Friday, April 27, 2012

Wait? what it's not Saturday?

When the alarm went off this morning at 5:00, I thought aaw man I set my alarm and its Saturday. I laid there for a moment and my head cleared and I thought for a minute "is it Saturday?"   Waaagh no it wasnt. Oh my gosh, of course my mind was actually saying "WTF". But I dont want to type that. Yes, I try to be a good person, but I slip.

Oh well tomorrow I will sleep in. Today though, when I stepped on the scale it finally moved down a 1 lb.  Yeah, lets keep that momentum.  Yesterday I went for a new walk, down a different path. I know, I am a wild woman. Woot Woot. It was kinda cool, I walked and saw new sites. I agree, my life is very boring. I text paged my friend (the RN) who's office is next door to mine. I told her to look out her back window. I was across the canyon and I waved to her. She texted back to flash her. LOL, crazy lady.
(No I didnt).

The walk ended up being a lot longer than usual and it took me about 70 minutes to get back. Yikes I was 10 minutes late from lunch. Oh well, I miss lunch a lot so I deserve it.  By the time I got back I was so thirsty. I ended up drinking about 32 oz of water. Then the rest of the afternoon I spent making trips to the potty. Sheesh.

Oh well, have a wonderful weekend. I hear our weather should be marvelous.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh my gosh

Mira's mom,

To my daughter: Can you name these guys. I am sure they remind you of our
Mira-Yellow, Dakota-Black, Luke-Choc and the Deke as Meth..Its what he looks like when he first sees our pool. lol

For betty

lol- Please forgive me..I need to laugh

What a bummer

Tom is coming and feeling all bloated and crampy. Not a good thing for hump day. :(

I received my Walking DVD and darn it all I cant play it. I dont have the DVD player remote, only the TV's remote. So I tried and tried and then I call in the expert, my son, and he cant get it to move to the next level. I think you use the page down button but since I dont have the remote I cant do it. I was so excited to use it last night. So now I need to buy a Universal remote for the DVD player. Ugh.

Tonight is weigh in and I am pretty sure I haven't loss a thing. Such a struggle. But I am bloated as all get out. Well there is next week.  It might rain today so I sure could have used that extra walking on the DVD. So much for a good deal.  Oh boy, I am crabby today. Yikes I really must avoid people today, for their sake anyway. LoL.

Friday, April 20, 2012

It's worth a shot.

I just ordered this from Walmart.Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home - 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk . I had heard some good things about it, so I figured I could try it at home at night after work or weekends. It was under 10 bucks, so hey I am worth 10 bucks. Today after work I am meeting my daughter at the gym. She and her roomie are then going to the Rodeo in town. She  asked me if I wanted to go, but it is at 7pm. (Close to my bedtime, lol). So I sent her a text saying that I didnt want to steal all the hot cowboys way from you youngins, so I'll pass. he he. I crack myself up sometimes.

I took my Dakota to the Vet for her bi-weekly lab draw and while waiting I was talking to this lady who had her dog there for the same reason. She told me she gets her dogs meds from Wal-mart for 25 bucks. That is so much less than what I pay which is close to $75. So I left a message to the Vet to call in the brand that this lady uses to Wal-Mart. So I am hoping she will switch the brand for me.  I am sure she will. She is really nice. The needles were half the price also. Dakota' s level are still out of whack tho, so I need to increase in insulin. :(

Have a really wonderful weekend and be safe.

Hate when there is a line to the bathroom!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Well heck

Well I have been doing really well on the diet. So I come to weigh in and nada, nothing, zip loss.  After talking to the MD, she said it is the 800mg Ibuprofen I am taking for my back. (my back went out as usual). This retains water. Well, that sucks cause I cant stop taking it until my back gets better. I am actually kinda worried, my back has been going out a lot. I dont really want to go to the doctors, cause I dont want them to say that I need back surgery. I will never have back surgery, too many people come out of it with many many complications. (If they come out of it) I knew several cases where the patient had fatal complications. So forget about it!!

The weather here has been amazing. In my area at work its about 70is, which is perfect walking weather. At home, which is about 25 miles inland it is in the 80's and possibly the 90's. Iced Tea for me please :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

My pedometer

I was so excited to get one and then on weekends I dont even remember it. Sometimes I do and I dont even bother. Hmmm well I have it on today and went for my lovely walk. The weather is smashing. Beautiful temps and slight breeze and only going to get nicer I hear. Went to Walmart this weekend and bought a bunch of different Crystal lights, well actually I got Walmarts brand. I love them, I got the Mango Pineapple, Blueberry berry splash and Blueberry Acai.  I ended up spending 158 bucks at Walmart, I come home and the family said" I thought you went to get Crystal light".  Silly people, dont they know me by now?  But really, I was shocked at the amount. I really didnt get that much. Prices have gone through the roof. Ugh, I hate shopping.

