Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Awwww time for rest.

First I want to say I love Christmas, I really do. It can be magical,(It usually isn't). With that said, come Monday, December 26, I took the tree down and packed up all the Christmas stuff. Yes, I did. I don't know what is wrong with me. As soon as it's over, I want it gone. Usually I will wait one week, but come New Years it is gone. But this year, I don't know... I just wanted it gone. So it looks like it wasn't even Christmas. I wonder if anyone one else does this.

Today I went to get my hair cut and I had it darkened. I think I need a new me to go with the new year. I went to the gym and I want to go every day while I am off. It has been exceptionally beautiful here is San Diego, 70 degrees and warm. The nites get freezing tho, 30-40's.
I still am craving chocolate, so I have been having my hot chocolate with no sugar added. Its 50 calories but it helps. Drinking lots of water and Iced tea. Still drinking my diet cola's.

Hope everyone had a wonderful time and back to the ole way of life. No FUDGE!


That corgi :) said...

Good for you for going into the new year with a new look! We knew a friend in Montana when were lived there that would take down their tree/decorations after they finished opening presents Christmas morn. Basically was "thanks for the gifts but before you can play with them, etc, down comes the tree". I'm with you, though, it is nice but when it is over, it is over. Would usually like my tree down by the 28th.

Good too for getting to the gym! We have just a few more things to eat of holiday food and I'm looking forward to it being all gone to get back to healthier eating again!

Can't beat this weather indeed! Enjoy!


Julie said...

I usually put the little stuff away, the clutter but I keep my tree up for at least another week and then it's time to reclaim my livingroom.
I did my hair on Chrsitmas so I didn't feel like an old fart and dinner.
Keep up the great work Gracie. Take care and God Bless!!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Hey... you don't know cold until you come here to Utah, girl!! ;)

I understand the feeling to pack up the Christmas stuff. It's kind of a "getting it done" feeling.

Maybe you could post some pics of your new hair color and style? I'm sure you look super fantastic.

Enjoy your hot chocolate! I like to sprinkle a little cinnamon in mine. Yum!

Happy New Year!