Monday, September 26, 2011

It's all me~

Well my labs all came back fine. She states I am still in peri-menopause. So, she warned me when I do get my period don't be surprised if it is long and heavy. (Great)  She also stated that I had lost 11 lbs since my last visit and that she is very happy with  what I have done so far. She suggested that perhaps I should reduce the calories to 1100-1150. Eat several times a day to keep my metabolism going.

We also talked about my brother. She is ordering a colonoscopy for me(Again great). But, I am going to do what she said. I am going to drop the calories and eat several times. Keep up with the walking. I have to say dropping the calories will be hard. But, I will work on it everyday. I was doing 1200-1300.

I forgot to mention, during my walk this lady with two corgi's were walking by me and I thought of my blogger friend Corgi's have a very special spot in my heart. When I think of them, I remember my times in England. They are so darn cute!!!

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That corgi :) said...

thanks for the shout out! Those corgis are so cute (and so spoiled :)

Good to hear that the doctor's visit went "okay", but wow I'm surprised she has you eating between 1100-1150 calories, seems low to me, but then again you were already 1200 to 1300. I wonder if you mix up your calories a bit and confuse your body if that might help; I know some people do that with Weight Watchers, they eat all over their point range, some days high, some days low, some days in the middle so the body never knows what to expect and doesn't hold onto food thinking it is not getting any more.

Suchs to get "old" into perimenopause, etc with that darn old metabolism slowing down!

good for getting the colonoscopy, as much as it is not the most ideal procedure/prep but if there is a family history, better safe than sorry......