Thursday, March 31, 2011

Its getting HOT in here

Went for my mile and half walk, and being in the coastal area didnt help today. Ugh, it is so hot. Oh, well its done and I am drinking like crazy.  Hope I can make it home without having to stop for a potty break :(.
Yesterday, I went tinkle before I left and the minute I get home, I am shouting "gotta pee, gotta pee". It is only a 30 minute drive home, cmon Gracie, you can hold it. Sheesh

Sunny San Diego

OMG it is going to be soo warm today. Nearly 90 near home. I am glad that I walk at my place of work, which is coastal. Lots cooler. Today, I was so early to work I decided to take my car and follow my walk path to see how much I am actually walking. It turns out it is exactly 1.5 miles. I am so happy. It is more than I thought. But it explains why I was so tired the first day. It is so weird that even though I do the treadmill at 1.5 it just seems so different that actually walking. Hmmmm something to ponder!

Today, I wore a tighter fitting shirt, so not like me. I am so use to hiding my body. But everyone is telling me how good I look. So nice and motivating.   Still seems to me that the weight loss is stalling a bit. I was reading Allans weight loss blog and he brought up again the importance of writing everything down that goes in my mouth. Now, I always do that on the weightloss program I am on. But for the last month, following my surgery I didnt. Even though I never really fell off the diet I didnt write down what I ate. I think I will start back up. Just because, I am not "cheating" on my diet doesnt mean that I am not just eating too much, even the good foods have calories. I think maybe I must have been just eating more calories than I should have. I also think that I need to increase the water and fluid intake especially in this heat we are having. I notice after my lunch walks that my hands are swollen from water retention just from the 40 minute walk. It goes away after a few tinkle breaks but it is something to take note of.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Midweek and I am flying thru

Today is a lot warmer than it has been for a while. I went ahead and brought a T-shirt to change into at work for my walk. It was a good thing, it was a toasty one and I dont want to sweat in my blouse. Tomorrow is going to be even warmer. Time for some more Iced Tea, sweeeet!  My mom was from England with the British accent and traditions. She was in the British air force and met my dad who was in the American Navy. They met and fell in love in England during the war. Married in England and then he brought her to America, to Kansas to be sure. What a shock she must have had. She must have heard all about the wonders of America and was excited to see them and she ends up in Kansas in the 50's. OMG. What a dirty hole it was. Mind you, my grandparents lived a  little dirty farm with an outhouse.  Well, this story was actually about Tea. See how easy it is for me to be swayed, even in my own story. Well, we were raised on tea. I always said, I never had breast milk only tea.  So, I am a lover of tea, hot or Iced. Yum.  So are my kids. My mom pretty much raised my daughter and also took care of my son. Both of which were given warm tea and milk in their sippy cups. LOL. Man I miss my mom. (See what I started).

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Things are much better today(so far)

Much quieter day than yesterday. Thank goodness. Drinking and peeing like crazy today. Geez, the bathroom is getting a work out. Speaking of which, I went for my walk. It seemed a litter harder than I remember, lol. It will get easier again. It was nice getting out for the lunch walk again. (I agree you really need to take your lunch break also)I think though, this will be a long week. It will feel that way because I just came back and it is still hard being at work and getting up at 5:10.  I dont know what to say, but I seem so very boring lately (lately?!?).  Beginning to feel like I am in a rut.  I dont know, it just may be that time of the year.(definitely that time of the month, lol) Not winter, but not summer.  I really need to kick up this weight loss thing. I have comic con coming in July and I was hoping to be down a lot more than I am. Comic Con can wear you out. It is exhausting and I need to be in better shape for it. Last year nearly killed me..Plus, summer and the pool. I really hope to get more use out of my pool this year versus last. Last year we really didnt have too many very hot days during the summer. As in triple digits. We did later in the year, but by then the pool cools off and I have to have my pool a lot warmer for me to swim. I would like to start posting more pictures also, just of things. I need to get my camera back from my daughter.(yes you).

I made it through

Yes, my first day is done and I made it through. One good thing, I slept good. LOL. I was so tired last night, I did a few work related emails last night about 7pm and then I went to bed just after 8:00.  But today I feel more awake and alert. Today should be a nice warm day. I will start my lunch walks back up. Yesterday I didnt, cause I didnt even get a lunch break. But today is a new day.:)Amen!

Monday, March 28, 2011

OMG I am exhausted

Oh this is hard. My admin had issues with her dog so she didnt come in. Wait a minute it is my first day back?!?  Great... ok, so no lunch break. Worked right through it. Peeing like crazy. TOM came so all the water weight is just going right out. I am drinking lots of fluids/water also.  Ugh. I will make it through this day.....

