Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday and what will I do?

Sorry, I havent posted in a while. My weight has stalled.  I am walking everyday for an hour. Watching my calories on MFP. Things stalled soon after surgery. I have to wonder if it is related. I am very discouraged. But, I will continue. I have been trying new things such as skinny cow items(I will not buy anymore) they are really good but.... I dont need them. I have been using bagel thins and they are great. I have used turkey bacon (35 cal a slice). Yum, but I dont have them often. Costco egg white.. (Big hit). I tried laughing cow, love them.(35 cal a slice). Why is there so many diet stuff with cow in the name????? hmmmm . Big hit has been Morning Star veggie burgers. Love them all.

I found this dehydrated Granny smith apple chips at Costco also, 58 cals (for a lot, cant remember exactly). They were an acquired taste. But now I like them. They crunch just like a chip, its crazy but tart like a Granny Smith.  I found Baked Kettle chips(BBQ) awesome. Love POP chips I am snaking on popcorn (fat free of course). Something different than my usual carrot sticks.  My weight might be in shock with all these new things.LOL, I havent gain at all, but its not dropping.

One thing I am wondering(not sure if I want to know) but, I usually dont drink just plain water. I will use those crystal light flavorings, usually Wal Mart brand. Also, I drink a ton of Iced Tea(homemade) reg/def tea bags. I hope this isnt the reason my weight isnt dropping. But, it isnt something I just started to do. I have always done this and lost nearly 70lbs.  I still have to wonder about that dang Gall Bladder surgery....




Anonymous said...

I don't have advice because I am far from hitting a plateau, I'm still just beginning. I will send you best wishes and positive energy though. Are you noticing clothes being looser still, etc.? Maybe NSVs will keep you afloat until you start dropping pounds again. It will happen, because you are worth it!

Julie said...

Can I still this picture? I love it. It's so true and so right at times. I love it.
Keep it up Gracie, I know it'll get moving again, for some stupid reason all comes to a stop but they say it'll move again.
Take care. Blessings!!