Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weather is wonderful

I cant believe how nice the weather is. Next week it is shooting back up to the 90's. But that's OK.Weight is still stable, which is not a good thing. I am getting a little tired of my egg white omelet, never thought I would hear myself say that. But, it is such a good breakfast, high protein and low fat and calories.

Anyone one out there near or at menopause? I am just curious if this effects weight loss. I am at that age, where TOM is so unpredictable. Its been about 6-7 weeks, but, I get crampy at times and feel bloated. I mean, dont get me wrong, I wish TOM would drop dead and never come back. But, seriously, I am so faithful to dieting and eating healthy, exercise and water. But the weight is virtually stopped. I asked one of my bosses(the female one of course). She is older than me,so I thought hey she must have gone thru this. Now, she is tall, beautiful and thin. Looks 20 years younger than she is. :(.

But she is a Neurologist not a primary care physician. She pretty much didn't know, but said stick with it.( I am glad I didn't pay for that consult.) 

I know I need to make an appointment to see my PCP, but ugh, I don't want to (stamps foot on floor).
But I will email her and ask it maybe I should just get lab work done first.

The good thing is that I know I am losing inches. I am going to go this week and buy size 14. I know they will be tight, but what the heck. It gives me something to work for. ( I started out at a tight 24)

Next month will be when my 1 year anniversary to starting the diet or life change.(10-13-10). I feel like I should have been much lighter than I am. 70 lbs is great, don't get me wrong, but for the last 4-5 months nothing and I have been working harder at it than ever. I was really hoping to lose 100.  I think tomorrow is my one year anniversary for blogging. I have to double check.


Julie said...

Hi Gracie. Been awhile, sorry about that. 70 lbs is awesome in a year. I was slower then that and now sorta at that stand still.
I too am at that part in life where the period is here, then no and then back and I think yes it makes this losing weight harder. Even in the last 1 1/2 years diet and exercise is strong but the weights no moving as fast. I'll keep working on it, as you are and we'll get there. WE WILL!!
Take care and have a blessed afternoon.

Lenny said...

Great Job! I have been on HMR for one month now and have lost a hair under 23lbs. I am pretty happy with that. You are a real inspiration to the rest of us. Keep up the good work.