Thursday, November 10, 2011

Well today is my day off

Yet here I am at work. lol.  I have one employee out for unknown time. It makes me so mad, but what can I do. If it were legit, I would be ok about it. Oh well. Betty my dear one, I might need you some day. lol. I have one lady who transcribes all day versus sharing it with two. She is typing her little fingers away.

Tonight we are having some scary people coming to town. The Raiders and their fans...aaaaah!
Lets hope we win this one for gosh sakes!!!!  I hope to get off early as I work right near the stadium and use that freeway to go home. The game starts at 5pm. Yikes, So I hope between 12-2 to get off. Fingers crossed. Tomorrow is a holiday for us. I am going to  clean the darn house. My bathroom and dusting has really been left behind.  I want to also clean out my aviary. Those poor birdies.  But never fear, I will also relax.

It is suppose to rain on Saturday, yeah!!!!! It was suppose to come in tomorrow but now it's Saturday. Now most of you are wonder "so what its just rain". Well, we dont get much rain, so its like a celebration. Of course we dont know how to drive in the Ok, maybe I am just talking about me. (Yikes)

I deleted my last post, just cause I thought it was best. (Sorry)

But I am tickled with the result/answer. We are neighbors. sweet.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed weekend. Be safe.


That corgi :) said...

Yea that you have a holiday tomorrow!! That is frustrating with employees these days! You would think people would want to work; I know I said that before!

Those Chargers better win today! I am sure that it will be crazy around the stadium; wise idea to try to get out of work early if you can!!

You are so right about "us" not being able to drive in the rain! But we do like it when we get it; a little challenging walking the dog in it, but we'll take it when we get it!

hopefully tomorrow we will be talking about the Charger win!


Julie said...

It's a good thing weather doesn't mean to much up here, rain..snow..hail..whatever we just go. I hope your Chargers won. I'm sorry about work issues. Hopefully you get them all worked out and find a few good employees that want to work and be there.
Take care Gracie and have a blessed weekend.