Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday and a new week

Well, I am doing better, I think maybe I still have a sinus infection. I dont know ,I will see. If I do, I will get me a z-pak. I went to the gym yesterday and it felt good, I  did over 1.5 miles on the treadmill and the weight equipment. We did get a lot of rain, but I think its over so I will go for a walk at lunch. Trying to get back to normal. Who knew that my normal would include exercise? LOL certainly not me.

You know, I read a lot of the blogs out there on weightloss. I have noticed several who post their menu for the day. I am not sure, it could just be me. BUT the calories just don't seem to add up. I know when I look at their food. It seems like the calories would be or should be higher than listed. I could be wrong.  I have noticed that some put cheese on their salads and mark that as > or less than what I think. Some of these items in a salad are very high in fat and calories. I just think that they are kidding themselves with the calorie count. I even see fast food listed as lunch items. Geez, I haven't had fast food since Oct. I just think that eating fast food on your diet is crazy hard. They have so many hidden calories.  When I first was looking at these I would wonder how they could eat that, I was a little shocked really.  I did a little research(very little, a google here and a google there) but it doesn't seem possible. I guess they are only hurting themselves but when you claim to be working out a lot and on this low calorie diet and are not being truthful it will come back to you. Especially in the long run. In order to keep weight off we need to change our lifestyle not just for the short term diet but for a long healthy life and keep the weight off. Maybe I am just rambling on and on. Oh well it was just something I noticed. Hey more power to ya. I couldn't eat fast food and lose weight but that's just me.

Other news, my DD got a new puppy. She has one dog a yellow lab and she is a wonderful dog. Probably the sweetest dog I ever met. Now she got a little choc lab. He is really sweet. She sends me a text pix. I called her and said "now what have you done". She said congratulations you have a new grandson. LOL  He really is sweet and OMG that puppy smell can make you melt. Really a mellow guy so far. Her yellow lab is like "oh hell no". She is use to being the baby and now he shows up. I actually think he will grow on her. He seems to just love her. Cute Cute Cute.

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Laryssa said...

I've noticed that same thing on some blogs. The calories they list don't seem to match what they list they've eaten. On some, though, you don't know how bad it really is because they don't even say how much (ounces, cups, etc.) they've eaten of the foods; they just list ingredients/meals.

That's why I post pictures of my daily foods and my calorie count program sheet. I use the food pictures to verify that I didn't forget to include something in my calorie count and you get a visual of what I've eaten and can see how much I had of each item. It's easy for me since I weigh and measure everything. When I do that, it helps keep me honest with myself and the readers and hopefully gives people ideas for their meals.

Congratulations on the new grandson! ;) Labs are soooooo cute!!