Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday and its a crappy one

OK, went to MD . I have been having these abdominal pain attacks, thought it was stress related. I even have pepto at my desk at work. Well, my MD(lovely lady really) said, ah no, I dont think so. Sounds to her like it is gall bladder attacks. She said especially since I lost a good amount of weight in a short time. This can happen. So Friday I have to have a ultrasound. I am nervous as she said that surgery would be the only cure.
To make things worse, my baby boy is home sick with fever, sore throat , swollen glands.  I have a big headache. I wanna go home from work, but my boss (who is a MD) is not here yet. So I am waiting til he gets here then I think I,m outta here. I just need a xanax.

Geez Louise my post lately have been real downers.....

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