Thursday, December 22, 2011


Yikes, bless me. We are having a Santa Ana and the winds kick up so much stuff, I just keep sneezing. Also, some light coughing, ugh.  Oh well, it will pass. Tonight I am going to make a ton of fudge for my boy to take to work for his coworkers, he has to work Christmas eve. So they will need the fudge.

I think Friday night I will see if my daughter wants to walk the lights. I know crazy right, it will be packed. But we can park on the side and walk in. The fun things is the homeowners, have fire pits, some sell hot cocoa and someone sell Kettlekorn and others sell coffee and baked goods. It's like a little street fair and everyone is out and walking and laughing and having a great time. The weather will be clear and a bit chilly. Even more fun right!..

Work seems to finally slow down. Yeah! Bosses have left and I have one more day then off for two weeks. I am excited for that. Diet is going better, I now know why I kept eating my fudge, PMS. It comes now every couple of months and it is here. Normally I can be strong and I couldn't understand why I was so weak this time. Now I know. I haven't had any more urges for chocolate so things are good again. I know its still just a excuse, but it is true. I guess I shouldnt complain. Having TOM visit every other month works for me. 

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