could get hooked to this. It comes with the membership. I did it for 10 minutes. But you can go for 20 minutes. It is in a little room with light dimmed and really pretty.

I am hoping that I can walk for an hour at lunch (3 miles) then do the treadmill for 1 hour (3 miles) and maybe that will boost my diet into action. (fingers crossed). Or it will kill me!?! joking.

Friday, November 18, 2011

New office

Yesterday was the big move.  And yesterday was crazy and stressful. But today is calmer did some unpacking and settled in. Things are still a bit chaotic but with time it will be fine. I like the quietness in the new office. I love having this big office with a view. Yippeee. Walking is going good and so is the diet. This weekend I will keep everything under control. No craziness on my part. My son starts his first job tonight, one of the big department stores at the mall. It is seasonal, but it is a good start for him and they will work around his college schedule. Plus its close to home. I am really happy for him.  I cant believe next weekend is Thanksgiving. WOW time sure flies. Everyone have a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What a fat filled weekend.

I am usually very good on weekends, but not this weekend. Excuse=TOM, maybe or maybe just laziness. Friday night, pizza. Saturday night I made chicken chili but had a quesadilla with it. Sunday a carne asada BBQ. So, come Monday I gained about 5 lbs. UGH.  So back to drinking water, my shakes and exercising every day. Last week with a staff member gone, I didnt get my walking in due to HR issues. So as of today, I have lost about 3.5 lbs of that. But, what was I thinking. I am going to join a gym next week, after payday. So I can walk at lunch and then go to gym with my daughter. Double time baby.... I think I am also very frustrated with the plateau I am on. So, with the holidays coming I need to kick it up a notch. I really want to get to the 100lb mark.  The good thing is that the weekdays are perfect in weather, weekends we get rain.


Sunday, November 13, 2011


Yesterday was a great day. It rained all day long. Love it. Nice fire going, spooky shows. Heaven!
Today, just brilliant really.

God gave us this truly amazing Sunday to enjoy!

Friday, November 11, 2011

God Bless our Armed Forces

My Mom and Dad both served in the armed forces.
Dad for the USA
Mom for the English.
So proud of them and love them both.
God Bless the USA and England

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Well today is my day off

Yet here I am at work. lol.  I have one employee out for unknown time. It makes me so mad, but what can I do. If it were legit, I would be ok about it. Oh well. Betty my dear one, I might need you some day. lol. I have one lady who transcribes all day versus sharing it with two. She is typing her little fingers away.

Tonight we are having some scary people coming to town. The Raiders and their fans...aaaaah!
Lets hope we win this one for gosh sakes!!!!  I hope to get off early as I work right near the stadium and use that freeway to go home. The game starts at 5pm. Yikes, So I hope between 12-2 to get off. Fingers crossed. Tomorrow is a holiday for us. I am going to  clean the darn house. My bathroom and dusting has really been left behind.  I want to also clean out my aviary. Those poor birdies.  But never fear, I will also relax.

It is suppose to rain on Saturday, yeah!!!!! It was suppose to come in tomorrow but now it's Saturday. Now most of you are wonder "so what its just rain". Well, we dont get much rain, so its like a celebration. Of course we dont know how to drive in the rain.lol. Ok, maybe I am just talking about me. (Yikes)

I deleted my last post, just cause I thought it was best. (Sorry)

But I am tickled with the result/answer. We are neighbors. sweet.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed weekend. Be safe.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wow, what a difference

a day makes. This weekend we had rain almost the entire time. (But, I love rain). But today is stunning. While doing my lunch walk and I was looking at the amazing wispy clouds surrounded but a peaceful blue sky, It just made me think God gave us such a perfect day that I needed to change my mindset and just smile at the beauty. So, I did.

Last night was my final night doing Reiki. They did a Reiki attunement on us and we were done.I am now qualified as a Reiki practitioner, Level I. (Ok, it really means nothing to anyone but me).
Just for today, do not anger
Do not worry and be filled with gratitude
Devote yourself to your work. Be kind to people.
Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer.

Well whether it works or not, you can't go wrong with their ideals and guidelines(above).
I will hear myself as I am walking saying "Just for today, do not anger" and "Be kind to people".

I guess most people strive  to be a better person and I know I do.

I want to thank everyone for such kind words about yesterday's post. I was struggling a bit with loss and loneliness. Your words meant the world to me. Thank you and welcome to my new follower. (I hope I dont bore you). :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Today is a hard day

11/7/2003 my mom passed away. It feels like yesterday. I wonder if you ever get over the loss of your mom or dad. I sure haven't. My daughter and I have this incredible connection. My mom and I really didn't. I loved her with all my heart and miss her. But my mom had her demons. It was alcohol. I cant remember a time when she didn't suffer from it. Ironically, I use to drink a lot when I was young, like 16-21. After that, I realized what was going on. I like the taste of wine and beer and margarita's and such. But, I just don't drink anymore. It doesn't sit well with me. I remember when my kids were little, I rarely drank in front of them and never ever to excess. Funny, neither of my kids drink either. I guess that was what I aimed for. But, really I just didn't want them to see me the way I saw my mom.  I remember times when she gave it up for a few months and those were some amazing times for me. It was great when she was sober and I  mean really great. But those times were few and far between. But, now it is only the good times I remember. I will always miss her and wonder what caused her pain and made her drink instead of being a mom to me. Now, dont get me wrong I know she loved me. She did, I know that. But her demons were too strong and I just wasn't enough to save her.

Now all that is over and I would do anything to tell her I love her and I hope she has found peace from what ever haunted her.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Well the move is off

I was suppose to move into my new office tomorrow. But that is on hold due to some IT issues. Oh brother. Still having staff issues. Its so frickin unbelievable really. These are women that I thought we were close. Boy was I ever wrong, I was just being used. Everyone is always out for themselves and screw the boss. Its ok that she (I)never misses work and has to do double work for their lazy ass not coming in. Well, I hope Karma hits them in the bootie big time. Cause it really does effect my health with the stress.

 I know I shouldn't take work personal, but I do.

Last night, I bought some ground turkey and made some awesome low cal chili. It was so yummy. Tonight, I think we will have roasted chicken with roasted Brussel sprouts, carrots, asparagus. Yum, its gonna be a feast. My walks are going great again. I actually am walking to workout yes, but really to ease my mind. I need to ask Santa for new walking shoes, mine are nearly worn out and now have a hole in the toe. Yep, they sure get used.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why do my Chargers suck??????

OMG, what a terrible game. What is wrong Phillip? Is it too many babies?  I had to go to bed at 9pm last night, my allergies are getting me down. My son comes in and said "mom you need to see this, we are running down the clock, then we will make a chip shot field goal." Sweet, I get up go into the front room, now our TV in the front room is like 5 ft tall and 5 feet wide, I kid you not. I walk in, (dragging) and my son looks at the TV and screams "Are you kidding me!!!!!" and I hear the TV guys scream "Are you kidding me" My son is screaming "how did they get the football back". I just looked at him, didn't say a word and went back to sleep. LOL.

Oh well, what can ya do?

Well we got about 10 kids last night. So I have candy left over. I will get rid of it. Either the husband will take it to work or I will. You be surprised how the residents and fellows love their free food. Of course, (to me) they about the same age of trick or treaters. (Just kidding).

I have not gone for my walk at lunch for a while due to all the work and moving issues. I sure feel it. I MUST get my but out today. The weather has been perfect for it.  It is funny how quick, the laziness kicks back in. Sheesh.