Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I just love Halloween and so do the kids. Since I no longer get many kid trick or treating at my house any more, my daughter took my cemetery items and now her house is all decked out as one. So much fun. Growing up, my parents lived in this big house on a very steep hill. Kids never wanted to trek up that long drive way so we never had kids come. So when I moved to a neighborhood it was awesome having the chance to celebrate with real trick and treaters. But, now the neighborhood has grown up and all the kids(mine included) have left and moved on. But I still love the day.

I have to admit the weather here has been amazing, I have been out by the pool sunning myself. But, I do worry about my friends in New York and back east.

Last week we went to Seaworld, it was a great day of being outdoors. Absolutely no body was there. No crowds what so ever. Just an amazing day.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wow does time fly

Things are going well, hitting the gym as much as possible, min 5 days a week. My surgery is scheduled for November 7. When the scheduler first called with this date, I was like yikes. That is the day my mom passed away. So, I asked if there was another date, perhaps sooner. She said she might be able to get me in on Halloween. Yikes again. My family is bonkers over Halloween, they just love this holiday. I am not going to ruin their holiday, especially should God forbid something go wrong. So, Nov 7 it is.

Before the surgery I have to do the colonoscopy prep again(Wonderful eh?). The surgeon, who is very nice and has a very sarcastic sense of humor. I was laughing so much during my consult. We were gossiping about plastic surgeons.  The doctor said that after the surgery I will have issues with diarrhea for a few months. Great!  I will need to stock up on Scott TP for sure.

Well, I hope to return to work the beginning of the New year. My doctor has me out for longer. But, I would like to go back sooner.

The weather here is in the high 90's. Bummer. I am hoping to see some cooler weather. Last week, we had some actual rain. The kids and I went to a place called Bates Nut Farm. We had a great time.  I call them kids but they are 24 and 19. Haha, but they both went into the petting zoo to pet the baby animals. They had a pot bellied pig, a black one. Both of them said to me, hey mom Dakota is here. Dakota is my Black lab, she was a bit chubby and she and I have been doing some dieting and walking together so she has lost a lot of weight. But they still thought it was funny. :(