Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beautiful weather

Just came back from my lunch walk and the weather is so beautiful here in LJ. I had time last night to make my yummy breakfast. Yesterday, I threw some boneless skinless chicken breast in the crockpot and then shredded it last night. I added some of that into my omelet, yum. It is so convenient to have those breast around for quick meals.

I am thinking about going to Kohls this week and buy some size 14 pants. To give me an incentive to work harder. I still am at nearly a standstill for weight loss. It is really making me mad. Of course, I still haven't had TOM visit, so I think my hormones are wacky. I am peri-menopausal so maybe that is messing with me. Still it is not going to stop me. Every morning I step on that scale, and get mad as hell at it. But never fail, I will not give up. Hope everyone is having a great day,


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I wished you lived closer and we could be walking buddies!! :)


gracies tough journey said...

I would have loved that!