Thursday, November 3, 2011

Well the move is off

I was suppose to move into my new office tomorrow. But that is on hold due to some IT issues. Oh brother. Still having staff issues. Its so frickin unbelievable really. These are women that I thought we were close. Boy was I ever wrong, I was just being used. Everyone is always out for themselves and screw the boss. Its ok that she (I)never misses work and has to do double work for their lazy ass not coming in. Well, I hope Karma hits them in the bootie big time. Cause it really does effect my health with the stress.

 I know I shouldn't take work personal, but I do.

Last night, I bought some ground turkey and made some awesome low cal chili. It was so yummy. Tonight, I think we will have roasted chicken with roasted Brussel sprouts, carrots, asparagus. Yum, its gonna be a feast. My walks are going great again. I actually am walking to workout yes, but really to ease my mind. I need to ask Santa for new walking shoes, mine are nearly worn out and now have a hole in the toe. Yep, they sure get used.

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That corgi :) said...

Good sign about your shoes! That means indeed they are getting a good work out (pun intended). Sorry about not getting moved into your new office; hope it happens sooner than later. I don't understand with people these days with jobs so scarce, etc that there would be any issues. It amazes me that my supervisor sends out emails to people to make sure they are compliant and work their shifts and that people aren't. Maybe they don't need the money??

But be of good cheer, tomorrow is Friday....though it is supposed to rain.....

however, your eating sounds yummy!