Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday and no football

I cant believe they are blacking out our football game. Bummer.  Well this has been a bit tough week.  We sold my parents home. Apparently just on Sunday alone we had 3 offers submitted. I know it has to be done. but it is breaking my heart and to top it off my daughters too. She is so unhappy. I can understand, we have had this house for 42 years. It was our soft place to fall. But, I just cant buy it. We bought my mother-in-laws house when she passed away and my daughter lives in that house. But my parents house needs a lot or remodeling and repairs. Plus, deep in my heart I always have dreamed about moving to a small town. San Diego, is so big. So much traffic, so much crime and so expensive. I mean it is beautiful, I was born and raised here. But my dream is most likely just a dream. Its funny, first you don't leave because of your parents, then your husband and then your kids. I wondered if my life will ever be for me. I really don't see it. But, it must be Gods plan. I know some day he will have me in heaven. So, perhaps that is my future?


That corgi :) said...

I'm with you about bummer about the blackout; I heard on the news Wednesday they had to sell 7200 tickets to make it a sell out. Oh well; at least we didn't get the rain like we were supposed to get and it is bright and sunny and warm out so we can enjoy some outside things!

So sorry about the sell of your parents' home; I am sure lots of good memories were made there, that you will always cherish, and now another family will get to make their memories and live in it and come to love it as much as your family did.

I was born in Pennsylvania, moved to San Diego area when I was seven, stayed in this area until I was 28, then moved to Oregon for five years, back here for two years, Santa Fe for two years, Montana for eight years (loved it there), then to Orange County for two years, Murrieta (by Temecula) for two years and now moved back here this past January to live in hubby's parents home (which will eventually be hubby's one day). You cannot beat the weather here. But it is big, huge, and you are right, crime, so expensive, etc, etc, etc.

We often wonder where we will retire (if we ever retire, LOL) to. I liked the small town in Montana (Billings) which was 100,000 people, but you don't have the opportunities like here with shopping etc (not that I'm a shopper, but limited stores there, etc).

I think God has a way of getting his plan worked out; trusting in him is always good and I think he will lead you where he wants you to be.

so go out and have some fun today!


mira and deke's mommy said...

about 51 years. bought from builder. built in 1960