Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday and yeah!!!

 Friday and the traffic was amazing, as in no traffic. Sweet. Last night I made a ton of fudge for the ole son of mine. You know what he said.. " thank you so much for doing this". It made my heart sing. At work, I do so much for others, especially the little things that they all take for granted and never say thank you. So when he said it last night, it was really nice. Now don't get me wrong, I don't do things for the acknowledgement, I really don't. I believe that we all should do things for others, our rewards will come later. But heck it is nice to hear it.

Today my admin is off so I am covering the front office and the patients. It is nice to see the people I don't see to often. But, I cant wait to get off today and go home for two weeks.  Yesterday after work I finished shopping. My daughter didn't want cash, she likes opening gifts, sooo I went shopping and bought her a bunch of stuff. She should be happy. Son, he likes opening gifts too, but he is happy with the cash. I think he wants to save up for a rifle. This summer he got his hunting license and now wants to hunt.  His dad and him, like the hunting and fishing thing. I am so not into that. When they bring the fish home it makes me feel really bad for the fish. They once caught a 40lb Catfish, brought it home and showed me, it was still alive. I made them take it back to the lake so it could live. They mumbled and grumbled about it being  late at night and dark, but I didn't care. So that catfish lived at least another day. :)

Gosh I am glad I have two weeks off. Wait did I already say that? Happy happy holidays to everyone. Be safe.

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Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

Enjoy your 2 weeks off. I know I am .... I am regrouping and reassessing how to approach 2012 and get the best results. I look forward to reading your blog in 2012. By the way, not sure if you are interested but I am hosting a challenge. Please check it out.
I'd love to have you. If not...also feel free to give me some tips as this is my 1st time hosting a challenge.. :-)