Friday, July 29, 2011

Finally Friday

Sorry about not posting much. But my pity party is even getting on my nerves. Weight loss is nothing this week. TOM is near but oh well. I have still been walking every day at lunch for about 60 min.It is about 2.5 miles. This weekend I am going back up to my moms & dads house. We still have so much stuff to go thru. My mom was a collector, especially antiques. What ever is left, we are going to my daughters house to have a Estate/yard sale. She has the perfect house and location for this.  After this is all done, we will then look into putting the home up for sale.  My brother has 6 months of Chemo, then he is retiring in March, selling his home in AZ and moving to Ohio.

I have found some yummy snacks from skinny cow. Problem, I cant stop at one. Sooooo, I am not going to buy anymore for a while.  I have been working out in the pool at night, it feels so good and relaxing when I am done.  I really have to get out of my depressive mood and work on this diet. I am eating too much. I am making it up by exercising, but it really is such a waste. Cause, I am not gaining, but not loosing... What a waste of time and energy.


Maria said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, hon! You're in the middle of a lot of emotional things, and it's hard to keep to a strict diet. I think you're doing great by still exercising and not gaining! You'll start losing again soon!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I've seen some of those skinny cow ice cream bars and I'm afraid to get them because I think I'd still eat too many. Better to avoid on stuff like that, I'm finding. I'm sorry about those frustrations. How awesome that you are being active, tho! Those are such great habits to get into. You'll get it girl! Persistence and patience... you can do it! Be kind to yourself.

Best of luck going through all your folks stuff. It would be hard not to be sentimental about things, I'd think. I hope it goes well.


Jo said...

Just keep up the exercise. You are creating those endorphins that may be helping you manage the tough stuff. I think you're doing very well, and all is not wasted.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Depressive mood...I get it. Not sure why though. Hope we can get out of it!! I know what you mean by eating too much but exercising to make up for it, I've done similar and think it's a waste too. Gosh, imagine where we would be if we got it together and combined them! What a concept, huh! :-) Here's to an awesome week!

Ms. Scooter Butt said...

You are doing what is needed to keep your head on right, it seems. Exercise and all.
I am going through some mental crap right now...not blogging much but thought I would check in on you. But the captcha is messing with says "eatte" oh come on!!!
I am so serious.

Princess Dieter said...

wow, that's a great amount of walking. Good for you.

Hubby and I occasionally share one of those No Sugar Added crunchy Klondikes, the one that have a toffee-ish taste on the chocolate. I cut it in half, and it's less than 90 calories and a nice-tasting treat. Much tastier than Skinny Cows (I used to eat them in my WW days). Some fiber, too. And because it does taste nice, it's satisfying in a half-portion. I'd rather have a lot of flavor and less size when it comes to dairy/choco treats.

I hope this week will be wonderful for you and next weigh-in is one with a big minus. :) Or any minus. Any minus is a plus in my book.