Thursday, September 8, 2011

Heat wave

Well it has been bloody hot here that is for sure. Today I took my walk at 10:15 to try to beat some of the heat. Shoot, I am walking in La Jolla, which is coastal and still sweating like crazy. Ugh, well at least I did it. Of course, having your lunch break so early makes your work day drag.  But, hey I am at least in AC via their buck.

After work  I am going to drop off my VCR tape of my wedding and have copies madeinto DVDs. So excited. I have been so crazy good on my diet, but the weight wont move....I am drinking tons of water and eating healthy and under 1200 calories. But nope no movement. I am considering going to the doctors to see if it is hormonal issues. I am at that age, and no TOM this month soooooo, who knows.

Hope things are going well for everyone. God Bless!


Finding_a_Path said...

80 degrees is a heat wave in CA!?!

You're lucky mate!

We are in spring in Australia and I'm trying to prepare myself for running in summer average temps of 96 and a heat wave will be 108 F!

oh_mg said...

It's been very hot here in Merced, too. It doesn't feel too bad to me just yet, though because I'm used to high humidity like in Chicago and Connecticut. It's hot here, but it's dry. Still, I'm ready for autumn!

gracies tough journey said...

Laughing, 80 degrees is lovely, it is actually 108 degrees. Buts thanks for the laugh....

Yesterday we had a massive black out 5 million peeps, in Mexico and AZ... Ugh, no AC but thank goodness for the swimming pool.

Finding_a_Path said...

Oh I thought you were saying it was 80 degrees and a heat wave! That's why I was shocked because I thought surely it would get hotter there. And sure enough, it does