Friday, September 9, 2011

Massive blackout

Dang human error. Dont know if you read, but we had a massive black out. It has been so bloody hot out, up to 108 degrees here, depending where in the county you live. I work in the coastal area, but home is about 25 miles inland, so much hotter. Well, I get home from work (and thank God I was home) and my son said the power has been out for about an hour at that time. Well, I find out that is most of So. California thru Mexico and out to Yuma Az. About 6 million people. (WOW) Ok, I admit it, I panicked, feared was perhaps a terrorist attack. I am sure I wasnt the only one here to fear that. I mean, there are credible threats right now and Sunday is 10 year anniversary.

Well, it wasnt. (Thank goodness). But, It turns out I realized how well prepared I was. I had working battery operated lanterns and flashlights. I had 4 cases of water, 2 cases of diet coke, 1 case of beer(I dont drink it by the husband does) and plenty of charcoal, and canned foods and much much more.

Well I swam a bit to stay cool, we sat in the front yard for a bit, then some neighbor decided to have a firework show . (I know not safe at all) butttttt, it did entertain us for a while. I decided what the heck time to make up on my sleep. So hey, I went to bed.  Sometime during the night the power came back on, I think about 2am.


mira and deke's mommy said...

it was about 1030 haha but same thing i guess when ur unconscious

gracies tough journey said...

Mine didnt come back at 10:30.

Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

Praying everything on your end gets back to normal.