Monday at Work again

Well, things are going great. I didn't sleep to well last night. Most likely the anxiety of coming back to work. Now dont get me wrong, it was time. I was starting to go a bit bonkers at home. Especially last week, while it was rainy and I couldnt sit out by the pool. I went to the gym daily, but after that?   I need more stimulation than being home. It amazes me how there is nothing on TV during the day.  Also, it was like my house was never empty. I certainly enjoyed the times alone, but there was almost someone home all the time. I guess I never knew this since I was at work all day.  Oh, well back to my reality. I am keeping my log again for HMR and will weigh in next week on the 5th.  Hope it shows a good loss.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well I am starting to miss my time off and it is not even over. I will be back on the ole alarm clock again come Monday. Getting up at 5:10 am ugh!. Today, I got up a 6:30 showered, made coffee, cleaned up kitchen, did a bit of laundry. Cleaned my bathroom and went to do a bit of shopping. I got to the gym around 9:am or just before. Did the treadmill, I have raised the treadmill level to 2.5 and 3.0 speed. I do that for 30ish minutes, about 1.5 miles, then I do the 5 minute cool down. I am now able to do the arm thingy machines and the stationary bike. Which by the way still kills my bootie afterwards. Weight is still doing about the same.  Still waiting for TOM, at my age it really should just go away and stop messing with me. It will probably come on Monday morning, first day back at work and with cramps. Sweeeeet! It now comes about every 5-7 weeks apart. I know TMI. Sorry fella's who might be reading this. As you can see, I am feeling much better and completely recovered from surgery.
Take care

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Great news

Shout out: Margene from has reached her goal. She is so inspiring to me. I am so happy for her.

Yesterday I went to the surgeon for my final visit and I was released to go back to work and start back on the HMR program (which I never stopped, hehe). I was so close to work that I stopped by for a visit. Everyone was so happy to see me. It was such a good feeling. On my way out, my bosses,(two MD's who are married to each other) were just walking in. They had big smiles on their faces and it was so obvious they were so happy to see me. They kept asking me how I felt and that I looked great, I said I felt great and I would be back Monday. I think they were relieved, the male MD is my personal boss and I literally do everything for him and I think he missed me more than he even lets on. LOL. Everyone at work kept saying how good I looked and asked how much more weight I lost. It was so sweet of them.

 BUT... have you ever felt weird telling people how much you have lost. I tell them I have lost 60 lbs, but then I always wonder if they are thinking if  I have lost that much yet I still have so much more to lose, they might start calculating how much I must have weighed to begin with. Oh no, here comes that self doubt and low self esteem again. Shoooot!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello there

Things are going well, diet is going very good. I am starting to tinkle like I use to. So the water weight (puffy) is leaving. I have lost a pound each day. Hope it continues. So, this weekend my son's friends went to the casino and he wanted to join them. So I begged my daughter to go with us. You see at my son's age I cannot be seen with him. Oh heaven's no way!. So my daughter came with me.
This is me before we left:

This is me when I came home:

Oh well, I will not make this a habit. 
One more picture if you dont mind:

Here are my two boys, Luke(Chocolate) and Boomer (Black). They are father and son. They have the entire back yard, with a couple of beds and several crate condos. And as you can tell it is sunny. But they had to share the same bed. Aaaaw, they are so cute. Mommy dog, Dakota is in the house sleeping on her bed. (Ya, she is spoiled).

Oh, well off to the gym. It is suppose to rain, so I best hit the road. Take care.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life is quiet right now

Which is very very good. I still have about another 1 week off, I return to work on the 28th. Once that happens all this peace and quiet will seem like a dream. Going to the gym everyday. I have increased my treadmill to 3.1 speed and increased to level 2. Still doing daily 1.5 miles or more. My diet is going great. My frustration though is the TOM. I dont know if it is because of my age or what. I start retaining water and cramping about 1 week prior to the actual event. I work out and I eat well, drink tons of water an Iced tea yet, I cant seem to lose the 3-4 lbs of gain. I am getting a little pissed off. (Of course that could be PMS). But, I am doing so well not having anything I shouldn't. I didnt cheat at my daughters BBQ, I didnt have any cake. I didnt eat at the casino buffet,Mom of the 4th power, you were right, I did go to long without food. I usually plan it better. But I really didnt think we would be there so long. I Love playing slots, but after an hour or so, I am ready to leave. I get bored and I really dont like the smokiness of casinos. When I went to the movies I brought my own drinks and snacks. But, I want to lose this water weight so bad.

