Sunday, December 2, 2012

God Bless everyone.

I am so sorry it has been so long. I had the surgery on Nov 7, and it went well (according to the Doc). It was pre-cancerous, but no cancer was found. Thank you Lord!

I have to admit it was hell. The first few days were a nightmare of pain.
The first time I woke up and was actually conscious in the ICU of the hospital, I noticed my stomach, It was huge. In fact in a movie I saw years ago, I think it was Alien, this woman was pregnant and an alien ripped out of her stomach. Well that was me. When I sat down, my stomach stuck out further than my tata's. Let me tell you, that is BIG! It actually kinda scared me.

 But once I was released to go home. I finally could see the light.

I am surprised really how long it is taking to get back to a normal life again. This week I have started taking my dog Dakota for walks in the neighborhood. It feels great. I have lost most of my endurance that I use to have when walking. But, I know it will come back. My son has been a true blessing to me. In the beginning, I used a cane to walk around the house and yard. He would follow me everywhere to make sure I didnt trip or get hurt. He would put my socks on for me when my feet got cold.  I couldnt bend since my stomach was so bloated with gas.  For Thanksgiving, the husband smoked the Turkey and my son cooked all the other items. It was nice. Heck, his stuffing was even better than mine. : )

I am feeling much better. I am suppose to return to work, 2/1/12. But I am aiming for January.

I have missed all of you and hope you all are having a blessed holiday.