My Dakota is doing great. She is still losing weight. The new dog food I got her, at the vets, sure makes her coat so soft and shiny. The dog food is expensive tho, 20lbs bag is 36.00. But, she loves it and it seems to love her. I need to find a dog food for the boys, maybe it will help them lose weight and get their coats all shiny. Right now they eat Iams. I use to think it was good for them, but apparently now there is new and improved dog foods out . I am sure it will be expensive also :(

Friday, April 13, 2012

True story

Friday the 13th.

Just the sound of that makes me want to watch a scary movie. It should rain tonight, much better to watch spooky movies with.

Things are moving on, slowly starting to think straighter. I did lose another 2 lbs on weigh in day. The walking at lunch helps clear the mind.

The drivers(16 & 18 yrs old) of those two cars from the accident are being charged with manslaughter. Is it wrong for me to think that they are already in jail for the rest of their life and that is enough? They will live with those memories and will suffer every day with that.  They are such young men and putting them in jail won't change what happened. It wont bring Jayli and Anthony back. They were kids making the wrong choice and will now suffer from the consequences. We were all kids and made some really dumb decisions, I know I did. All I can say is But for the grace of God....that could of been me or my kids or your kids.

I know not to many people will agree with this. Maybe under different circumstances neither would I. But after witnessing this, I am of a different mindset, hell I am a different person now.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Funny how time seems to keep moving

I have been struggling a bit with my emotions. Flashbacks are constant. But, I also feel so guilty about  feeling this way. After all, the parents and other kids are the ones that are hurting more than I can even imagine. I drive by that damn accident site ever morning and afternoon on my way to work and then home.  Work has kept my mind busy. My poor daughter has struggled and then now has a cold. Most likely related to the stress and lack of sleep. My eye is blood shot again, broken blood vessel same spot and same eye.

I want to thank you all for your kind comments and especially the prayers. I appreciate the email address, I will keep them in case I need more support.

The young girl came out of her coma and seems to be improving daily. Thank you God!

Friday, April 6, 2012


Well let me start out that I lost  5 lbs at my weight loss weigh in.

Wednesday, we went to see Chip Coffey (Psychic and Medium) . We left about 11:30 at night and driving home my daughter and I came up to this horrific car accident. It had just happened maybe 1-2 minutes earlier. There was a body in the freeway,and a lot of kids. We pulled over, I think we were the 2nd car that did. Some kids 15-17 yrs of age ran up to us and were in hysterics. My daughter was already on the phone to 911. We get out and I open the trunk to get the first aid kid and we grabs the flashlights. Our first thing to do was stop the traffic since it was was still smokey and dusty from the rollover. We didn't want cars to run over the boy in the road. Finally a couple of other cars stopped to help. Once they were there, I ran over to help the victims. Unfortunately for two it was apparent there was nothing I could do for them and the others were so hurt that my little first aid kit would do nothing for them. I tried to help the other kids in the other car who weren't hurt but were in hysterics and shock. They were just a group of kids coming home from a bonfire at the beach. We did the best we could, but it was such a horrific accident. It seems like forever before a police or paramedic came. About an hour or so later the CHP told us we could leave. We get to my car and the damn thing is dead. So I had to wait for AAA, unfortunately they had to come on the other side of the freeway since this one was closed. It took about another 30 plus minutes to come, but they jumped the battery and I could leave. But the whole time waiting, we had be there were those poor dead kids.  Two of the boys were DOA at the scene and three others were critical and I think the young girl is on life support.

I got home about 2 ish and my daughter and I both couldn't sleep. The memories just kept coming back. I get up a 6am and think maybe I can make it to work because sleep just wasn't happening. So I get up and my legs felt like jelly. I just couldn't do it.

Today I came to work as it will help keep my mind busy. What a horrible and sad, sad event for these poor kids.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Almost a full week

Well I have been back on the program almost a full week. I have to go in a day early since tomorrow I have plans at the Hotel Del Coronado...Sweeet. So, I have been on the program, done well, haven't caved in, no cheating here. Weekdays seem to work well for walking, the first day I did 8800 steps,(But I didnt use it all day) then the rest of the time 12K. But, the weekend was a bummer. I was really tired. It could be the new diet making me tired. So, I am hoping this upcoming weekend I will hit the gym at least for Saturday. Not sure if they will be open on Sunday, being Easter and all.

Tonight will be my first weigh in. So I would be interested in what I have lost.(Fingers crossed).

I use the oatmeal for breakfast, but I do something a bit different. I make them into cookies. I mix my oatmeal package with a bit of diet soda and maple extract. Then bake them. I think they are really good. You cant beat the easiness of it all. But, it seems to help me snack on it thru out the am. It gives me about 5 cookies. Ok, they are not really cookies per se, but they work for me. Well, wish me luck for tonight.