Friday, November 18, 2011

New office

Yesterday was the big move.  And yesterday was crazy and stressful. But today is calmer did some unpacking and settled in. Things are still a bit chaotic but with time it will be fine. I like the quietness in the new office. I love having this big office with a view. Yippeee. Walking is going good and so is the diet. This weekend I will keep everything under control. No craziness on my part. My son starts his first job tonight, one of the big department stores at the mall. It is seasonal, but it is a good start for him and they will work around his college schedule. Plus its close to home. I am really happy for him.  I cant believe next weekend is Thanksgiving. WOW time sure flies. Everyone have a great weekend.

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That corgi :) said...

Yea for your son!! Its a start like you said and who knows these days! Hope his first day goes well; retail is hard work!

Good to hear you are in your new office and are settling into it! It will feel like "home" before you know it!

Good job with the diet and the walking!! Onward past the weekend; you can do this!

have a good weekend!