Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas lights

To night my daughter, her roommate and her little boy and I are going to walk the Christmas light Starlight Circle its a really nice walks. Hope it doesnt rain.

I am passing out the gift today to the peeps at work that I like. My bosses are going to be gone starting tomorrow for about 3 weeks. :) 

Next week the office will be closed and I am taking the week after off also. I plan to go to the gym everyday!!!(Keep me to this) I want to start the new year off with some weight loss.

My big gift to me is.. a groupon ticket to get my car windows tinted. When I bought my car, I bought it because it gets good gas. I used to drive a Tahoe(Gosh I loved that car). So I bought a Honda Accord, it's nice enough but I got the one with no bells and whistle's. I am ok with that, but one of the things I miss is the tinted windows. It keeps the car so much cooler in the summer. Plus, I dont like people looking in.(Ok, that is the real truth). So next week that is what I am doing!

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