Friday, December 30, 2011

Off to warm day

Daughter and I are gonna hit Seaworld today. It should be about 70-75 degrees, I kno, I kno dont say a word.  We have seen all the attractions but it is such a good way of getting 4 plus hours of walking. We bring in our own drinks and food (shhhh dont tell). But it is right on the ocean and since we have passes its a free day even down to parking. Yeah!

Things are going well. Drinking mucho agua, and iced tea. Tomorrow I am getting my car's windows tinted. I know whoopie, but to me, it is great news. I used to drive a Tahoe, but gas prices were killing me. So I bought a Honda and it gets great MPG, but no window tinted. Here in our weather we need it. Plus, I like the look. So I got a groupon and tomorrow is the big day.

Yesterday my daughter and I went to the movies and saw the Twilight movie. It was good, I love the scenery it is so pretty. Then we saw The sitter. Ugh, I thought it was awful. We then hit the Mall and did a bit of shopping. I am so boring. lol

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