Monday, August 29, 2011

Busy weekend, but fun

Friday, left work early, went to the movies with my darling son. We saw Rise of the planet of the apes and Cowboys and Aliens. Ok, does it make me weird that I actually loved both...Oh well. It was so hot Friday it was nice to spend the evening in the AC theaters. 

Saturday, another blistering day, triple digits again. Spent some time in the pool, then went to Seaworld with my darling daughter. It was warm, but much cooler than at home. It is of course right on the bay. It was nice stayed til the fireworks. Got home about 11:00pm.

Sunday, did a bit of shopping before the heat set in. Then laundry and some swimming again. By 6pm, I was out like a light.... Nice.


Jim Wetzel said...

I really, really like your blog. Got the link on MFP, where I'm known as "James_1954". Keep up the great work -- your results are awesome!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to chill in the pool!!!! Sounds like a good weekend.