Monday, October 31, 2011

Sorry dear friends

I was working on some glitches and needed to close the site for a bit. I think all is ok now.

This weekend was fun. I went to "Bates nut farm," or as I like to call it  "Nates but farm". Ya, I'm a dork. Went with my daughter, her roommate and her little son. Really had a great time. Weather was awesome. WE are having 80 degree weather. Wow. But, I do now worry about wild fires. I bet Betty is worried too, she gets some doozies up there. I am always "do you smell smoke" " I think I smell smoke". Yikes.  I think I could safely call this PTSD. I have to keep from freaking out. 

Halloween tonight an Monday night football with "My Chargers".. But I have class tonight. I think I am just going to check in and get my worksheet and leave. I am not sure though, but hmmmm.

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That corgi :) said...

That's right, Chargers tonight!! I'd think skip the class! Got to support our Chargers! I know what you mean about the worries of wildfires. In 2007 when we were in the Laguna Niguel area, that was really bad with the fires around us (I know down here was bad too). Love the weather, but not those winds!!!

Glad you had a great time at Bates!!