Saturday, September 3, 2011

Not much to say

We are having really nice weather. Swimming a lot, being good food wise. Hope everyone is being safe, especially you Ash. I wont rest until Wednesday when all is said and done. I know no one else knows what I am talking about. Very proud of you on your 7 lb loss. (Me, jealous)

I had a lot of plans for this weekend. Pretty much they all fell thru. I will be spending it pretty much alone. (Hey, I am a pro at loneliness). No biggie, I will have my 3 labs, and by tonight I will have 5. So I do have plenty to dooooo. If you get what I mean.(lots of Poo to pick up for a few days).

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mira and deke's mommy said...

u can rest when we get there. ur worried about the drive. once were there were just walkin places:-) ill text and call all the time. keep ur phone with ya cuz u kno ur the one i text when im bored, scared, nervous, etc. i love u and ill see ya soon. ill take lots of pix:p