Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Still struggling

Well, I am still around. Still struggling to lose weight. Nothing is moving.. I mean nothing. Still the same weight, still working my ass off in my walks. Still drinking all my fluids, still not eating out. Still counting calories. Still, still, still, still, stillllllllllllll at the same weight. Ugh! I almost hate to blog, it is embarrassing. I was soo kicking butt on the weight loss. Now nothing......


Princess Dieter said...

Plateau. (Or sugical affect, maybe). But yeah. Keep telling yourself, "It will pass. I'll count the calories and keep doing my movement and it will pass".

You might try some of the stuff some trainers and folks do (whether it's scientific or not, can't say, but it's stuff they say to try)--like shake up calories, one low day, one higher day.Like change exercises. If you do X then go do Y or Z that's radically different. If you walk, then swim. If you do Yoga, then go lift weight. Stuff like that. And check the composition of the foods--can you have one no-starch day or fiddle with the macros?

Hope the stall breaks very, very soon.

MB said...

It's frustrating when we don't see the scale reward us when we're doing all the right things. Have faith that if you stick with the plan you will get results.

I agree with Princess Dieter that mixing things up may help get things moving again.

You shouldn't be embarrassed, we've all been there and know how hard it is.

Rock on!!