My heel still hurts after work outs, I think people are right, I might have plantar fasciitis.
 I read up on it and it matches to a T. But, I did buy proper shoes and now I think I am going to buy an insert to the shoe for comfort and arch support. It stated that should help. I do after work out rest it as much as possible. The great thing is that it doesnt hurt when I actually use the treadmill and I do stretch prior and I use the treadmill cool down option after.  When this water weight drops, I will be so happy and it will drop.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my sweet daughter. She turns 23 today. Sunday we had a BBQ with pork ribs, a roasted chicken, baked beans and a garden salad. It was great they said. I, of course had the garden salad. I also got her this:

They said it was yummy. I had to take their word for it, since I didnt have any. But you know what? That was ok. I got enjoyment out of their enjoyment. Today is her birthday and she, my son, and her roommate all went to the casino. I did slots and did ok. They all played black jack and they all did well and had a great time. I treated them to the buffet and while they ate I went across the street to the outlet center and shopped for my new bra's. They are so pretty.:)
We left for the casino about 9:30 am and got home about 4:00. It's about a 30 minute drive from my house. I hadn't eaten all day and just drank diet coke. So by 4:00 I was ready for my shake and  lean cuisine. I added a couple of bottles of water and I am now full. All in All it was a fun day. Luv you Ash!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunny day

It has been a nice quiet day. Went to Wal Mart then to the gym. Back up to 1.5 mile on treadmill at 3.0. Picked up my daughters birthday cake. Having her a BBQ tomorrow for her birthday which is actually on the 15th. She will come over tomorrow after I go to church and gym. We will watch movies. Our favorite thing to do beside maybe the casino. LOL. 

Yesterday was nice went and saw movies at the theater. I brought my own snacks. It was really nice to be with the kids EXCEPT: they keep arguing. It completely breaks my heart. Why cant they get along? Is it the age? I dont know but it makes me sad.(I know you are reading this luv). The weather has been great, 75 degrees.  Doing well, except I have gained a couple of pounds, I think it was because of lack of true exercising. I was walking a lot after surgery but not like I am use to. So I am glad the treadmill is back in the picture.  Tuesday, we are going to casino for daughters birthday, she and my son and my daughters roommate are coming. Cant wait. When they eat at the buffet, I am going to sneak across the road to the outlet center and pick up some bra's. Since this weightloss, my tata's need new bra's to hold them up. They have an actual bra store which is great. I can get measured and try on some lift up bra's. I want them off my knees. :)  I know TMI.

*** Forgot to mention this. When I used the potty at the theater, I was washing my hands, freshening up and I looked in the mirror and it was the first time in years that I didnt cringe. I kept looking at myself and thinking is this really me? I felt like crying with joy. Thank you lord for the loss of 60 lbs and the courage and strength to continue. I couldn't have done it without you.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bloody Hell

Not really, its just really warm, must be near 90. Laying out by the pool but water still too cold for me. Today I drove myself to the store, did a bit of shopping and.......went to the gym. Yes, ladies and gentlemen one week (give or take a day) after surgery I am back at the gym and I did a mile on the treadmill. Ya me. Each day I will try to increase. I still cant do the other equipment, nothing over 10 lbs (doctors orders). But he said yes on the treadmill and in fact it will help.

Drinking tons of Iced Tea. I make my own, I use two reg tea bags and two decaf tea bags. Then I add into my Iced tea glass sugar free Torani's. I use Mango and Peach. OMG it is so good.

Tomorrow is the movies. That will be so fun, I can't wait. I bought some little bottles of Zero for me and son, and Diet Dr. Pepper for Daughter to sneak in to drink. Drinks are really expensive as is everything at the theater.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This is what I want to put on a sidebar any suggestions


Oh much better

Today the ole belly button is feeling much better. One full day on meds and cleaning it with peroxide and neosporin has made a lot of difference. It is still black and blue but feeling better. I was even able to put my own socks on today. Sweet, man family is much happier. It was always "help my feet are cold please put my socks on for me". Hey, if that is all I asked from them, they shouldnt complain right?

Today is one warm day, about 82 degrees and Sunny skies. I have been sitting by the pool in my swimsuit bottoms and a tank top. My bathing suit is quite lose. I might have to buy a new one for summer, especially since I have so much more weight to lose. Making another pitcher of Iced Tea, yummy. I am beginning to feel more like my self. The dogs took a couple of dips in the pool, but not me. First I have my wounds still to care for and 2) The water needs to be at lest 80 degrees for me.

I am trying to figure out how to do a sidebar of my weightloss since 10/13 showing each weigh in. Anyone know how? I sure could use the instructions. I thought if I did a spreadsheet and maybe add another page. But I would like it on the front page. Help!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Post op care

I went today to my post op care with the surgeon. Things look fine except my belly button. That incision is looking "angry" so he put me on antibiotics and to return in 10 days. I still think I will be back at work by the 28th. Did you know you get 4 incisions with this surgery and they use your belly button as one of the incision sites. I mean they actually pull the gall bladder out of your belly button. So gross. But it was my first day out in public in a week. It felt weird. But good. I was tired when I returned home but otherwise ok.

