Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Well tomorrow is the big day. It should be nice, we are smoking the turkey and I will cook all the side dishes. I love the smell of the house on Thanksgiving.  I ordered some pies from Marie Callendars. I will pick them up today after work. Going to go to the gym tonight with darling daughter. My son works tonight til midnight or later. Yikes.  But is off tomorrow. I warned him Friday will be crazy where he works. So just stay calm and enjoy it.  I am NOT going shopping this weekend. No way, No how.....Yes, I did say that last year and darn it all, my son made me go with him to Kohls at 3am.... Not this year baby. There is nothing I want to get that will drag me out. I hate, hate, hate crowds. I get anxiety attacks having to deal with crowds, parking and rude people.  I just want to sit on my bum Friday and that is all. Ok, maybe I will go to the gym but that is it.

Please let this be true!


Bluezy said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Gracie!

That corgi :) said...

Turkey sounds like it will be delicious! Enjoy your day! You were brave to go with son to Kohl's at 3 a.m. I tell you, I'm with you, don't like the crowds, don't like pushing, shoving, etc.

Hey, weather forecast has 80 plus next week!! I cannot wait!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I think that same thing every year about black friday then it seems that some incredible deal leads me out to try and snag it. I come home with a headache and want to sleep the day away... but it's kind of fun.

Sounds like you have some nice Thanksgiving plans. How fun to go to the gym with your daughter. What can be nicer than that!

Take care and God bless...