Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy birthday to meeeeee

Yeah I am another year older. Whoopieeeee.

Anyhoo, its a beautiful day today. Everyone enjoy it and be safe.
Send a prayer to those that gave their all!.
God Bless them

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New recipe

Shirataki with a kick. I decided since I had a lot of kale left I should use it. I made Kale chips, but I just dont like them. They  are crispy and salt, but too bitter. So I gave some kale to my cockatiels. Hope they like it.
So, I sauteed some onions and added kale. Then I added some veggie burger crumble. I wanted to add a can of stewed tomatoes but all I had was Rotel. So I said what the heck. Here it is.
The picture didnt turn out so well. But, for the entire plate is was 393 calories. But, it was way too much to eat. So it made two good size meals at 197 calories each. CRAZY

OK, so I am not going to complain.

Well I lost another 1.5 lbs, apparently my body sucks. I think that brings the total to almost 11 lbs since I started this program. The new medication though does make me feel better. The MD did say that it will take a couple of weeks for it really starting to take affect/effect (which one do I use?) on the hormonal issues. So, God grant me patience's.

Tonight I am going to try my hand at the shirataki noodles again but this time Italian style. Hmm, cant wait. Next weekend is Memorial weekend and I will get 5 days off. (The Monday is my birthday). So the kids and I plan on doing a few things those days for fun. They deserve it too, finals will be over and their summer will start.

Yesterday my daughter called me and said she was doing some yard work and heard a rattlesnake. She said when she was raking near this ivy she heard it. She at first wasn't sure, so she did it again and sure enough it rattled again. Her little brother(6ft tall little brother) came over and he did the same thing and it did it again. But because it was in ivy they never saw it. Of course, I am telling them stay away, bring the dogs in and close all the doors. She lives in a area called Santee, and right near the lakes and hills. During the summer, these dang snakes are literally slithering everywhere in the streets and yards. Ugh it scares me so.  I called animal control and they said they would come out if they saw it and new exactly where it was. Well they never saw it. I also, took down a number of a guy that will come out and take care of it. But, its not cheap, like a couple hundred dollars. Yikes. I told her to get her BB gun out and keep it handy. Heck, I didnt know what else to do... It scares me soo.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh heck I forgot to tell you

On Mothers Day, nice weather, we BBQ ribs and chicken and corn. I made a salad and cut some of the roasted corn kernels into my salad and that was all I had, just the salad. But it was good! Yeah me.... Also.. I went to the gym to celebrate Mothers day. LOL.. It wasn't very crowded at all. I am sure everyone else were all celebrating. It was really nice. Today is weigh in, so I will see what happened. It kinda sucks, the last days at work I didnt get a lunch break, so no walking. But today, about 9:15am, I had to walk over to the hospital and I noticed it was getting a bit warm, so I called my assistant from the lobby and told her I was going to take my lunch now and go for a walk while it was quiet. So I did. : )

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shirataki noodles

My first experience with them and this is the results.

This entire plate was about 346 calories. Now mind you, I actually thought I could eat it all. But I was only able to eat half as there was so much of it.

I have heard of these noodles for awhile, and I finally went to Ranch 99, an Asian market and picked them up. I followed some of the hints peeps have said to do, such as wash several times very well, then dry them very well. I then cooked them on a hot (Pam sprayed) pan for about 5-10 minutes to dry them even more. I then removed them and added all my diced veggies. Once they were soft, I added the noodles back in and added a tablespoon of lite Soy sauce. I was very very pleased with the results. I can image all the wonderful other ideas to use these noodles for. Nice !

Friday, May 11, 2012


Hallelujah it is Friday. I went Wednesday and lost another 1 lb. But that is too slow, so they changed my medication. It is suppose to help with the hormonal thingy. I decrease the old one, and I started the new one. So, I have high hopes. Today, I actually feel better. My back/neck feels so much better and things just look brighter. Its sad that being in so much pain can damper ones outlook on life. But, sometimes you just get so tired of being in physical pain, that the mental issues come out.

Happy Mothers day to all the women out there. Happy Mothers day to my Mom. I love you and I miss you and someday we will be together again.

Yep, things are looking better .

Monday, May 7, 2012

A little blue

Yep, I feel a little down in the dumps. I haven't blogged lately since nothing exciting has happened. I lost 1.5 lb at the weightloss clinic last week. That certainly didnt help my blues. I have been so faithful on the diet and kicking bootie on the exercise. In 5 weeks I have only lost 8.5 lbs. :( 

Maybe it is hormonal as TOM showed signs 3 weeks ago, but never came. So, I am 3 weeks late and feel like crude. My tummy is bloated and I am feeling really low and tired a lot. Sometimes I dont want to get out of bed. But of course that is on weekends. M-F, I am up before the crows. I did go to the gym yesterday and worked out. But the minute I get home... nada.

I went to Costco and bought a bunch of veggies since they now allow veggies on the diet. I love Brussel sprouts. So last night for dinner I cut up a bunch of Brussels, cauliflower, baby bells, carrots, onions, zucchini and roasted them with a bit of salt and pepper. So good, I had that for dinner and enough for tonight. Sweet.

The weather has been nice, I laid out by the pool for a bit. It was really nice, the dogs are all swimming and then, God love them, they come by me and shake the water off of them and then they request a butt scratch from me.
If you are ever attacked by a Labrador, just scratch their backs/butt  and you will OWN them.

Yep, I hope the blues go away soon.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rest in Peace Junior

You will always be a Charger in San Diego's heart. We loved you buddy. I hope you find peace.