Sunday, July 31, 2011

My momma's things.

Just posting a few pictures of the items I got from my parents house.

The pictures didnt come out as clear as I was hoping.  Plus there are rooms still full and boxed.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Finally Friday

Sorry about not posting much. But my pity party is even getting on my nerves. Weight loss is nothing this week. TOM is near but oh well. I have still been walking every day at lunch for about 60 min.It is about 2.5 miles. This weekend I am going back up to my moms & dads house. We still have so much stuff to go thru. My mom was a collector, especially antiques. What ever is left, we are going to my daughters house to have a Estate/yard sale. She has the perfect house and location for this.  After this is all done, we will then look into putting the home up for sale.  My brother has 6 months of Chemo, then he is retiring in March, selling his home in AZ and moving to Ohio.

I have found some yummy snacks from skinny cow. Problem, I cant stop at one. Sooooo, I am not going to buy anymore for a while.  I have been working out in the pool at night, it feels so good and relaxing when I am done.  I really have to get out of my depressive mood and work on this diet. I am eating too much. I am making it up by exercising, but it really is such a waste. Cause, I am not gaining, but not loosing... What a waste of time and energy.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Comic Con was crazy

Well it is over for this year.  Comic Con was crazy and packed... too packed. But, we saw almost everything including front row Twilight seats. It was nice. But very exhausting. We waited in line to buy next years. Rumor was the line was going to be an hour and a half.  Not even close. 6 hours in line just to buy tickets. I thought I was gonna die....... But we got them. Next year though will be my last year. It is very hard and the Comic Con staff(actually the convention center staff) was very rude and aggressive. I am sure it is hard to work with this many people. But the majority of visitors were exceptionally nice. It was the staff that wasn't. And the lines...everywhere.

But, it is good to be back to normal, back to shakes and my diet and full fluid intake. I did my best. I brought my own food and drink. I made us veggie burgers with bagel thins and fat free cheese. They were really good. But, fluid intake was low. I couldn't be able to wait in the cue for potty breaks constantly. We did walk a lot which was good. It looks like I am up 2 lbs. But, I really think its not going to last. I feel bloated (PMSie) and it will fall off as soon as I get back on board.

Things are still moving forward on the home front. My brother started chemo and it seems to go well. Chemo is just to keep the cancer in check. It wont get rid of it. We are looking into selling my parents house and items that no body wants. My brother plans to sell his house in AZ and move to Ohio where one of his daughters live and grandkids. I don't blame him, I would want to be with my kids.

I still feel like life is moving too fast and I am feeling a bit numb. I cant concentrate, I cant even remember the simplest things. I need my memory for work, my boss relies on it. It use to be awesome if I do say so myself. But, I look at emails that I sent 2-3 weeks ago and I cant even recall typing them. It is scary. Sometimes I panic and say to myself "why cant I remember doing this?" 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Comic Con

Diet doing very well. But I am off to comic con. So I wont be back until Monday.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Well Sunday and interesting

Two of my brothers, myself each of their wives and one of my nieces came up to mom and dads. We need to start getting rid of the things in the house. It was tough. I got a few pieces of furniture and lots of nick knacks. So did everyone else. My mom was from England and she loved collecting antiques. I am not sure if anything hold any value. But to me the most valuable things are the photo's. That is what I want most. We are still having a Realtor look at the house and give us a appraisal. As some of you mentioned possibly buying out the one brother. Unfortunately, I am the youngest by 9 years so my brothers are older and really don't have time to put money into the house to sell at top  dollar. I know my daughter especially suffering as she was raised by my mom and dad from 6 weeks of age. I had to go back to work and they watched her for most of her life. They were more like second parents than grandparents. They adored her and she them. Her pain about not keeping the house, is making my pain harder to bare. I hope some day she will understand.

Diet is still on tract. STS is still in my head. I am on vacation this week so I am doing my work outs in the pool. It doesn't hurt that it is bloody hot here right now. God Bless everyone for your kind comments I really do appreciate them. It really helps because in all honesty I am really feeling so very lonely lately.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sporadic posting

I use to be so good about posting everyday. But, things seem to be falling down around me. Still dieting, just came back from my 6.5 mile walk this am. I needed time to myself and to think. My brother is starting chemo on Wed. He has been staying at my parents house since he works here also at hospital for 30 years. But he and his wife actually have a home in AZ. Well now with this evil cancer, he wants to sell my parents home and then retire. I can see his point, but the housing market is really bad now and we would lose so much money. But, his point is that he doesn't know how much time he has, wants the money for his family and to enjoy life and retire. But, there are 3 other siblings who will lose big. I feel guilty for feeling this way..I cant even think straight anymore. Also, selling the house that I grew up in, the house that made me.....the house that was always home is killing me.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

At work

I am at work, already turned on the waiting room TV to ESPN. I love soccer. I sure hope the Womens team wins today. I watched the game Sunday and it was so amazingly exciting. Gosh it was wonderful. Well things going well. Walking everyday, tracking my food and drinking my water yet my weight isnt going down. Trying to not get frustrated but sheesh it is wearing me down. I wont give up, because I cant. But, dang those walks at lunch at hard.. I am so sweaty and tired when I get back.

