Friday, September 16, 2011

Crazy Friday

Went and had some fasting lab done, per MD. So we will see. OMG, got our electric bill, it was 345.00 dollars. Isn't that obscene. We had a couple of weeks of really hot weather, but ran the ac when we got home from work and turned it off when we went to bed. I remember even going to theater to avoid using ac. I am so frustrated. Ugh.

Our electric company, you know the one that because an employee moved something, 5 million peeps lost power last week, well they are just awful. They are always trying to raise the rates. Yet, 5 million peeps lose electricity and nothing. They don't even apologize. I think that is awful..... OK, done with my rant.

Yesterday had a late meeting at work, so I hit really bad traffic coming home. I get home and put my glasses on and they broke, so I have to wear my other pair which is not really my prescription so it is hard to see. Then I get the electric bill. What a rotten evening, so I go to bed early. Ended up have horrible dreams.

I sure hope my weekend is better, but not holding on to much hope for that. Do you ever just get that gut feeling that bad things are going to happen. Well, I have them now in my gut. Ugh.


Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

I hope u have a great weekend. My bill has been crazy also. I had to make payment arrangements becuz it was so much higher than my bdgetted amount. UGH...

oh_mg said...

I have been warned about the cost of electricity out here :[ My electric bills in Chicago were under $20 all summer! I didn't have an air conditioner there; I have one here, but don't use it unless it's absolutely necessary (we used it when my dad was here because of his health issues). Still, dreading that first bill! (I lost power last weekend, it was tough! That has never happened to me before, I thought it was my fault, haha)

That corgi :) said...

We must live in the same area because I know the name of the electric company and I was affected by that blackout last week too! We don't have quite as high electric bill because we have no AC (we live closer to the beach). Sorry about your glasses, glad you had a backup pair that is somewhat manageable; in spite all, I hope you have a good weekend!


Princess Dieter said...

This is why I love cool weather: less a/c bill!!!! We routinely pay upwards of 200 , but we pay 4 electric bills, living in a building with 4 apartments/no tenants.All our space, and we're insane with too much collecting/rat-packing, which will have to change. I want to live in one place, live with less, smaller, and be more frugal. I don't want to pay 250+ a month for electric anymore.

But, hey, thank God for it in summer!