Monday, August 22, 2011

Forgot to mention****

I know I have been a "Debbie Downer" lately. But there is some good things that have happened. As some of you might remember, I walk at lunch (60min). I walk to this area to do laps(per se), it is about 1/4-1/2 mile to get there(each way) and the laps about 3/4 miles each one. I initially started off doing one lap, then increasing it to 2 laps, then 3 laps and have been doing 3 laps about 3 months now. One day last week, I noticed I was finishing my 3rd lap in record time, heck I was even jogging a bit. Well Tuesday, I did 4 frickin laps. Crazy, I couldn't believe this and remember this is all within my 1 hr lunch. Well, dog gone it, I did 4 laps again today.  Seriously I cant believe it. Remember I started this diet at over 300lbs.... I could'nt even walk to my dang car without being exhausted.  Well, let me say this, I do bring a change of clothes, and then wash off before I put my work clothes back on...So, I am not a stinky poo for the rest of the day. I work at a hospital, so this is easy to wash up after....but, back to the exciting news... I still CANNOT BELIEVE IT... This is my NSV.


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Wicked Awesome girl. You rock!!!!


Anonymous said...

Your walks have ALWAYS amazed and inspired me. I wanna be like Gracie!!! :)

Julie said...

That is awesome!! So great. I am proud of you gracie. EXCELLENT!!! Keep up the great work.
Take care and chatter later.