Monday, June 10, 2013

One week from today...Yikes

One week from today is my surgery for the incisional hernia. I am really nervous.

Last week I babysat my brother and SIL dogs so they could go camping. Thats right I said camping. One of my other brothers is a  Head Park Ranger and runs two lakes. One of the lakes has a cabin that actually is handicapped equipped and has a hospital bed.  It was great they said, Pat is pretty weak and now uses a wheelchair to mobilize around. Pat, my SIL , one of their daughters and her kids and husband went. They had a wonderful time. Their two dogs are fricking cute. One is a chorki, looks more like a yorki and the other is a Chihuahua, each weigh about 2-3 lbs. It was crazy. They are amazingly well behaved. I brought them to work with me and then took then on walks 3-4 X day. You know for being so tiny they loved walking and walking. It was fun. I kept them in my office and they never made a sound.

They weather has been nice all weekend I spent in the pool and by it. I also spent some time with the birds and cleaning the aviary. I have about a dozen cockatiels and they are so so cute. I have been raising cockatiels for about 20 years. I just love having them in my backyard. Funny the dogs dont even pay attention to them.

Friday I am off, I have my pre-anesthesia visit and then I am going for some waxing. Then to DMV to get my personalized license plates for the new car. After that, I am off for a few weeks. I will try to be better on posting and adding some pictures.

Link to cabin: Pretty cool really