Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weigh in tonight

I don't think I am going to see any loss tonight, which is depressing. The only thing I can think it is would be TOM might be here soon or ? Been sticking to diet, drinking all the fluids. Exercising like a maniac. Yesterday took a 40 minute walk at lunch came back had my diet meal and water. Then after work went to gym and worked out for 40-50 minutes. Came home had a wonderful romaine salad with a little red onion. tiny bit of low cal Italian dressing maybe teaspoon. I not a big fan of a lot of dressing. A little is just fine. Yet, this AM no loss. I have never not lost on my weigh ins for the last 3 months and never gained either. Ironically I passed on my son's BD dinner and his yummy looking chocolate cake. So damn! Oh well, we will see. I am feeling low though.  I know when TOM is near we have water retention, but I have such low sodium intake that I really shouldn't be retaining water.
Thank you Sheilah from Above. I guess I am to tell you 10 honest things about myself:

1) I am frightened that I will fail at losing all my weight.
2) I am afraid I will gain my weight back.
3) I dont have any true friends beside my kids.
4) I am tired of working. I have been at my job for nearly 25 years.
5) I am very, VERY, spiritual.
6) I have seen spirits, ghost and signs from those that have passed.
7) I usually will Never tell people about #6.
8) I am very insecure
9) I have one regret in life, and that is never finding my true love.
10) I wish I had more kids than two.


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

HI Gracie!

I hope you see a loss but even if you don't, your body IS benefitting and becoming healthier because of your good choices, no doubt. That is GOOD!! The only way to fail at losing weight is by giving up. It is a constant process.

I so relate to your list of things about yourself, almost every one! I get to feeling pretty low at times, I tell ya. (even just last night... lots of crying!) But I know that I need to focus on my blessings and so I try and do that when I get low. I even try making a list of them and thanking God for them outloud. It helps me to refocus. There is so much joy to be had, if we will only let go of our sorrows and choose to feel that joy instead! I know this, although I don't always live it.

Anyway... keep on keeping on girl!! Just don't give up and you WILL succeed. Let's kick it in 2011. We are strong, we are unstoppable!!

Take care and God Bless!

Lisa said...

I can relate to your list. I wish I had #6. I would love to know my Papa and Grammie are ok. I hope you are feeling better soon.

mensa said...
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mensa said...

Gracie, thanks so much for participating with the "Scrap" award. It's amazing when you find out how alike you are with some people. Makes you feel less alone in this world. Sounds like you may be at that dreaded plateau ... ya think? Our bodies are all different but my body retains water when I eat salad .... just a thought. You'll break through this if you keep giving it your all. I think it's good to expose your feelings to. I told some one yesterday that letting things out is the first thing to letting things go. Good luck to you my FRIEND


Jacqui said...

good luck with your weigh in tonight! I hope you do see a change.. but if not, you just keep on keeping on.

It was nice to read your list. I can relate to a LOT of them. :) Ok... most of them. Thanks for sharing those with us!