I was thinking of going to see the movie Red riding hood with my daughter when it comes out on 3/11 if it is out by then. Looks entertaining to me. She was into it and said she would go. My son wants to see Battle LA (or something like that). I am not into those kind of movies. But who knows maybe I will see it also.  I am hoping also to take the kids to the Star of India(ship). We made plans once to go see it but they fell thru. I think the kids would like it. I have been a few times.

Diet still doing well. I will start back on the program also the week of 28th. I might try going to the gym for the treadmill this weekend. I have high hopes. I also want to be able to go back to church this Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why oh why

Why oh why did I ever think I wanted weightloss surgery. I cannot imagine going thru this on a elective weightloss bypass or lap band. This so sucks.  I feel like crap, so immobile and lethargic. I remember when I started this weightloss journey, my first thought was to get a lap band. I met with the doctors who said you first have to do this HMR program before the insurance would consider a bypass. Lap band was not covered. Ok, I will do your damn HMR program. I never dreamed I would succeed. But, not only that, I enjoy it. I it works within my life. The exercise was hard. I started off as a proud couch potato. I mean, really I work long hours and everyday. Don't I deserve to be fat and lazy? OK, I had to start exercising, it started out at 10 minutes. Wahoo, I was pounding the pavement for 10 minutes. Then THEY said we had to start increasing the exercise. I was outraged "this is bullshit". I didnt sign up for this. Then something happened, I started to lose weight and fast. I mean it was crazy. I started pounding the pavement longer and longer. Then I started also going to the gym. Which I have had a membership for years. (WTF) Who knew it was going to be worth it. I then realized that I DONT want weightloss surgery that I CAN do this on my own.  What an awakening .  Now, nearly 60 lbs down since 10/13/10 I have this stupid gall bladder surgery. Ugh, Now, I might not have been able to avoid the gall bladder surgery, but no way in HELL am I going to have any weightloss surgery.

Funny thing happened while at the hospital. As much as possible I was walking, I knew that was what I needed to avoid DVT's and help healing. I was walking the halls on the surgery floor most of the night and day that I was there. Finally someone else walked with me for one lap. It was a man about my age who said he had lap band done. He was also miserable like me. He went into his room and was on his phone during one of my laps and he was loud. He was complaining about being on the liquid diet before the surgery and now had to stay on it for a while after surgery. He sounded pissed off. But what did he expect?  I kinda wonder if some people think that surgery would be a quick fix. I cant imagine that. But at least I will return to normal(hopefully soon). But I will be less a gall bladder and not with a band around my stomach which has to be filled or loosened . They really have to watch what they eat more than I do. So that it goes down. They dont want food to get stuck. OMG that sounds so frickin hard to live with.  Now dont get me wrong, if surgery works for you then more power to you. I am not judging you or criticizing you. I am a wuss and hate surgery and I make a piss poor patient.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday I think?

Time has lost a lot of meaning lately. Days, minutes, hours just run together. I really didnt expect this much discomfort. But, I am getting thru it. Funny thing, I am actually doing great on the diet. I have been really losing the weight. I want to increase my water intake. I have been drinking a lot of Zero coke for the gas. But, my stomach seems flatter like the gas is leaving. It did look like I was pregnant again. Ugh. But the gas is going away and so is the weight. I am at my lowest in years. I know that exercise is so much lower than usual. I can only walk and it is slow. But I havent given in to the eating poorly. This would be a perfect time to say poor me, I should eat that cookie or cheat. But, I haven't thank God. It doesnt mean that I didnt think it a time or two. :) I am realizing that this diet is really just becoming a way of life. I eat healthier and it is just normal to continue.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm home

I had the surgery Tuesday and they kept me over night. I have to say it sucks. I hurt, but I have been walking from the moment I was brought to my room.  Last night was the first night home, slept pretty good. I actually took a nap when I came home from the hospital. Pretty much no sleep at the hospital. It is true what they say, it is one noisy place. But, I am glad I stayed the night due to the pain.

Pretty swollen at my belly. But, I showered today, feel a bit more alive, even with the pain. Haven't needed pain meds this morning. I am in pain, but it is doable. I have been drinking my water. The nice thing was the hospital food. My first meal was at dinner, so it had been about 30 hrs since I had last eaten. I got a chicken ( grilled) wrap, with side salad and fat free dressing. Sugar free custard and diet soda for dinner. All my choices, of course there was many things to choice from. But, I think I did pretty good. For breakfast, I ordered a banana, scoop of egg and an English muffin and coffee. Again, not too bad. I had a lot to order mostly like french toast or pancakes. But, I was happy with my decisions.

Since I have been home, I have had my HMR shakes and added a banana to them and lean cuisine. Plenty of water and zero coke to help get rid of the gas that they used for surgery.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and prayers. I appreciate them so much.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wish me luck

I am on the way to the hospital. Send good thoughts my way . PLEASE.
 I am now down 7 lbs since I set my goal 3 weeks ago for a 10 lbs. Close enough for now. Hugs