Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I am so sorry I have been gone for so long.  Things have been  pretty awful. As some of you know, my brother Pat passed away in July last year. His birthday was March 17th and as if the Lord hates me, my other brother, Mike died on Pats birthday. I got a call when I was at work. Completely unexpected. I have been numb for a while. He was a teacher in a local city called Chula Vista. The school held a large memorial for him on Friday. It was incredibly touching.  My last remaining brother and I have been working on his estate and things like that. 

I will try to keep up with this blog as I miss some of my blog friends so much.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Back to work

Well it has been a long 6 weeks of hell for me. But, today I am back to work with a new focus on life. I am so glad to be back to work.

About a week after my surgery, I went to my medium group and she read a few things that related to me. One, was about suicide. I  remember first shock that she said it exactly to a T. I also was a little pissed off that spirit was tattling on me. Isn't that silly. But, I was angry for about a week, then I started to feel guilty. Then suddenly I realized what an ass I was for even going to that direction. I did a lot of thinking those six weeks. I first had the fatal accident issue, then my 3 surgeries in 2.5 years. Then the diagnosis, and eventual loss of my brother. I realized I made it through all of this and I know I could only have done it with Gods help. I started to feel more inner peace.

I really want to change my life around and do right with the Lord, spirit, myself and family. And I think I can do it.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My brothers fight is over...

This was posted by my niece on facebook, and it was so lovely I wanted to share with my blogger friends.

My father, Patrick , passed away tonight at 10:57 pm Pacific Time in La Mesa, California. Dad had been dealing with cancer for quite some time and living well with it until a few months ago. He was peaceful and in no pain at a lovely hospice setting with roses and cats and overlooking a manmade lake. He was only 61 years old. He had worked for 36 years as a respiratory therapist at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego. His specialty was working with preemies in the neonatal intensive care unit. Over 36 years, Dad worked with thousands of babies and families and mentored many of the staff in the unit. He was a co-organizer and founder of the nurses and technical staff union at Rady, UNOCH. Dad was also an avid rockhound, creative mind, lover of the desert, and a devoted family man. My family is very, very sad tonight, but he is free now. Here is a song for my dad, Southwestern man to the core: A Horse With No Name.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Well heck

You'd think I would be a pro by now on surgery. But, each time gets tougher. But, with each passing week I get better. My surgery went well, I had to stay 3 days and 2 nights. It was really really painful. The hernia had grown quite large and they did put a mesh in, but due to the size they had to use these buttons as stitches. It was gross. As time went by the buttons started to cut into my skin and was awful. I couldn't move much or they would just slice into me. But I survived and they were removed today. I am so grateful. Now, I can start walking again and swimming again. We have had 90 plus degree weather and all I could do was stay inside. But now all of that is behind me. Monday, my daughter and I are going to start walking at the lakes. I will need to get there by 6 to 7 am before the heat rises. Its nice because the lakes (7 total) has a defined walking path with 1K, 3K, and a 5K. These lakes are all flat walking, not like the one I use to do which was a 6.3 mile hike and hilly. Gosh, I miss those days. I felt so good about myself then.  I know it will be slow for me, but I am excited to get started.  Julie, I am so thankful to have you as a friend. I know your prayers are helping me. God Bless.

Monday, June 10, 2013

One week from today...Yikes

One week from today is my surgery for the incisional hernia. I am really nervous.

Last week I babysat my brother and SIL dogs so they could go camping. Thats right I said camping. One of my other brothers is a  Head Park Ranger and runs two lakes. One of the lakes has a cabin that actually is handicapped equipped and has a hospital bed.  It was great they said, Pat is pretty weak and now uses a wheelchair to mobilize around. Pat, my SIL , one of their daughters and her kids and husband went. They had a wonderful time. Their two dogs are fricking cute. One is a chorki, looks more like a yorki and the other is a Chihuahua, each weigh about 2-3 lbs. It was crazy. They are amazingly well behaved. I brought them to work with me and then took then on walks 3-4 X day. You know for being so tiny they loved walking and walking. It was fun. I kept them in my office and they never made a sound.

They weather has been nice all weekend I spent in the pool and by it. I also spent some time with the birds and cleaning the aviary. I have about a dozen cockatiels and they are so so cute. I have been raising cockatiels for about 20 years. I just love having them in my backyard. Funny the dogs dont even pay attention to them.

Friday I am off, I have my pre-anesthesia visit and then I am going for some waxing. Then to DMV to get my personalized license plates for the new car. After that, I am off for a few weeks. I will try to be better on posting and adding some pictures.

Link to cabin: Pretty cool really

Friday, May 24, 2013

Well Jury duty is done and gone..Yeah!

I might have mentioned that I got summons to Jury duty the month I returned to work in March. I postponed it to yesterday. My thinking was that usually the courts are dark on Friday and Monday was a holiday so not a lot of case will start. I was right hehe. By 10:30 I was released. So, instead of going back to work, I went home and went swimming. Good times, good times.

I was suppose to be off next Tuesday (my birthday) and Wednesday. So it would be 5 days off. Sounds awesome. But, it didn't quite work out that way. Tuesday, an important conference call was set up with my boss, myself and a couple of Directors. Crap! It is 11:00 to 12:00. Seriously, right in the middle of the day. Sooooo, after that I am outta of here.(Wishful thinking). Most likely after the call, my boss will want to discuss the call...ugh. But, I am going out with my daughter Tuesday night, so I think I will still take Wednesday off. I don't know, we'll see. Also, the weather is suppose to get cooler. Bummer. The pool was starting to feel mighty fine.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013