Monday, August 22, 2011

What a week

Had to spend much of the week moving boxes and furniture from my parents house to my daughters house for the Estates sale. I had to use my sons F150 truck. With that truck, my son and I made 7 trips. My brother made two trips, and my other brother made two trips and my daughter in her truck made another trip. Ugh,

So Saturday, we all get to my daughters house at 5:30 to set up, the sale started at 7:00. By 6:30 we had several people already there. The were times that we must have had 20-30 people shopping. It was crazy for hours and hours.  I hated nearly every minute of it. 

Got home about 1:30, made a pitcher of Iced Tea, laid down(passed out) and was out for hours. Woke up in a daze and with so many aches and pains from moving furniture and boxes. Also helping people box up their purchases. Glad its over, but I couldnt sleep the night before and the night after.

So many of the people were nice, but there were some that were so effing rude. Why do people have to be such jerks.

I have some items left. Not sure if I will do a yard sell again tho..... might just keep some and donate the rest.

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Princess Dieter said...

Think of it as EXERCISE. That's real life "gym work" and you are making muscle. Yeah...good stuff, right? Muscle? :D