Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas baking

My son has been asking me to make fudge this year and I keep saying I will. But I havent got the courage up yet. I have this weakness for chocolate (Big time). Fudge will break me, yes indeed it will. So far all I have come up with is pumpkin spice muffins. You know the low cal ones you make with a box of spiced cake mix and a can of pumpkin. Thats it. The family does love them so that has been working so far.

But, I am off for 2 weeks this Christmas and maybe I will do it. My son will turn 19 on New Years day. OMG, he is my baby....What happened. How did time fly and I didnt notice?  Time is like that whisper you hear in your ear and you turn around and its gone.

Well this is the last weekend before Christmas. Yikes... I cant wait for Sunday, I really want to go to church. The church I go to is so beautiful. It really inspires me and I feel so energized when I leave, I feel that I can do anything.

Tonight my work is having a happy hour Christmas thingy. To be honest I really dont want to go. I dont drink for one thing and two, I really want to go home after work. Dont get me wrong, things at work are pretty good. I have a couple of employees that are flakes about attendance and just lazy. But, all-in-all the majority of them I like a lot. I dont like to drive at night and it might rain also.  My daughter has her Christmas party tonight and her employer has them stay the night in the lodge. She doesnt want her dogs home alone so I am picking them up after work to babysit. I will have 5 labs to take care of tonight. I hope her baby Decoy will stay out of the pool. He has a severe fondness for the Jacuzzi. And is also klutzy enough that he falls in a lot. Well, I will see what happens today.


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I have to keep chocolate out of my house or I often succumb! I love the pumpkin cookies, tho! They are so easy to make and lower calorie. This time of year is so hard with all the high calories goodies being made and flaunted around. Be strong Gracie!! :)

Congrats on your oldest's bday coming up. Woo Hoo! My oldest just turned 19 a couple of weeks ago. Very freaky to think! I think our kids get older, but we stay the same! Take care!!

Enjoy the wonderful season!

That corgi :) said...

You are a good mom to babysit the dogs! I too hope they stay out of the pool. So curious what church you go to. Sounds like a nice one. So jealous you are off for two weeks! Enjoy! Fudge is always a good thing to make at the holidays, my mom/sister always made it two weeks before Christmas. So good, so moist. Yum!

It does go by so fast with kids, doesn't it? I always tell new moms or young moms, don't rush anything. It will go by so fast......


gracies tough journey said...

Hi Betty,
I go to Sonrise(Santee). Love it. I should go more but when I do go it is wonderful.