I made last night the Hungry Girls brownies using the pumpkin and no oils. It was actually really good. I was so surprised. I definitely will make them again. The calories are so low. I also made the fiber one onions rings. My family liked the brownies but not so much on the onion rings. Oh well.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Almost my vacation time

I am getting so excited, starting this Friday, I am off til 7/25.  This Friday, my daughter is taking her pup, the choc lab to the vet to get fixed. So, she is going to drop him off at the vet, then she is coming over to my place with her other dog, the yellow lab. We are going to spend the day in the pool. :). I am down another 1/2 lb. I am getting tired of this slow loss. But, I am going to kick it up this week. The weather is suppose to be cooler so I am going to kick up the walking. I am drinking more shakes and eating less food. My pants are getting pretty baggy but I don't think I am in a 14 yet. Sooooo, I am not going shopping yet.

Next week is Comic Con, so that should be fun. I will be down 70 lbs lighter than last year when I went, so it should be a lot easier on me this year. I am really excited to go now. I do suffer from panic attacks, actually so do my kids. But is with crowds. I hate crowds, but I will be just fine. Hope everyone of our STS homies are doing well and hanging in there. I hope you all are doing better than me... But don't worry, I am not giving up, I am actually getting stronger and more determined to beat this monster.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Same ol same ol

Well, as hard as I try, my weight is not coming off. I am walking 50-60 minutes every day, even in this gosh awful heat and humidity. Doing an exercise workout in the pool, every night. And doing leg lifts and arms lifts as I watch TV at night. I am staying under 1200-1300 calories, minus the exercise calories. I am eating healthier, more grains and greens and high protein, chicken, fish. Drinking tons of fluid. Eating good, tracking everything I eat and drink and exercise. Ever since I had the surgery, weight loss has stalled, I think I am down, maybe 10-15 lbs since 3/1/11. That sucks. The only way is to drop the calories more. Yes, inches are definitely coming off and toning is there. But, the scale is a biotch to me. It gets very frustrating,at times I feel like why bother doing my walk in this frickin heat, nothing is moving. Yes, I am having another pity party for one (again) aaaaaaaaaaaagh. No, I wont stop walking and drinking and dieting and, and, and, everything. I have no choice but to keep trying. I am just half way to my goal and want it NOW.  God grant me patience please...................................................and hurry. :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Omelet time

Back to my favorite breakfast, homegrown zucchini, onion, bell peppers, egg whites, turkey bacon, salsa and a wheat bagel thin. Yum. All this including the bagel 363 calories. It has been so very warm and humid here. So today, I brought a pitcher of Iced Tea to work. Sweet for me!

Walk yesterday was murder, ugh.  I have been bringing walking clothes to work so I can change out of my work clothes and not get them sweaty.  At night, I hopped into the pool, did my work out and it felt so good. It was strange because it was cloudy, humid and in the background I could here nonstop thunder. It was also kinda awesome. The water that time of night  felt like cool bath water. 
Nothing exciting to talk about I guess. Hope everyone is staying on the STS. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What a weekend!

Sorry about not posting. Saturday was nice, spent most of the day in the pool. Sunday, me and my daughter, her roommate and her son all went to Seaworld and had a blast. We have a two year pass which includes parking so in the long run, it will be a great deal. The exercise alone will payoff. We walked and walked, we saw a lot of the shows and attractions and rode the Atlantis. Blast! Cant wait to go back. It is right on the ocean (of course) and the weather is so much cooler down there. We brought our own food, (which you aren't suppose to).  We were there about 5 hours and no way saw it all.

Monday, I just did laundry and housework. Then stayed in the pool awhile. I try to get in the pool ever day and do my exercise work out routine. But I mostly just took it easy.

Diet has been good even though I didn't lose anything this week. I hope it is the humid weather just retaining water since I am drinking gallons of Ice tea. Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful time.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Triple digits

Whoa the weather went from nice to HOT fast. Went to DDS to get teeth cleaned. Kids and I are going to movies to stay cool. Mostly likely no walking, but will work out in pool. :)

Diet doing well. Have a safe and fun 4th of July. God Bless USA!