Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to work

All in all it was great to be off. I feel pretty rested. Ate really well, didn't work out like usual. But still managed to work out. Today my walk at lunch, unless its raining. Yes it has been raining. Normally I wouldn't mind walking in rain, especially since it is 80 degrees. Very fricking humid. But I do have to come back to work.

Daughter comes back today from her trip to San Fran. She is seeing Alcatraz today then they are driving home. Ugh, what a drive. This is where I worry. San Fran is on one side of cali and San Diego is on the complete other side. I will bring her dogs home after work, since she will have missed them so much.

This weekend gave me time to put things in order with all the items from my parents house. Put everything away. While going through the things I came across a VCR of my wedding. I had completely forgot about it. A friend did this as a wedding gift. I ended up watching it to see if it was still viewable, it was nearly 30 years ago. It was good. I saw my parents and it had voices. Sounds strange, but I so miss hearing them again. My mom was from England, so I got to hear her accent and my dad. I was crying so much, from sadness and joy of hearing them again. My son walked in and asked if I was ok. I said oh ya, I am great. This tape has really made me feel amazing again. I am taking it to a place that will put it on DVD.  I am still flying high from it. It has made me feel so blessed to find it and watch. Funny, I laughed at my parents antics on the tape and hearing their laughter again.(Oh no my eyes are tearing up)..... Well, I am going to make several copies and give them to my brothers and my kids.

God works in mysterious ways doesn't he, I really thought I was going to be blue all weekend and lonely and it turned out wonderful with this gift I found.


Miss April said...

Ahhh Gracie! That's wonderful, treasure it! :) Happy for you!

Thursday's Child said...

What a lovely thing to find. You can get VHS copied to DVD too, which may be useful to you.

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