Monday, October 10, 2011

Quiet weekend

TOM finally came on Friday. (What a jerk) This weekend was quiet. The weather was warm and the allergies are flaring. Did my shopping, got a great deal on my POPs and cauliflower. POP chips were BOGO (Sweet) and cauliflower heads were 88 cents each. Yippee, I bought 5. I will be eating cauliflower for a while. Yum. 

Tonight is my Reiki class again. Yippee. I can't wait. My one concern is the class is on Halloween. I will not get home til 8:30. In our area, trick N treaters usually stop by 8:00. So, my boy will have to stay home and give out treats. Or, I might not go to class. We will see what happens.


That corgi :) said...

Yum with the cauliflower!! Bad timing for TOM. This weather is great, unless allergies, sorry about that!

I do hope you enjoy your class, maybe they'll cancel it for Halloweenif there are a lot of people not planning to go??


Julie said...

I don't like cauliflower, broccoli is good though. My TOM just finished and I just wish it would go. I hate the pms more then the rest but it all could just go.
I think our gym isn't having any classes on Halloween. That way everyone is off the roads and home for the kiddos and treats.
Take care Gracie and have a blessed week.

Bluezy said...

My grand babies call it white broccoli. I love them little trees. Halloween is the best!