Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Time flies

Yikes, I cant believe it has been a week. This weekend I went to my mom and dads house to clean and yard work and such. A couple of my brothers were there and their wives. It was a lot of work, and I gotta tell ya, my son kicked bootie, he worked his butt off. God bless that boy. I also, picked up my parents ashes. My beautiful daughter wants them.  She loved(s) them so much. God bless that girl.  Yes, I love my kids to the depths of my soul.

My Reiki class is going great.  Work sucks, short staffed again for almost two weeks. Jobs are so hard to get now, and my jobs are awesome, yet people want to risk losing them. I just dont get it.

Diet wasn't so good this weekend. Ok, just Saturday working at the house. I drank a lot of crystal light, but not much else.

I have an ear infection, this is a chronic thing I get, usually associated with my allergies. At work I am like "talk to my right ear please" lol. My left has drops and a Cotton ball in it.

Sunday, I grilled some chicken tenders on the BBQ and roasted some veggies, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, onion, carrots. OMG it was so yummy. I have chicken tenders left over for this week. I love chicken tenders, they are small cuts of chicken breast and they cook in minutes. Pure protein baby!

I will try to find more interesting things to blog about. I am going to a place this weekend called "Bates nut farm". Should be fun, and frickin packed to the max. One of my co-workers said she went up last weekend and there had to be over 1000 peeps there. Yikes, It is just a farm that has pumpkins and a market selling nuts (duh) and dried fruit and stuff. But, my daughters room mate wants to take her little boy there. He will like it. It is about an hour drive there tho.

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That corgi :) said...

Bates is so much fun! We went there last year around this time. We were heading south though since we lived in Murrieta at the time. It was a nice drive. I'm sure it will be crowded with the weekend before Halloween, but its a fun place.

Your kids do sound wonderful! Sorry about the ear plugging/infection, not fun to deal with.

Your dinner sounded so good! Yum on the veggies!